Wall Oven Revue

Tips for Choosing Wall Oven Features

Use our Wall Oven Revue to discover the information you need to help you decide on the right type of oven and features that will look right in your kitchen and meet your cooking needs.

Is a microwave convection oven an essential part of your new kitchen remodeling project?, a regular thermal oven, a convection oven, a microwave combi or a steam oven!...

This wall oven revue reveals top styles, If it's looks you are going for... stainless steel and stainless steel with black accents are todays best selling ovens in freestanding, wall installation models, countertop and over the range models.

wall oven and kitchen range photograph

We also cover in this wall oven revue ... finding the right size of machine for your home! - so if it's size that matters you will find that the 1.5 cubic feet capacity of standard microwave combination ovens or the microwave convection ovens are surprisingly small when compared to the average 4.1 cubic feet capacity of the convection oven or especially the larger regular thermal oven...

- you won't be able to fit a family turkey into the meagre 1.5 cubic feet interior capacity of most microwave ovens.

If you want an oven that does everything, use our wall oven revue to find a model that meets all your needs so - If features are more important - look out for the flexibility of the double wall ovens which may be a combination of upper convection oven and lower regular oven - or upper microwave oven and lower convection oven - double wall ovens give you the option of speed cooking in one and browning and baking in the other.

Wall Oven Revue - new oven budget

When working out your budget keep in mind that the bigger the unit and the more it is fitted with high end features - the more the cost, and when you realise that prices vary so vastly from about $400 - over $6,000 you will want to fix your budget before you shop!.

If cost and space didn't matter in kitchen remodeling - what would you want in your dream kitchen... would it be a...

  • Freestanding 48" wide double oven with 6 burners.
  • and a built in microwave convection oven packed with features.
  • and below that - the biggest and baddest convection oven.
  • and a warmer drawer below that...
  • and also a 4 burner cooktop installed in a kitchen island!

    Available space within your kitchen is going to help you to reduce your dream list and to create a more realistic budget based on your families needs and how your use your kitchen.

    When replacing your Kitchen Oven Range you are probably going to replace the old model with an energy efficient, updated model of the same size as your old one - that will be easier to slide in and install.

    However in most kitchen remodeling projects, this is the first time that a wall oven has been installed and the choice can be bewildering. Installing a double wall oven with microwave and convection facilities will be an investment not only in your home improvement and financing project, but also in your cooking.

    Wall Oven Revue - when size matters

    The size and style of oven is also important for your kitchen makeover project planning - not only to help you buy other matching items like the kitchen oven range, but also because you need the dimensions so that you can perfectly fit your oven into your floor to ceiling wall unit.

    Speed cooking wall ovens are typically just under 24 x 24 x 24 inch square in size with a standard interior capacity of just under 2.0 cubic feet, although many of the new microwave convention oven combis are larger with more generous interior dimensions.

    Size matters at both extremes when buying ovens - so you will be able to find models of up to 36" wide with an interior capacity of around 3.25 cubic feet and... at the small end of the market there are models which are especially designed to fit into limited spaces - with a height of only 16" and a much smaller interior capacity of under 1 cubic foot.

    Wall Ovens are incorporated within kitchen unit towers at eye level and have their own independent controls on the face of the oven above or beside the door.

    Wall Oven Revue - wall oven types

    • Convection Ovens heat from above and below - baking and roasting times are said to be twice as fast as in conventional cooking, some say that they cost a little more to run than regular ovens, another opinion is that they work less time and use less energy - actually the running cost difference is very small and time is money in our busy lifestyles.

    If you decide on this type of wall oven and make your own wall oven revue of convection ovens with a view to purchase - you will have to decide between a single convection, a double convection oven, or a combi microwave convection oven.

    In double convection ovens you have the choice of both ovens being self cleaning or just the main oven and leaving the auxiliary oven as hand clean... You can also decide on a model with a hidden bake element, this basically means that the lower heating element will be covered - which will make cleaning spills easier.

    The combination microwave convection ovens include a seperate smaller microwave above with a larger convection model below.

    • Microwave Convection Ovens differ from the double combination microwave convection ovens in that this is an all in one oven model and not a double oven.

    They have the ability to be used only as a microwave or as a microwave and convection oven with the facility to speed cook food and unlike the normal microwave - they can brown food at the same time.

    Important wall oven revue downsides to these types of ovens is that they are much smaller in size with a greatly reduced interior capacity so they are no good for big roasts - also they don't have a good reputation for baking either so there is not such a big advantage over a regular microwave when compared to the high price.

    Having said that, if you have a regular freestanding oven which will serve for cooking roasts and fowl at the weekend, the microwave convection oven might just be what you need to provide quick dining during the week.

    • Steam Ovens are gaining in popularity and these models tend to be wider than other types - steam vapor cooking occurs when the temperature of the water deposit is high enough.

    Wall Oven Revue - wall oven features

    Safety is high on the list of important features in any oven purchase today and a child safety lock on all oven doors is a must as well as cool touch doors - which usually have 2 or three layers of glass.

    Because gas ovens need to be vented to the exterior to prevent a build up of carbon monoxide gas, a carbon monoxide detector is a recommended accessory to each installation.

    Buyers today who have the fuel options prefer electic wall ovens a they can be easier to work with and are seen to be safer.

    Most options that we have looked into for our wall oven revue come standard with two easy to remove racks for two level cooking - although shoppers are now looking closer at the few 3 rack models that are available.

    Self cleaning makes life much easier and although many double oven models only provide self cleaning in the main oven - many new models now have self cleaning facilities in both.

    Variboil and dual radiant baking and roasting are important convection oven features and these ovens have the capacity to roast and broil in just about half the time of regular ovens.

    Turbo ventilated ovens use forced air that is moved evely around the oven giving uniform cooking and browning to each area and each rack - amazingly without mixing the flavours of the food - ovens that allow you to cook various dishes on different levels will help you save energy.

    Pre-progaming temperature and time settings for different recipies on LCD panels means that just about all members of the family will be able to cook dinner - it also means that when you use tested and memorised recipies this helps to minimise possible overuse of the oven which over time could go a long way to helping you save energy.

    Wall Oven Revue - summary

    With prices ranging from $400.00 for standard single models to over $6,000 for some of the high end double wall ovens - and cooking facilities differing greatly between one model and another it is difficult to decide what to include in your home improvement and financing investment.

    When you have fixed your budget it is sometimes easier to try to keep it simple when deciding which features your wall oven should have - which features would fit well with the way you cook now - what's more important to you - to brown, bake, broil or crisp! - many people pay for features that they just don't use.

    We hope that our Wall Oven Revue of Features has shed some light on this perplexing purchase and helps you to decide on and find the model to compliment your kitchen remodeling project.

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