What is Melamine Paint

So you are asking What is Melamine Paint, not surprising really since there is now just so much melamine around us, both outside and inside our homes, whether as a moulded resin or as an additive.

Have you thought of the fertilizer you use on your garden, your fire extinguisher... melamine has flame retardant properties, how about electrical sockets, connectors, even your kitchen paper towel roll - additives give it the extra strength.

Melamine is still a bit of a mystery and more so is the paint version as it is still a relatively new product and the best is still being developed. Basically melamine paint is a liquid plastic used to paint over plastic surfaces.

To help maintain it's perfect surface, or to return it to its perfect new look - melamine paint was born to paint liquid melamine over solid melamine to give it a brand new, repaired surface. It was only later as popularity grew that color was added.

picture of various melamine paint tins

Melamine paint is thicker and stickier than the texture of most other paints and this is because it has a difficult task to accomplish, that of sticking to a smooth melamine plastic surface.

Melamine has been used seriously for household goods since the sixties and the sheer longevity of melamine products has meant that we now need to change the look of - or update items that are made of - or are clad in melamine and the easiest way to do that is to change the color.

What is Melamine Paint doing in your kitchen...

Because Melamine is so long lasting - many homeowners have reached the conclusion that if they can't morally throw out kitchen units that are still "like new" then they can at least refresh their kitchen or bathroom cabinets with a new color surface.

Melamine is hard wearing - and way too durable for many people - but it has been know to 'chip' on occasion and you can force a scratch into it if you push hard.

Melamine paint was originally developed to repair or renew a surface by creating a new surface on melamine products and on products that had been laminated, given a veneer or clad in Melamine

Some examples of products are furniture, households goods, electical parts and applications, tableware and more famously for kitchen cupboards. It has also been very useful for wholesalers who deal in clad boards like particle boards or what they call in England - chipboards, and also MDF boards.

What is Melamine Paint good for...

One of the nicest things about this paint is that when used in ideal conditions and applied to a horizontal surface - it is self leveling so it is really great for hiding knocks and scratches.

One manufacture has developed melamine paint which will coat just about any smooth slick surface - and they say it will even coat glass, ceramics, fibreglass as well as plastic laminates.

Melamine paint is however mainly sold as the answer to giving your kitchen a makeover by using melamine paint to paint melamine kitchen cabinets. Often similar cupboards are used throughout a home and melamine paint has also been used for painting bathroom cupboards. Melamine paint lends itself to both kitchen and bathroom as a paint because it moisture resistant melamine takes colors well and leave you with a new high gloss surface.

What is Melamine Paint application like...

photo of melamine paint containers

Melamine Paint is a Urethane Re-inforced Oil Based Paint. The manufacturers instructions for product use and safety should always be read and followed carefully.

Confusion over whether it is easy to use or difficult to apply may well stem from the fact that each manufacturer in its race to create the ideal domestic use melamine paint, is constantly testing application conditions to develop the 'easiest to apply for the best results' version for you.

So we are left with manufacturers who recommend using a melamine primer first to help the paint stick to a smooth slick surface - others who just recommend applying their one coat paints and others who recommend applying two coats. And then of course there is the combinations of throwing everything in the hat and applying a primer, applying two coats and weeks later applying a clear sealer.

Some sealer users have had bad experiences with oils and say that water based sealers dry faster and don't turn yellow over time.

Some manufacturers recommend you wait 6 hours before applying a second coat, another 12 hours and others up to 24 hours - and the truth is that this paint really takes it's time to dry thoroughly and needs to be treated very carefully for about a week before it actually achieves its full hardness - of course this also depends on how cold or humid it is with you.

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