Small Bathroom Design

Clever Solutions for Small Bathroom Spaces

Small Bathroom Design ideas for remodeling a small bathroom are essential so that you can make the best plans for a space that will still meet the needs of the whole family.

Many of us are asking if it is possible to renovate a small space into an area suitable for whole family use, without compromising on the size of the bathroom fittings.

How do you make a reasonable small bathroom design ... fit updated, perhaps larger versions of what it already has AND include yet more functions, the need to include a shower without losing the bath is one main example.

Innovative design is the answer mixed with a certain amount of flexibility on style, both of these enable us to fit more fixtures and fittings into a small area without it feeling cramped.

Limitations of Outdated
- Small Bathroom Design

Most older small bathroom design installations have the obligatory toilet, a small basin and small, medium or even full sized bath tub, however the inconvenient design and installed location of each fixture and fitting usually means that there is no space left over for anything else, not least a shower or larger more family sized basin.

Older bathroom designs often don't allow for a luxurious bath under the window so that you can gaze out at the stars and you relax and soak in the tub, some are placed well but are the wrong way round with the taps to the exterior view intsead of your head.

A very inconvenient installation is placing the basin directly under the window... no chance of a non-steam mirror there and if you have a small mirror propped up on the window sill - you have the daylight coming in behind it, greatly reducing visibility in the mirror AND cutting out light coming into the room!

The ugliest items on view in older bathrooms are the water boiler and the toilet cistern and getting these out of sight is often a priority in small bathroom design remodeling projects.

New Small Bathroom Design Solutions

Making a small bathroom design into a multi-functional family bathroom means including as many fixtures and fittings as your family requires, while still leaving as much visible floor space as possible - to help give the illusion of space and prevent additional installations from creating a cramped space.

small bathroom design renovation with before and after plans

Small Bathroom Design - Bathroom Mirror

One of the best solutions to make small bathrooms seem larger and brighter is with the clever use of mirrors to reflect light around the room and give the impression of more space - this could be with the use of mirrors or mirrored tiles.

Wall Hung Fittings

One of the best solutions to this design dilema in limited space is to opt for wall-hung fittings, these usually include a wall hung basin which leaves the space below it totally open, often this solution means that you can install a larger sized bathroom sink than before - another idea is a neat wall hung toilet with the cistern boxed away out of sight

Angled Shower Enclosures

Perhaps the cleverest small bathroom idea solution which enables the inclusion of a shower unit in small bathroom design is the angled shower kit or enclosure, these are sometimes called quadrant corner shower units.

Basically the angle means that they fit neatly into the corner of a room, the design allows for more space inside the unit for elbows than the square shower enclosures.

Heated Towel Rail Bathroom Heaters

Installing a tall, narrow heated towel rail has the advantages of heating not only your towels but also the room as well.

Small Bathroom Design Tiling

While normal square bathroom tiles are the easiest to find and buy, small bathroom designs often benefit from choosing very small tiles or much sized larger tiles, depending on the size and shape of your bathroom.

Large rectangular tiles placed horizontally will make small bathrooms feel wider, placed vertically... will give the illusion of a room with more ceiling height.

Miniscule tiles that are quick and easy to installed in full strips of hundreds also give the illusion of more space, especially if they are laid in blocks of the same color with different colors or hues of the same color used to highlight the different areas of your bathroom, i.e. around the basin, emphasising the shape of the bath etc.

Storage in Small Bathroom Designs

Storage is always a big problem in small bathrooms and creating a new design usually calls for compromise. Many people would rather have storage space in a bathroom vanity than have a bidet, in fact in many remodeling projects this is the one item that is usually cancelled from the list.

Free standing and corner units are often a better solution than wall to wall fitted cupboards.

Long narrow wall hung cupboards with semi opaque mini doors allow for small bathroom bits and pieces, instead of larger heavier horizontal cabinets that may make the room look smaller.

Small Bathroom Design Summary

Action Plan and Tips

  • 1. Draw a plan of your bathroom as it is now - (try using graph paper with 1/2" by 1/2" grids using these as 6" by 6" squares)
  • 2. Draw a plan of the same space with the fittings where you would ideally want them
  • 3. Get a number of estimates for moving any supply and waste systems to see if this new small bathroom design plan suits your budget.
  • Visit as many bathroom show rooms and home improvement shows as possible and talk to the experts there to give you more ideas and also look out for new products and special offers.
  • 4. Re-draw your plan if necessary with the new ideas that match both your dreams and your budget.
  • 5. Locate the right certified, qualified professionals and as well as get references, and written estimates from as many as you can - go and have a look at work that they have recently done, don't start until you are sure that you have the right contractors who have the experience to see the job through to a quality finish.

The easiest part of a small bathroom design project is the planning, but it is important to take your time and make all the changes before you start the actual work. Give yourself time to discover all of the options available to you that will help make your dream small bathroom design.

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