Small Bathroom Colors

Small bathroom colors can invite you in or make you wish you were shut out !

If the smallest room in your house is too dark or the color gives you the chills as soon as you walk in, you might consider some bright ideas for painting small bathrooms.

Many apartments have small bathrooms as their architectural design often forfeits bathroom floor space for living spaces. Larger homes with a number of bathrooms usually also include a small one in there somewhere which often gets only secondary attention when it comes to applying small bathroom design ideas.

The size of bathroom referred to in this article allows for little more than the standard toilet and sink.

Mar from Alberta, Canada wrote in with a few questions about her small main level bathroom:-

"I am looking for ideas to remodel a small main level is a small space 60 by 56.. There had been a toilet and a 2 door cupboard with sink in this area,

I am looking at other options than a cabinet..but recognize that a small storage space is needed for a few towels and toilet paper... I like the look of the pedestals but have been in such bathrooms without any cabinets.

I would like an idea for this small area that includes some storage.. and color scheme for small areas"

It is a familiar dilema isn't it, of how to make the absolute most of a small space without it looking over full with bathroom fixtures fittings and accessories.

Depending on the amount that the small bathroom is used and by how many members of the household, a cabinet with incorporated sink can often fulfil storage needs but you are right in that it will take up a lot of the floor space which can make a small bathroom feel even smaller and reduce movement to mere shuffling.

And this I can see is one of the problems that you have encountered Mar and I am cheered to hear that you also have the best solution in mind.

A Pedestal Sink is a great solution for small bathrooms in giving the illusion of more space in a small room simply by allowing more floor space to be seen.

Replacing a small vanity sink with a pedestal sink will usually leave you with possible storage problems, especially if the small vanity sink was the only means of storing small bathroom essentials.

Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

  • Small bathroom vanity - although the cupboard under the sink is being rejected in this case, vanities are available in all sizes and a single door vanity sized to a small sink is opten a good option.
  • Corner Cabinet - a corner bathroom cabinet can occupy the opposing corners in front of the toilet or the corners behind the toilet itself. The smallest bathroom usually has at least two or three available corners to choose from and floor standing corner cabinets come in various heights.
  • Over the Toilet Cabinet - this can be a very good solution for small bathroom storage, however heavier cupboards can be overpowering in small bathroom designs so if space is limited over toilet storage is better kept to a minimum and not overhang the depth of the cistern.

Whether your small bathroom is your main bathroom or a second bathroom will make all the difference to how much you will want to store in it.

A small bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower unit often leaves little of no space left for any storage at all - for this reason design thinking developed to corner toilets, corner cupboards and above toilet storage cupboards.

The more decluttering that you can do with all your bathroom goodies the better the ambience will be in your small room design.

Here are a few ideas for small bathroom decorating...

Small Bathroom Colors

While large bathrooms can carry a darker color as a contrasting wall to other lighter tones, small bathrooms are best kept light and bright.

One of the best tricks in small bathroom designs is to totally cover the wall behind the sink with a mirror - or as an option to this, in clear reflecting mirrow tiles. It magically doubles the size of the room as well as reflecting light around the room and instantly removes any feelings of claustaphobia sometimes brought on by small spaces.

Regarding color... it may sound overly boring but a light cream or 'shade of white' paints which are white paints which have a slight hint of a color tone, are usually the best to lighten small spaces but I would still use a contrasting color for one wall, only instead of using a darker tone - for small bathroom colors I would use a brighter color of almost iridescent, gleaming, luminous tones.

Here are a few examples of small bathroom colors for your walls:-

examples of small bathroom colors for light and bright small rooms

I seem to be somehow limited only to certain colors that I can use on the Web, but this graphic showing possible small bathroom colors could help give you ideas

- If you use the contrasting color on the wall opposite to the mirror and a light tone on the other two opposite walls, you will create the feeling of a long thin space, however if you paint the contrasting color on an adjescent wall it should help give the illusion of a more square shaped room.

  • I prefer to use bright colors in small bathrooms, together with mirrors and plenty of light because these small rooms often suffer from lack of light or even no natural light at all with no window and only an extraction fan connecting the space with the outdoors.

  • I prefer to use bright warm colors on contrasting walls on on accessories because bathrooms should always feel warm and welcoming.

Small Bathroom Accessories

Another option would be to stick with a warm but pale color on all four walls and rely on your small bathroom accessories to add color, brightness and character to your bathroom.

bright accessories give small bathroom color

One advantage of this is that you can change the look and feel of your bathroom everytime that you put in fresh towels and change the accessories to match, from bright solid colors to themes like animal prints and candy stripe colors.

Of course small bathroom accessories can also enhance and be coordinated with the theme of your small bathroom colors

Mar, I do hope that this article helps to shed some light on your small bathroom design options.

Best building wishes for your bathroom remodeling project.

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