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Special care and yearly Roof Repair checks should always be given to the roof and guttering of your home. If you are doing a loft conversion this is an excellent time to have any necessary work done on your roof and guttering before your loft windows go in.

If you already have an attic conversion with dormer or velux windows you will be able to have a birds eye view of exactly what is happening with the tiles on your roof and after any storm you will be able to determine if you need help without delay.

Even if you are not planning a loft conversion, it's always best to maintain and repair to make sure that you have a sound roof you have over your head and ensure that your home maintains and even improves in value.

Make sure that you employ an experienced roofing contractor who is fully licensed and has current insurance papers for himself and anyone else working on your home.

Your roofing contractor will help you with permits if required - for a complete roof overhaul or just minor roof repair - often roof tiles have to be of a certain style, size and color to match not only your home but the general material used in the area where you live.

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Living in the USA

The National Roofing Contractors Association was establised way back in 1886! - this is the quickest and easiest way to make sure you get in touch with a qualified and licensed professional to complete your roofing and roof-repair needs.

Here is the link to The National Roofing Contractors Association, when you get there just click on "Consumer" - the orange button and get all the help and information you need to search their member directory.

You can search for a roofing contractor by ZIP code and by different types of roof system to make sure you get the right roof repair to match your home.

This site is just brilliant - you can also get tips to help you find the right professional and all the information you will need about roof system maintenance.

Living in the UK

There is also a great source for UK homeowners who are looking for a roofing contractor and roof repair information. The National Federation of Roofing Contractors is the UK's leading trade association for the roofing industry and has a "Find a Contractor" Button as well as information about Products and Materials and the latest news.

Your Local Building Office

You can also consult your local building regulations office and your roofing contractor regarding materials for your roof repair, about a decade ago it was popular to use cement roofing tiles as replacements, in many homes these have proved too heavy a load for the structure of some attics causing ridge beams to drastically dip inwards - and they have had to be replaced.

Your roofing contractor will be able to present you with a certificate of the home repair improvement roof repair work done, this will help you to validate an increase in your properties value. Your permit and builders certificate should be kept safe and will be requested if you decide to sell your home.

Roofing Contractor Magazine

When you look into roofing you begin to realise that there is a lot to this important industry - a great way to get the latest information is with the Roofing Contractor Magazine which is available here at Roofing Contractor - when I last looked this was a free issue so take a look and discover all you need to know about roofing for yourself.

using excess roof tiles

If you are looking for a use for left over roofing tiles after you have completed your roof repair project - why not make yourself an original tile bodega in the basement of celler of your home, roof tiles are a perfect size to cradle a bottle of wine and excellent material to help keep it cool.

Financing Roof Repair

Once you have received around 4 - 6 different quotations and decided on the best licensed qualified roofing contractor that is right for you - you will be able to organise your home improvement financing.

There are different ways that you could finance some of the bigger home repair improvement works - like extensive roof repair, the most common form is to take advantage of the equity that you have built up in your home.

Our prefered method is to use a home equity line of credit which fits in prefectly with making staggered payments to contractors based on completion of different stages of work.

Get more information on this and other types of home improvement financing here at Home Improvement Financing Options

Home Repair Improvements like Roof Repair have the wonderful triple effect of improving your home, the quality of your home life and improve the value of your home.

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