Plans for Building a Pergola

Do you have Plans for Building a Pergola this summer. One of the main reasons that this dream garden construction project doesn't get off the ground or completed is because of the lack of proper plans and a materials list.

This project is so much easier with a nice clear and precise pergola materials list to take down to your local hardware or Lowe or Home Depot store - to make sure that you get all you need to get started - and finish this home improvement project.

Graphic of plans for building a pergola

If you are not experienced with do it yourself projects, it is often the case that it is a hundred times easier to talk over and plan a project - but can be a little scary to actually get started and do it - to buy the materials and commit yourself to doing the job.

With a nice stack of pressure treated timber sitting outside your house and all the hardware you will need - you are much more likely to start checking your measurements and preparing the area and then actually digging your pergola post holes - than the easier option of letting yet another weekend slip by... am I right?.

Plans for Building a Pergola - Pergola Building Options

Now if you are still sitting on the fence about whether you should do this project yourself then consider all 3 of the pergola building options that are open to you:

  • The DIY Pergola with pergola plans, materials list and step by step instructions.
  • The local handyman who may cut corners and order an expensive pergola kit! (which you have to pay for of course)
  • And finally the contractor who will charge you for the materials, for the labour and a bit more besides

The choice is yours to decide to use your plans for building a pergola as a DIY project or prefer to hand it over to someone else

Plans for Building a Pergola - Pergola Building Materials List

graphic of pergola materials list

Everyone wants the list...

- whether it is for building directly onto a concrete slab, over rough ground or onto decking...

- people are looking for a pergola materials list for every size of pergola you can imagine.

Here are a few examples of questions:-

  • I would like a materials list for an 8 x 8 pergola
  • I am looking for a materials list for the 10 x 10 pergola design
  • Is it possible to get a materials list for a 12 x 16 pergola plan?
  • I want to go big! do you know what I will need to build a 16 x 16 pergola?
  • Do you have plans and a list of the materials I will need to build a pergola?
  • Can you provide me with instructions and a materials list for a 12 x 12 pergola?
  • What type of lumber should I use for my 8 x 10 pergola and how much will I need?
  • I would like a pergola materials list for a 10 x 14 pergola plan
  • I need simple DIY instructions and plans to help me build my pergola
  • I am looking for plans for building a pergola

Plans for Building a Pergola - Step by Step Instructions

It's all very well to read about the best ways to tackle the first steps in your plans for building a pergola - but what if you could have on site step by step instructions for this build - from start to finish - now these are just great for your own use and even your experienced local handyman or carpenter will really appreciate them too .

Here on this web site of we do provide lots of information for you on both deck and pergola construction - and yet I do understand the need to have complete and concise instructions on paper in your hands as you are measuring your back yard for your own outdoor building project.

I have been asked many times to write and produce a Pergola building e-book that my visitors can download, print out and study at their leisure... but unfortunately my pergola construction book is still in the planning stages.

graphic depicting pergola building instructions

    On a final note:- as always, please remember to check all your plans and ideas with your local building office and make sure that all your home improvement, home remodeling and home building is up to code and as 'green building' as possible.

    So, are you ready... time to transform your home and the way you use it and increase your living space with this wonderful outdoor construction. Put your Plans for Building a Pergola into action this summer with this great home improvement and financing project.

    Best Building wishes


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