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Will the Benefits of a Swimming Pool Add Value to your Home...

A Swimming Pool was always important to me, I used to swim an hour every morning and for another hour most evenings. I swam with a team and was in training, there really was a reason to swim and that was to win.

All that healthy exercise has left me with a body that doesn't break down as fast as I get older and today the reason I swim is to enjoy it, cool off and relax.

The best exercise in the world, swimming apparently using every muscle in the body, the weightlessness of being in the water has proved therapeutic for people with disabilities, recovering injuries, young and old alike.


Can you call in a swimming pool contractor and label this work as a true home improvement project?, The answer more often lies in the geographic location of your home and where you place your pool as well as the materials or style you choose to install.

In Colder Climates

If you live in colder climes, an indoor pool or one inside a swimming pool enclosure might be more useful to you - a pool is only an asset to your family if it can be used.

It's often sad to see a cover over your outdoor pride and joy most of the year. But a heated indoor pool with patio doors that you could open up onto your terrace or decking area in the summer months could be used all year round.

At the same time, using an enclosure and the additional benefit of a swimming pool solar heater could solve the problem enabling all year round use in an outdoor location.

In Warmer Climates

If you are lucky enough to live in the sun it is going to be much easier to claim the installation of a pool as a valuable home improvement project and as an added asset to your home.

To improve your home is to maintain it or add value to it and frankly if your home is the only one in the area where you live that is WITHOUT a pool, then you are greatly reducing your home's saleability should you want to move on.

That it adds a touch of luxury that cannot be denied. If you love to swim and your children constantly use your pool then you can guarantee that over the years you will get great value for money.

Inground Pool or Aboveground Pool

Preparing to install a swimming pool

In this photo - the ground has been left dry, the wall came down the very next day for easy access for the digger to dig the hole in preparation for the project - (see picture below of finished pool.)

An inground project will always win hands down against the aboveground option for added saleability and adding value to your home however there are many benefits of an aboveground pool that should be taken into consideration:

Aboveground Swimming Pool

  • You won't need a contractor and machinery to come in and dig that nice big hole in your garden.

  • You could install an aboveground kit yourself.

  • You can build above ground decking as a surround for easier access.

  • You can empty it and dismantle it and let the grass grow back over the area whenever you like.

Inground Swimming Pool

  • It's permanent and it's esthetically beautiful instead of the above ground bulk of the other option.

  • It enhances the look of your garden and your home.

  • The shimmering surface of the water entices you in more often.

  • You can install a machine which will blow out an under surface current for added exercise.

  • Connect it to your solar heater for the winter months.

  • Install a swimming pool light and have great barbeques around your luxurious inground pool.

swimming pool picture

A brand new TILED installation - ready to swim in... the use of different shades of blue tiles patterned around the pool enhanced the blue of the glistening water.

The garden wall has also been rebuilt as work completed - as good as new. (picture courtesy of Mr & Mrs Sastre)

Pool Design - Tiled or Drop-in Mould

There are definite benefits to both methods of installation.

The Drop-in Mould
- Inground Swimming Pool

One of the main benefits of the ready made dropin mould is the speed in which in can be installed, the other is the price. the materials used are more economical and because these pools are so relatively quick to install there are less man-hour costs to take care of.

Great care has to be taken when taking delivery of and placing the mould, these are incredibly strong and durable but... it's wise to inspect your mould and make sure that it did not incur any damage in transit or during instalation... remember - this type of pool is one piece, one little crack and the whole project is in trouble.

The Tiled Swimming Pool

Preparing, cementing and tiling takes time, different layers have to dry but a professional installation with this method is longer lasting and a more beautiful asset to your home.

You can choose your border tiles to individualize the look and design of your home and you can also have your own special design at the center bottom, i.e. a dolphin, blue star etc...

It's important throughout the tiling process to inspect for smoothness, any tiles not sitting flat against the bottom or sides of your pool will have to be replaced.

The work should be completed quicker if you go for the angular rectangle design instead of the oval or kidney shaped options as tiling will be more straight forward.


Maintainance is important for your own health and safety and just like the rest of your home - to help maintain value.

In Addition...

You will need to take into consideration:-

  • cover - keep winter debri out of your pool
  • swimming pool pump and adequate space for installation
  • filters - will need to be regularly cleaned
  • water heating - nothing like the free power of a swimming pool solar heater, once you have paid for the unit and installation it is all win win win...
  • chemical testing - regular PH tests will help you ensure the safey of your swimming pool environment.
  • Fence - fencing off your swimming pool is a great option for safety if you have small children at home
  • SAFETY - As a swimming teacher and ex-life guard I can't emphasis enough how children should be taught to swim and feel totally confident in the water AND that an adult should always be on hand.
  • swimming pool toy - after all you are there to have fun and/or relax, there are so many inflatable toys and lilos available.

Build a swimming pool that you can really enjoy this summer and that will help improve the value of your home for years to come.

Splash out with an all round investment for your family and your home.


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