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Proper Plumbing Repair is not only important from the safety aspect for your family and home in situations of flooding.

When you think of a plumber often the first thing that comes to mind are problems with water outlets from your home and granted the idea of waste water backing up does get your attention...

but correct plumbing and plumbing repair is also about your health and clean water coming into your home - this is one aspect of daily life many take for granted until the water starts to turn brown, or if your tap water is drinkable - it may start to taste tinny!

Other strange problems you may encounter include going into a new home and finding someone else's wierd and wonderful D.I.Y. plumbing job...

You may not have realised mistakes or something missing when you bought the house and you probably wouldn't until you had a problem - until you have to shut off the water.

I have seen water pipes fitted in a home WITHOUT a shut off valves - not under the sink - not anywhere in the bathroom!!, yes it happens.

So in this case if you needed to change the toilet or just replace the gasket you will have to switch off the water for the whole house.

pluming off switches

Why not take a look under all the sinks in your home and see if you can spot the switch, it's always good to know where they are.

That's just one little example and the best reason why - if your home requires plumbing or plumbing repair...

- to call in the professionals - again contact your local building office to see in they have a list of licensed plumbing experts.

If you live in the USA

The is the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association and should have all the information you will need to help you find a qualified member near you. These good folks are dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the industry and they provide a lot of information to assist you.

If you live in the UK

The Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors is a fantastic resource and the leading association for the plumbing and heating industry in both England and Wales.

Straight away you will notice - on this easy to navigate site - the "Find a Plumber" button in the left column so that you can go ahead and find the professional plumber you need. This site also has much more to offer with industry news.

Check your Plumbing

If you never have - is wise to have the plumbing checked - at least to know what the situation is at your home - and find out

  • what materials have been used
  • if the system is old - are the materials used still considered safe to carry water to your home
  • what is their overall condition
  • how corrosive are they
  • what is the expected lifespan

The object of this exercise is so that you know what is going on in your home and are able to prepare yourself financially for possible future costs.

If you are advised to rip everything out and start again, ask the opinion of another independent licensed and qualified plumber before you rush into anything.

If your system is old and needs replacing it may be because your home is still served by lead piping, lead can't be welded to modern day copper - this is the major reason for replacing a full system.

Please keep in mind that Water damage can ruin your home and all it's contents.



If you are considering substantial plumbing repair in your home your first step is to find the right contractor as explained above and also to ask family and friends if they have had a good experience with a qualified licensed plumbing repair professional.

Once you have decided on a short list of plumbing repair contractors and received written estimates, you will be able to organise home improvement financing based on the quotations you have received.

There are different ways that you could finance some of the bigger home repair improvement works like major plumbing repair, the most common form is to take advantage of the equity that you have built up in your home.

Our prefered method is to use a home equity line of credit which fits in prefectly with making payments to contractors based on completion of different stages of work. Get more information on this and other types of home improvement financing here at Home Improvement Financing Options

Home Repair Improvement has the wonderful triple effect of improving your home, the quality of your home life and improve the value of your home.

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