Small Bathroom Remodeling

Small Bathroom Plan Ideas & Solutions

Here are some ideas and Small Bathroom Remodeling options to help you develop different levels of renovations to suit your home improvement and financing budget.

Small spaces can always be improved on with new style bathroom fixtures and fittings that can help us create more conveniences for modern day living. The example we are taking in this article is a bathroom size of about 8ft by just over 5ft - that was designed by an architect over 15 years ago, it's design is convenient but some of it's fixtures are outdated.

Small Bathroom Photo

small bathroom photo

Small bathrooms are difficult to photograph!

Fitted into this small space is a standard design white bath tub with shower curtain, a toilet, a bidet and a white ceramic basin semi-recessed into a wall to wall marble counter.

A lot has been fitted into a small space here, but what probably doesn't come accross well on the above small bathroom photo is that there actually is comfortable moving space within this room.

You can enter and close the door easily and there is adequate clearance space in front of each fixture to be comfortable using them.

One of the biggest problems in small bathroom remodeling can be meeting the minimum space requirements in front of fixtures, this is an important consideration not only to meet building permit regulations, but also to make sure that the small bathroom remodeling project that you are creating will be comfortable to use for all sizes of people.

First of all lets explore the benefits of this bathroom as it is to see if you can gain any Small Bathroom Remodeling ideas from it's design...

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Marble Counters

small bathroom sink photo

You might like this as an idea for your small bathroom remodeling

- the light toned Marble counter takes up quite a percentage of space in this small bathroom...

but also provides plenty of counter space for family living and also valuable storage space underneath for plenty of towels.

Bathroom Mirrored Alcove and Skylight

What really does help this bathroom to feel larger than it's actual size is the huge mirror fitted into the wall on all three sides of the marble counter and as this bathroom is on an upper floor - without a window - it does have a decent sized skylight located centrally in the room which brings in light and makes the room bright all day.

Bringing more light onto your space is high on the lists of small bathroom remodeling projects.

Exhaust Fan

A bathroom exhaust fan - wall mounted and fitted according to code - resolves the problem of not having a window by greatly reducing moisture build up within the room when the hot taps are on, basically it sucks all the moist air outside.

Glossy Tiles

Also helping to keep this bathroom light and bright are the large white gloss bathroom tiles on the walls which reflect light back around the room, gloss tiles are perfect for bathrooms as they also have the advantage that they are easy to keep clean.

  • One line of patterned tiles goes around the room and breaks up the monotony of this white bathroom, this technique not only adds interest but can make your room feel broader.

  • A narrow ceiling to floor pattern makes the room feel taller.

Recessed Accessory Niches

A final point on the positive design of this bathroom is that there are niche spaces recessed into the wall around the room which are ideal for bathroom essentials. If you are planning to re-tile your bathroom or tiling a tub surround you may want to investigate the stud work of your bathroom wall before you start to see if it allows perfect placement of a recessed niche or inset soap tray.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

small bathroom layout  before remodeling

Here is a basic floor plan of this bathroom, although the design and quality of fitting has stood the test of time, the biggest let down as a family space is showering in the standard bath, although there clearly isn't space for a seperate full sized bath and shower.

A Shower Bath

Updating to a tub-shower enclosed and by installing a stylish etched glass screen - would make it possible to both a power shower in the morning and a soak in the tub in the evenings.

A curved shower bath has extra space at the shower end which is an added bonus for shower safety and mobilty, giving you more turn and elbow space, this is the most popular options in small bathroom remodeling and is one of the most used assets in any home - this is why it is important to choose a quality fitting that will last.

small bathroom remodel with a shower bath

Shower Screen

A single glass bathroom shower screen allows for privacy while still allowing light to pass through into the enclosure, you can choose from frosted glass, etched glass and even stained glass screens...

- Add a luxurious shower area without the expense of moving too much plumbing in your small bathroom floor plan.

Bidet or no Bidet!

An options would be to remove the bidet - it would be a simple task which would make the room feel more spacious and an idea would be to replace it with a wall mounted heated towel rail if your bathroom is cold and uninviting, because this type of rail doesn't sit on the floor it will not detract from the gained space.

To remove the bidet and centrally relocate the toilet between the bath and the counter in this example would make this a big plumbing project and the expense would far outweight any benefit.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Rules

  • If you keep the plumbing where it is - you will have more to spend on replacing fixtures.

  • If you visit every showroom and home improvement show you can find - you will soon get a clear idea of

    new fixture models that may resolve any dimension problems you are having when making your new plans.

  • You will also get a much better idea of the value of different fittings, prices can vary enormously from one retailer to the next, and sometimes great deals can be made at home shows - as long as all of your consumer rights apply.

  • Try not to get carried away with expensive fixtures, once you have carefully worked out your small bathroom remodeling budget you should keep looking until you find the best fixtures you can get for the price you want to pay.

  • Costing for this project should be in relation to the value of your home.

  • 'Overspending on fixtures' in small bathroom remodeling - will probably not be reflected in any increase in the value of your home.

One of the most important factors in small bathroom remodeling is to decide in your planning stage - what really is important to you and your family based on how and when you all use this, one of the most important rooms in your home.

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