Small Bathroom Ideas

This is a true Small Bathroom Ideas story full of expectations and suspense, included are photos showing the pros and cons and results of this wonderful attempt of a small bathroom makeover which concludes with a very important moral at the end of this speed remodeling tale which may be useful to take into account for your own remodeling project.

Everytime Patricia a friend of mine moves apartments the first thing that she wants to do - which she always does as a way of making that new home her own - is a mini makeover in the bathroom.

She was telling me that since it is such an important space, however big or small it may be and that it is the most intimate room in any home she always tried to plan these changes for the very first day as part of the move.

Reading from a growing list of small bathroom ideas that has grown from many moves and much experience she pulled two off which are the easiest to do and can have the biggest impact on any small room.

She always immediately changes the shower curtain AND the toilet seat before hanging up her own matching fluffy towels.

Out with the old... In with the new toilet seat

small bathroom design photo

Pat says that changing the toilet seat is an undervalued small bathroom idea which can instantly change the look and update the feel of any bathroom and make it yours.

Toilets are made of vitrious china which is really a dense clay which is shaped and baked into a shiny impervious surface - so smooth that it's rather like glass. One flush and the water and contents in the bowl are vacumed away and disappear down the 'S' curve.

The S pipe provides a level to the water that is held at all times in the bowl - this water actually acts as a very effective water seal and stops any bad fumes from coming back up the toilet (unlike the sewage catastrophy of 1858!)

Colors for Small Bathroom Ideas

Keeping in mind that a small bathroom design often only includes the basic shower corner, toilet and small bathroom sink, by changing the color of the shower curtain and the seat and include co-ordinating towels you can dramatically alter the look and add interest.

In this case she was installing a pine toilet seat because she happened to have one handy, but she has been looking at both a pearly red and a glitter red seat to try to find a good match with a striking red designer shower curtain that she plans to install.

It sounds like a touch of luxury but I asked her why red for such a small room and she replied that luckily both the floor and walls were nuetral in color so she felt that she could almost infuse a stronger color and immediately give the room character and an identity, and also that the decoration of the hallway leading to the small bathroom had hints of red so including red in the bathroom seemed like a natural progression on theme.

graphic show small bathroom color ideas

Although opting for red was not exactly a typical choice for Pat, she does admit to prefering warm colors and when I showed her this quick computer sketch of small bathroom color options, while she liked the spicy red, she was instantly drawn to the orange and recognised that men often opt for colors like the purple although she has previously used different shades of blue extensively herself as a color theme for other small bathroom ideas.

Themes as Small Bathroom Ideas

If you don't want to rely on color as small bathroom ideas to transform your bathroom you could opt for themes instead, some of them are typical with a nature theme and others are off the top of my head...

  • Seaside shells - shells have been a top favourite over the last few years for blue and white themes
  • Star fish - another sea theme which gives nice warm orange with yellow and red possibilities as color options
  • Sand - still at the sea side but this time with a golden yellow sandy glow
  • Sunshine - another favorite for golden yellow themes
  • Moon and stars - this one works well with dark blue and silver
  • Burgundy with gold stripes - a burgundy and gold stripe shower curtain, burgundy towels and how about a golden toilet seat!
  • Deep green and golden stripes
  • Navy with golden stripes
  • To get away from the stripes lets use Sunflowers - oranges and yellows - make for a lovely warm small bathroom color theme
  • Bubble gum pink with green flowers!.

Bubble gum pink with green flowers! - hey, why not, many different people with different tastes and varied home styles are looking for unique shall bathroom ideas - this one is based on a sun top - inspiration can often be found in the most unexpected places.

Pat's Small Bathroom Ideas

So many moves later, Pat can now say that she is someone who has been installing new toilet seats for years.

Her move in and claim policy can apply to all areas of your home even years after taking occupation, when you replace something old for something new and fresh it can really make all the difference - as you can see...

old and new toilet seat hinges

Most toilet seats are standard - and with the exception of seats designed for children, the sizes and fixings that should come with it are also usually standard.

Once you have taken a toilet seat off and replaced it or installed a new one - you will know that it is an easy task...

Finally I asked Pat if she would share another of her small bathroom ideas - and happily it was another simple but effective suggestion - that you include a tie back for your shower curtain - rather as some people do for kitchen curtains - this means that you can gently partially draw your curtain back to the wall exposing the back wall of shower area behind, which should in small bathrooms - give a little depth and the feeling of more space.

As she was leaving I asked Pat if she had stayed with the pine toilet seat or if she had decided on a red one instead and she answered that it hadn't actually worked out quite as she had expected...

For the first time she came upon a problem that she had not encountered before... She had recognised the bathroom suite as being quite small to fit the size of the bathroom it is occupying, however she had not realised that the cistern was not as upright as standard models and that it hung a little more over the seat in a sort of bulbous shape - this meant that since she had swapped a thin plastic toilet seat for a thicker wooden one which, while it installed beautifully and looked great...

picture of a toilet seat that doesnt fit the bowl

she just couldn't lift the lid!...

we were crying with laughter as she related her small bathroom ideas story, we are still laughing today!.

The moral of this story is that when you are buying a new white set of fixtures and fittings for your bathroom try to stick to the more traditional shape...

- so that you will still be able to make use of all available options for changing colors and themes in your bathroom by changing those parts that are easy to replace and which can make your small bathroom makeovers possible.

Here's to the success of your own small bathroom ideas project.

p.s. If you are going green and are building your own compost toilet you will not have to worry about water as you won't have a cistern! - throwing in a handful of pine shavings down into the hole when you have finished will work perfectly instead.

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