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Why would you replace a window and door? - age, wood rot, termites, for a better insulating fit, general updating... maybe you want to put in a new window to create more convection giving a better air flow through your home or maybe you want to bring in more light and take advantage of a beautiful view.

A Replacement window and door should suit the age and style of your home, GRANTED, it is more expensive to buy the real thing - like wooden sash windows - and much easier and cheaper to go for modern material alternatives but your home could lose value and be more difficult to shift when you want to sell - you could actually lose a sale.

Usually permits are required for new window and door installations, especially for windows that face onto a street, this is to ensure that the esthetic value of your whole area is maintained.

An important consideration regarding planning permission is the size of window you choose - windows, especially ground floor windows have a minimum acceptable size to them, they can't be too small - this is because they should be accessable by a fireman wearing equipment if necessary.

It's better to check with your local building inspector before choosing and installing your new or replacement window - otherwise you may be made to change it!.

If you are creating new window that looks onto your neighbors property you will have to seek planning permission from your local office and a consenting agreement from your neighbor.

Because windows and window frames are widely available in different materials and sizes, it is easier that ever to replace rotten windows and improve your home

Don't miss this opportunity to apply a glass vibration or glass break window security system to your new window and door installations.


Entry Doors

Replacing an entry door for something more substantial - solid frame and solid door - will help make you feel more secure in your home.

A solid entry door will allow you to apply strong home security measures at the front and back door, the main entrances to your home...

The locking plate which is installed flush with your door frame - known as the "keep", will have a solid frame that you can solidly screw into. You could also add extra strenth by re-inforcing the door hinges with hinge bolts.

a screen door

If you are installing new strong door hinges - remember that of the two halves of the hinge - the door half and the frame half - the half in the shape of an E with three barrels sticking out is for the frame side and the half with two barrels is the door side and of course the two connect together holding the door in place.

An entrance door frame with extra depth is useful for installing both a door and a screen door on the same frame, The frame for both the entry door and the screen door you can see were custom made many years ago.

I am no longer there but I must have used that screen door a thousand times - great for letting the air in, keeping the dogs in or out and definitely for keeping flies and mosquitos out!

Interior Doors

Entry doors are usually of a standard size whereas with interior door - you really do have much more choice to change the look of the interior of your home and to really help you open us spaces by using double doors or even two double folding back doors, otherwise known as "Concertina" doors.

stable door picture

There are double doors and there are stable doors and here is a picture of double stable doors - made up of four pieces the top part could be secured to the bottom to make one solid door and they were made so well the fit when closing was perfect.

We have always been fans of the double stable doors because we like the look of them as interior and exterior doors, they are great for letting in air while still keeping little children safely inside.

Another great reason for replacing doors is to actually create a wider entrance, this is popular not only for wheelchair access but also to open up a home, a wider doorway allows you to use 1 XL door to fit the frame or even more popular - double doors which look grander.

custom made interior stable door

Interior doors with a frosted glass upper part allow light to reflect around the home - you either love the idea or you'll hate it!.

Unfortunately many beautifully authentic panelled doors were removed from homes thirty years or so ago and replaced with the modern look of the 70's.

Thankfully this is all now being reversed, solid wood panelled doors can be found in abundance in stores and depending on where you live - in salvage yards.

Installing quality doors, plain, painted or stained, will successfully contribute to any home repair improvement renovation project, improving the esthetic value of your home and should even add value.



If you have to replace a great number of windows and doors in your home you will probably find that you will need home improvement financing to help cover the cost of materials and labour, total window and door installation or renovation is an expensive but worthy home improvement project.

There are different ways that you could finance bigger home repair improvement works like total new window and door installations, the most common form is to take advantage of the equity that you have built up in your home.

Our prefered method is to use a home equity line of credit which fits in prefectly with making payments to contractors based on completion of different stages of work. Get more information on this and other types of home improvement financing here at Home Improvement Financing

Home Repair Improvement has the wonderful triple effect of improving your home, the quality of your home life and improve the value of your home.

Enjoy your new window and door installations.

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