Pergola Kit Review

This Pergola Kit Review clearly outlines the wide variety of both design and material options available to you when you choose the right construction for your home and for your garden.

Your first step in Pergola Kit construction is to find out if there are any building restrictions for your type of home and area. 

If there are any height restrictions for such garden structures, if there are restrictions regarding building an attached or freestanding pergola, building within a certain distance of the perimeter of your property or if there are preferred methods of securing pergola posts in your area.

If there are any restrictions, these will actually help you narrow down your search and choose the right pergola kit for your home.

Your second step, if you are going to dig post-holes - is to find out where all the underground services run into and out from your home - the last thing you want to do is create a big problem from what should be a really easy and effective build.

You now know what type of pergola structure you can build and where you can safely build it. 

Our pergola kit review shows a wide variety of choices, materials and design styles available to you will probably come as quite a pleasant surprise.

As well as the different qualities and tones of wood to choose from, some of the models in our Pergola Kit Review provide an interesting mix of wood and aluminium pergola kits, as well as the maintenance free vinyl pergola kit.

We have reviewed the design options, onsite information and pergola kit quality, components and instructions wherever possible - of five of the top providers in the USA and in the U.K., which include Backyard America, Garden, Forest Garden, Baldwin Pergolas and Q-garden's Quality Pergola.

Pergola Kit Review - Backyard America Pergola Kits

If you are looking for a Vinyl Pergola Kit we don't think that you are going to be disappointed with the two kit options available from Backyard America - but wait, they also provide an impressive Western Red Cedar pergola kit design as well.

The vinyl pergolas come in white and the advantages of buying one of these kits is that you won't have to paint these elegant structures and being made of vinyl, they will not rot.

If you visit this site you will see the "Dogwood" and the "Potomac" kits.

We include both in our pergola kit review because they offer very different finished looks. Both of these designs are available in a great choice of sizes for both structure depth and width. What is really nice about this web site is all the onsite information that they provide to help you decide and to help you build.

The Potomac

What really stands out about this design are the impressive 8" round vinyl columns which are used as supporting posts for this pergola.

You can buy the rafters and beams separately from the stringers and posts so you get the option to mix materials - if you wanted to use your own posts.

The flexibility in the way that you can buy the components means that you can plan for a two or three column attached pergola or a standard four column freestanding to virtually as bit or as wide as you want to construct.

All in all this kit provides a very unique and elegant looking pergola.

The Dogwood

The main difference in this design is that is uses square posts instead of columns, but instead of providing the usual 4 x 4 posts, these are great looking 5 x 5's

Again you can choose from attached or freestanding kits which come complete with rafters, beams, stringers and posts. The dogwood comes in a wide variety of sizes making it easy to find one to suite your home.

There is a pergola picture of this design built as an attached structure over a hot tub and including a privacy wall on one side - this alone will give you many ideas for your own home.

Cedar Pergola Kit

If you are looking for a really authentic looking cedar wood pergola kit, you are going to like this impressive garden structure with it's 6 x 6 posts.

Four sizes are available for you to choose from and all are made of Western Red Cedar. Here at we leave no doubt that this the best outdoor timber you can buy.

Everything is pre-cut and precision pre-drilled ready for you and all of the required hardware is included.

This is a full pergola DIY kit with all of the instructions as well as lots of on-site information available to you.

Pergola Kit Review - Garden Structure Kits

If your garden would look better with a lighter looking pergola, then you may find that the "Modern Pergola Kit" with it's sleek lined individual looking western red cedar pergola design is the right choice for your home.

All the parts are pre-cut and the width of this structure is said to be easily adapted to larger sizes.

When we did out Pergola Kit Review we found that the on-site information was a bit sparse but they also have a long list of over 20 different designs of DIY Pergola Plans for which they also offer free support.

Pergola Kit Review - Forest Garden Kits

As you can see from this part of our Pergola Kit Review - Forest Garden provide three very different pergola designs which they have named the Regatta, the Ultima and the Radial. They also provide a technical helpline from Monday to Friday as well as on-site contact information.

The Regatta Pergola Kit

If you live in a more modern environment or are looking for a pergola kit with a millennium look and beyond... you will be impressed by the effect given by the mix of wood and aluminium of this design.

The rounded aluminion posts support a quality timber upper construction of beams, rafters and stringers.

These posts can be imbeded in cement footing but these folks can also provide you with specially designed base plates so that you can secure the posts directly onto a cement surface.

The Ultima

This is a quality timber all wood pergola with lighter timber cuts for a less heavy design, this pre-cut kit of uprights, rafters and curved braces provide really nice clean lines that would be perfect in smaller gardens where a heavier looking pergola would overpower the surroundings.

The kit comes with all the fixings - screws and brackets - and instructions for easy assembly - in fact the instructions state that - as a 2 person project - construction of this kit should take only about half a day - giving plenty of time to be able to enjoy this pergola the same evening.

Two page detailed assembly instructions can actually be downloaded from the site and it's easy to see that the U-brackets go a long way to making life easy when it comes to putting all the components together.

The Radial Pergola

It's not easy to find a quarter circle pergola kit so we were very pleased to discover this design for out pergola kit review.

This pergola is perfect as a structure attached to your home or placed freestanding in a sunny corner of your garden.

The Radial includes well designed curved crossbeams and the components are made of pressure treaded and planed timber.

Pergola Kit review - Baldwin Pergola Kits

A visit to this site shows you a range of their standard designs or you can also order custom pergola kits sizes to fit your available space.

The standard pergola kits offered by Baldwin shout out QUALITY, not only for the quality Western Red Cedar timber that they use, or that it is precision cut, but also for the attention to detail of their designs.

Easy assembly is stated as being a priority for these folks and they provide accurately cut timber and stainless steel non rust fasteners for a speedy construction.

  • Baldwin Pergolas are well known for the "Garden Room Design" which is spectacular, this design is available in kit form as an attached or freestanding structure.
  • Not as well known but totally unique is the "Star Gazer Design", this is similar in outer construction the the garden room pergola except that the roof timbers form around a center hole giving you clear night sky views.
  • The Roman Pergola design stands proudly on it's thick white columns which support Western Red Cedar beams and rafters.
  • The Pathway is a pergola with a difference, this design will look great as an impressive entrance to your home or as a freestanding structure out in your garden where the soft arched rafters provide a very elegant walk through pergola.
  • The Post & Beam Pergola was not what I expected when I went to review this design, I was expecting something more basic but this pergola is truely stunning. This is a white pergola with such unique detailing that it will be an elegant addition to any home and garden.

They are not very strong on giving dimensions on the site but there is a handy contact form were you can get all your questions answered.

Pergola Kit Review - Q-garden's Quality Pergola

These folks provide pergola kits in the southeast of the U.K. only, we have included them in our pergola kit review because of their quality kits and also because of the indepth pergola construction information they provide for you on their web site.

They work with pressure treated timber which is then pre-notched and planed. These kits usually come with everything that you need to complete your pergola, including all the hardware and full instructions.

You will also find a good variety of pergola kit sizes from the standard 4 post all the up to the massive 10 post design.

They are one of the few web sites that actually give advice on preparing your garden before the gazebo arrived as well as other handy pergola kit construction tips.

Pergola Kit Review Summary

Pergola kits that you buy from a dedicated supplier are usually of a totally different level of quality, finish and detailing than those that you can find in your local super store.

Our pergola kit review has honed in on the best quality kits which in addition provide the most unique variety of designs available in pergola kit form.

It's as well to keep in mind what people say about pergola kits... 2 people working on a pergola construction are safer and quicker than one, so gather your volunteers around you as the delivery truck arrives.

We hope that you enjoyed our Pergola Kit Review as much as we enjoyed researching it.

All the best with your build

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