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         with a Sunroom

A Sunroom will bring in the light and space to your home.

It will benefit the quality of your home life and if built well should add value to your home.

Find out how to choose:-
the right LOCATION
the right SIZE
and the right STYLE
that will look right for your home and that will be perfect for it's intended use.

Discover Construction Options to suit you, your home improvement financing and add value to your home.

The best position for your Sunroom

The two most important factors in selecting the right location are available space and sunlight.

Sunroom photo with garden view

What you actually intend to use your sunroom for will help you to determine where you will place it. You may be looking for a quite area to sit in an enjoy your garden or simply to extend your living room, for anyone who is undecided, here are the most popular uses:

  • view the outdoors
  • extend living room
  • dining room
  • entertaining
  • office
  • solarium
  • indoor pool enclosure
  • artists studio
  • hot tub enclosure
  • recreation room
  • play room
  • greenhouse

Your Sunroom may have multiple uses - as a breakfast room, reading room, study room, for afternoon coffee with guests..., the list of possible uses is as endless as everyone's home is individual.

THE SOUTH FACING SUNROOM The majority of the above listed reasons will benefit from sunlight, for this reason most are built facing south as this is the sunniest position, keeping your new space light and bright for most of the day.

EAST OR SOUTH EAST FACING If you want to build to use as a dining room / extension of your kitchen, then you may be more interested in the morning sun - do you have space to build facing east or south east!, just remember, without heating it may get quite chilly in the afternoon.

THE WEST FACING SUNSET SUNROOM If you dream of being able to watch the sunset, everyday, from your very own conservatory then you will want to look for a suitable westward location.

NORTH FACING - ENJOY LIGHT AND NATURE Of course you don't always have a choice and many times you have to go with how the house is built - in which direction it stands. A north facing patio enclosure will require heating - and will then comfortably give you the extra living space and the peaceful garden view of nature that this extra space will afford you.

If you decide that this is the quickest and cheapest way to build your home office extension - you can always control sunlight with some well fitted, purpose made blinds

Most Sunrooms are constructed at the back of houses, some at the side, have a look and see where yours would look best and still be useful to you and your family.

Available space for your Sunroom

There are now many different shapes and styles to choose from, all available in different sizes so finding the right one for your home and space isn't so difficult anymore.

Once you have decided it's use - you can step outside and start taking note of available space. It is easier to shop for the space you have than to try to adapt one that is just too big and can lead to disappointments.

Use pegs and string to create a an outline and then you will have an idea of how big you can go and make sure that the size will fit with the structure of your home, keep in mind that you are aiming for an addition that will complement your home.

TOP TIP - A general rule is that an external structure should not take up more that a third of your garden space, this should leave you with enough garden so as not retract from your valuable outdoor space.

Once you have measured the available space you are ready to find the perfect sized sunroom for your home.

Planning Permission

Sunroom building rules and regulations differ from state, county and country, it will always save you time and trouble if you check out the situation regarding the addition to your home with your local planning department - building officer BEFORE you commit yourself to a purchase and/or construction service.

What may affect the need for permission is the size of sunroom you want to build, if any major extensions have already been done to your home, if it becomes a part of your home on the same level, if you want to remove the external dividing doors, etc...

Even if you are building the simplest construction that you are sure doesn't require permissions, a visit to your local building planning office will give you peace of mind.

Sunroom Styles and Designs

    Especially if you live in a more modern home, if you can't extend too far out into a small garden or if you are planning on building on top of your existing decking, you may decide to opt for a "LEAN-TO".

    This construction is usually rectangular is shape, it will be the most economical and is probably the easiest choice if you intend to d.i.y.

    The lean-to will often be available with a flat or sloping roof. Our TOP TIP for a lean-to construction is to always go for a sloping roof, you will have less problems when it rains, especially worrysome is water backed up against the side of your house.

    - make sure it can all safely drain away, if this design is along the right lines but you want your sunroom to extend out more from your home, you may decide on an...

    A Lean-To Sunroom with a knee high wall - a quick sketch using Corel Draw

    This style is the most popular, its design and space lends itself to most homes of different sizes and ages. It will also be easier to find a ready made Edwardian sunroom from a supplier that will be ready and right for your home.

    The Edwardian style is usually rectangular or even square, although usually larger than the lean-to, also the well designed, sloping - pitched roof adds elegance.

    Some people find this style to be ornate enough but if you are looking for something fancier then you may be looking for a...

    Edwardian type of sunroom - a quick sketch using Corel Draw

    If space is not a problem, then you can take full advantage of the beautiful and ornate Victorian style sunroom. You can buy one with six or eight sides and that attractive bay front so typical of the Victorian style sunroom which will give you lovely views of your garden and beyond.

    This is usually the most expensive of the options although not as costly as having one designed especially to fit in a specific space around your home.

    Which ever style you choose will affect especially the exterior aspect of your sunroom but the interior look, feel and comfort will be more determined by both it's use and the choices you make on furnishing and decoration.

What are your Sunroom Construction Options

  • The Economical Sunroom KIT - D.I.Y. Option...
    The cheapest option and the hardest and most time consuming is obviously to build your own.

    You do need to be an experienced d.i.y. enthusiast to be able to pull this one off well, however the difference in price might encourage your enthusiasm, plus good weather would help so this is ideally a project to start early summer.

    D.I.Y. suppliers will be able to sell you many different designs in KIT form which you can unpack and start to mount, remember to take it all step by proper step though and make sure you have a good solid flat base well set in first before you start.

    Don't forget you will need help as the construction starts to form shape - especially help getting the roof on and secured.

  • Buy the Sunroom KIT and use a Contractor...
    Now this one sounds like a better option - and really it is when you have an expert on site. Have a meeting with a reputable builder and agree on a sunroom kit which he will construct for you or that you can work on together, i.e. you may be able to cut some labour costs by working on easier jobs yourself over the weekend or in the evenings.

    Make sure anyone working in your home has full insurance cover for the work to be done. Agree a fixed price with the contractor and definite start and finish dates.

  • Call in the Sunroom Professionals...
    If you buy one of the established "in-stock" styles available from a supplier - it will be much cheaper than having one especially designed for your home. Shop around and find a company with competative rates covering all the planning and fitting.

    Make sure that the company you contract has full insurance cover for the work and the workers at your home. Get details all the building specifications, together with drawings (probably computer generated) and agree on a fixed price AND start and finish dates.

  • Fit a round Sunroom into a square space...
    Well, not literally, but what if you have an odd shaped patio area available for your sunroom and the conventional shapes and sizes just don't fit!, you could have one custom made especially for you, chances are it will put your home a cut above any other similar home in your area because not many people go that extra expense of a custom made patio enclosure.

    However, it would have to be pretty special for you to be able to recouperate your investment if you should decide to sell you home, but if it is an improvement in the quality of your home life that you are prepared to pay for, this could be for you.

    Again, shop around and see what ideas three or four potential contractors come up with and what price!.


We always recommend building a knee high wall or a dwarf wall as part of the foundation for any sunroom, patio enclosure or conservatories - or better still one complete wall in addition to the wall of your home means a cosier home that will be easier to heat or cool.

Just a couple of big advantages are that you will have a short wall where you can easily install heating, plus your electric bill should be cheaper as the wall will help to retain heat, you will have a nice shelf for your potted plants and no-one will walk into a sheer piece of glass.

An added bonus is that you will have an incredible advantage over other homes in your neighborhood, especially if you decide to move on. You will have the potential to draw the prospective buyer at the right price, even possibly recouping the cost of the construction.

Sunrooms are fairly easy builds... from a constructors point of view, getting in a contractor will speed the construction time up for you and get the job done right. Probably one of the most important factors in pre-construction is the right, good strong LEVEL base which needs to be prepared at the right height - before you build.

A sunroom addition to your home will have benefit for all of your family, in the increased space it will give you and in the different ways you could use this space and link your home to your garden.

If you are looking for a quicker build than a sunroom consider a pergola, take a look at the following article for more ideas on Gazebos and Pergolas Give yourself peace of mind by making sure that you have your finances in order before you go ahead with construction, take a look here at... Financing Options for your home improvement Sunroom

If you are just starting to plan and build, don't worry, it will all be worth it and you will surely be relaxing in your wonderful new sunroom in next to no time - watching the setting sun or gazing at the stars...

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