Solar Attic Fan

The Benefits of Installing a Solar Attic Fan

Discover the Benefits of a Solar Attic Fan and how you can fill up your attic space with no cost fresh air ventilation are year round.

When you first climb up into your attic to check for the viability of doing your attic conversion project, one of the first things you will be aware of is the build up of heat.

This of course is only during the pre-conversion period because this will be resolved in large part once you have installed your solar attic fan and you get a decent airflow in and out of your attic space.

During the hot summer months hot air rises up though your home and into your attic, this will have the effect of putting a hot hat on your home.

If you are using an air conditioning system to cool your home it won't have to work so hard if you have an attic fan installed, which may well help reduce your bills.

The secret is to allow for an airflow throughout your home and in this case in particular - to increase fresh air circulation in your attic conversion.

After investing in your new attic conversion one of the best ways to help you maintain the materials used is to install a solar attic fan.

Both your timber and insulation materials can be adversely affected by summer heat created moisture build up or winter condensation.

Insulation materials begin to compact when continuously damp, wood will of course turn to rot and mold, the installation of a solar powered attic fan is the easiest way to help you preserve and maintain your attic conversion.

Choosing your Solar Attic Fan

  • Choose an attic fan that can be angled if necessary so that the panels get maximum exposure to the sun.
  • A unit that allows for air flow all round the panels and the unit will help prevent it from overheating. A mounting bracket will keep it raised and cool.
  • Your unit should be powder coated, this means that the unit doesn't absorb all of the heat energy itself and protects it for longer life.
  • A stainless steel screen cover will protect your machine from animals and animals from your machine.
  • The unit should have adequate flashing to provide a weather resistant installation
  • The additional cost of a thermal switch is money well spent. For $20 - $30 you can have total control over your unit if you should ever want to shut it down.
  • If you don't want to install a unit flat on a sloping roof you could opt for a Dormer Style Solar Attic Ventilation System instead.
  • Solar Attic Fans are nice and small and function very quietly. They are easy to install without the hassle of any wiring - on top of all these benefits you don't usually need a permit for installation.

There are literally no running costs for these units - once you have purchased and successfully installed the fan the power to run the unit is provided freely by the sun.

Solar Attic Fan and the Sun

You don't have to live under blue skies and continuous sunshine to take advantage of solar units, they do absorb rays even on cloudy days.

The usefulness of a solar attic fan or other solar energy products in northern climes is greatly underestimated - ask your distributor and your local building office for an assessment of your area.

Add comfort to your quality of home life when you use your attic conversion whether it be for an en-suite bedroom, home office or playroom, by adding a Solar Attic Fan to help you enjoy your home.

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