Painting Laminate Cabinets

by Linda McGourty
(Kitimat, B.C. Canada)

Dull and flat - the paint, not me

Painting Laminate Cabinets, is this the project you are facing - the following letter was written by Linda from Canada who had an enlightening experience using an option to melamine and also offers us great tips on fixing sagging cabinet doors.

This is such an inspiring story, remember where I wrote the section on melamine paint 'what if it doesnt work for you?' - well Linda's experience provides us with an option that worked very well for her and may well be the right solution to painting your own kitchen laminate cabinets.

"I recently painted my laminate cabinets with melamine paint. I hated the way they looked. It looked more like a dull flat primer coat.

Although it stuck well, it started drying even before I finished a door. Also its hard to see any runs ect.. until it's too late.

If you go over an area too much trying to repair it, the new paint starts pulling off the previous strokes of paint. I'm redoing them again.

Instead - Use a high stick primer such as Zinsser Bullseye123 primer. In a high gloss finish, and a Sitco floor paint in an Alklyd Epoxy, again in a high gloss finish. A much better result.

Sagging Cabinet Doors

One problem I did run into was that the old cabs sag a little.

If you drill your hardware holes first, they may be out of line when you rehang the cabinets.

No matter how hard you try to adjust the hinges ect.. I solved this problem by marking and drilling all the holes before painting and NOT removing the cabinets to paint.

You may have to paint a little more carefully, but its well worth it to see your drill holes all line up.

The first time I had to fill all the holes with wood filler, sand and start over.

It's been a horrendous job, but what a difference.

A new glass backsplash and my dated kitchen looks fab."

I am sure that I am not alone in wishing for a photo if you have one handy Linda, would be perfect if you had a before and after to really show off all your hard work.

If Linda has photos to add or anyone else has a painting kitchen cabinet story to tell, this link will take you to where you can write it, send it in... Home Improvement Painting and Have Your Say...

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