Improve Window Security

Top 10 Window Security Ideas
to Create a Safer Home

This is a home improvement project which enables you to improve and upgrade the value of your home and also to improve the quality of your home life by giving you peace of mind - day or night, whether you are at home or away.

The level of and different types of window security that you decide to install will depend on the size of home you live in and on what other home security methods you intend to install.

Don't forget to use the signed and stamped Installation Certificates from window security professionals to help you reduce your home insurance premiums whenever possible.

Repair Window Security - Replace Old Window Frames

  • Tired, weak, rotten window frames make it easier for the bad guys to gain access to your home. By applying practised pressure on termite infested window frames or wooden window frames suffering from wood rot may be enough to open up an entrance to your home.
  • Replace wooden window frames with treated well built solid frames in keeping with the age and style and exterior deco of your home. Plug and deep screw your new frame in place and fit quality strong window hinges.

Replace window security - Replace Old Windows

  • If your window frames are past their best it's likely that the actual windows are in a poorer state of repair. Choose solid windows with enough wood to allow you to install substantial locks and bolts.
  • Make sure that the Beading - that holds the window pane in place, is on the inside ONLY and firmly fixed - so that the glass cannot be easily removed.

Special window security with - Glass Break Detectors

  • Burglars usually tend to go for small panes of glass located in the window just beside a window catch or window lock so that they can easily open the window. Certain areas of your home will need more attention and your window security professional will be able to advise you regarding specifically vulnerable areas of your home.
  • By fitting glass break detectors throughout your home you are investing in good window security and home security which will deter most burglars from even having a go.

Choose security/safety Glass for - Window Security

  • Security Glass comes with a fine wire mesh inside it, not the most attractive glass you could install but may be viable for you especially in easy to access windows at the rear of your home where many burglars like to try and find a hidden entry to your home.
  • Laminated Glass is made up of 2 pieces of glass with a sheet of laminate in between. This glass will crack under sharp pressure but will not smash up, the noise and the extra work to get through may well put a burglar off, as a bonus this glass is great for children's safety.
  • Toughened Glass is pre-heat treated and when forced will break into many small pieces, it won't stop a burglar but entry will take longer. This is also a child friendly glass.

Update window security - Install Super Window Locks

  • Modern windows usually come with modern a window lock incorporated into the opening and closing devise, if not...
  • A good window lock will hold your windows closed - but they do depend on the quality and strength of the surface they are attached to. You will want the size of your window lock to be in keeping with the style of window you have installed in your home, go for the biggest and strongest you can get away with without spoiling the look.

Further Window Security - Add Window Bolts

  • If your window lock protects your windows at the center middle where they meet, you can add window bolts to the center top and bottom and/or to the sides where they can bolt into your window frame.
  • Window Bolts are great for sensitive areas - i.e. easy to get to and easy to get through windows.

Why Burglars don't like - Window Blinds

  • Not a high tech window security measure but it's good to know that burglars really don't like window blinds. Window Curtains are quiet to move aside, to get past and also provide somewhere to hide. Window blinds are awkward to move and are noisy and it is the inability to move in silence that may put a burglar off invading your home.
  • Because blinds are nosier, fit them wherever appropriate for your home and they will offer you more privacy and an extra form of home security protection.

Compromise the view with - Window Grills

  • In many countries, especially in Europe, metal grills fitted to the exterior of a home has become the norm for home security, so much so that those without have become first targets for any home invaders. It really is a matter of personal choice and what you my have had to get used to.
  • I know from experience that they are a pain to maintain, especially if you live near the sea and have to keep on protecting the metal and re-painting. They also make cleaning windows from the outside quite an adventure!!
  • In certain areas home insurance cover can be much more expensive without securely fitted window grills.
  • Compromise your clear view for extra home security and extra piece of mind.

Motion Detectors Flood lights- Light up Dark Corners

  • Burglars need time to work on windows to get them open and they prefer a nice quite, dark environment (without dogs), motion detectors will light up complete areas outside your home, even before anyone as reached the house. A strong light suddenly coming on is an excellent deterrent.
  • This is easy to install - serious home security, especially if your home is a little isolated or you live in the country. Remember to switch them on after dark - most can be set on a timer system.

Ultra Window Security with - Sensors

  • You can also protect doors and windows with sensors, sleep soundly knowing that you will be warned if someone is trying gain access through your window at night. You would have to get into a routine of switching them on at night time and whenever you go out - remember your home security, even if you only intend to "pop out" for five minutes


Purchase the best window security you can for your home... BUT please remember to ACTIVATE any devices during the night and whenever you leave home. Unfortunately some people spend thousands to secure, PROTECT and improve their home then can't be bothered or just don't remember to set the system on the way out.

Top Tip

Only choose a reliable, USER FRIENDLY system for your home.

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