Weatherization Grants

Weatherization grants are part of the new federal home assistance program aimed to encourage and promote energy efficient home improvements that will help long term to reduce the nation's dependence on expensive foreign fuels.

Perhaps you have never thought to apply for a grant before for any works done on your home but times have changed and you owe it to yourself, your home and your country to do all you can to weatherize your home and these new home improvement grants are there to help you do it now.

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Thousands of homeowners making these changes right away could make all the difference, its normal to plan long term over expensive changes to our home isn't it, and to save and budget for the expense of the materials and expertise, but these new weatherisation grants help take the sting out of the initial costs that should mean lower monthly utility bills effective as soon as the work is completed.

  • Weatherization grants are all about sealing and adding further protection to the shell of your home in the form of insulation and also the installation of advanced windows and doors etc.

The aim is to reduce your monthly winter heating bills and effective weatherization should also help keep your home cooler in the summer enough to put a dent in your cooling bills, the amounts either way depending on the climate in which you live of course.

When a country uses more energy than they are able to produce themselves then they have to buy it from a fuel energy rich country, never the ideal situation to be in... so if the amount of energy used throughout the country is reduced and comes a little nearer to the amount of energy that can be produced in that country - and if capital is poured into advancing more green energy production to increase home grown eco energy production - eventually the twain shall meet or at least be heading towards energy independence, and thats a good plan.

Retrofitting energy improvement measures into existing homes is not always a piece of cake and it is going to be important for all homeowners to really search out for those elusive experienced builders and remodelers who can prove their worth by readily showing you examples of their works, watch out for unqualified, inexperienced remoders trying to take advantage of one of the few areas of growth in the amount of work in the home building, home remodely industry.

  • But before you even start calling in the experts it is going to be very important to talk over with your local building office exactly what is and what is not included in the new weatherization grants.

  • You will discover that sometimes the materials and labor are included and for other home improvement weatherization projects only the actual components and not the manual labor will be covered. The upside is that you are likely to get more materials for your grant but the downside is that it is often the actual cost of labor that really pushes up our home improvement bills.

Home improvement Weatherization Grants are well worth the time, effort and money spent as long as the work is done by someone who really knows what they are doing and the job is done well. Truth be told... if you don't see quite a drop on your winter utility bills after your home has been weatherized then you know that something went wrong.

A home energy audit before and after any home weatherization works are done should put a smile on your face and will give you an insight into how well this very important project has been accomplished at your place and how much you are likely to save yearly with a more energy efficient home.

If you are anything like me, as old as the hills - then you will know that time goes by faster every year and winter will be back again with the cold and the rain faster than we can believe - so don't delay, find out everything you can about the availability of weatherization grants in your area and track down the best professionals to do a good job on your home.

There is no better place to start when looking for information on federal tax credits for energy efficiency than by checking the information on Weatherization Grants at the Energy Star government website. It is all there and you will find the FAQ very informative.

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