My Grant remodelled Roof Leaks

by Peggy Warren
(Enterprise, Alabama USA)

I Dont Know What To Do

Hello, My name is Peggy Warren and I purchased a house with my my husband many, many years ago. We've raised several children and grandchildren in this home.

Since my husband past, the only way that I am making it is from the love of my children and grandchildren. I live in this 6 bedroom house that needs major repair.

I'm on a fixed income and I just make enough money to survive each month due to doctor visits, utility bills, and medical insurance.

About 4 years ago, I was given a grant to fix my roof due to leaking throughout the house. The people that gave the grant found this person that would fix my roof for the amount of money that I recieved from this grant.

Since this company re-modeled my roof, it has been leaking in spots that it has never leaked before and even worse. I have called this person day after day but he continued to tell me that he will send someone out to solve this matter.

He has made some attempts but the leaking will not stop. After calling this guy so much, his last responce was that he will pay me 800 dollars because he dont know what to do about the situation.

I've contacted a lawyer but no one seems to tell me whats going on, so I give up on trying because I'm in my 70's and life is too short.

The rain has caused my roof to start caving in, my floors are becoming rotten, and there is a terrible smell throughout my house from the rain hitting the carpet.

My health is in terrible condition where I have heart problems, bad asthma, and I am a recovering cancer patient.

I am so ashamed of my home that if someone comes to visit me, we will sit on

my porch because of the embarrasment of my home. I need help.

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Dear Visitors, if you have a similar experience or solutions that may help Peggy please do write in with your story and your suggestions...

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Obviously it would be better for Peggys health and to ease her stress if she could resolve this situation as quickly as possible - at the least making the shell, the envelope of her home waterproof and ridding the interior of damp and mold problems that must be building up.

Its true that life is short and that is why sometimes when your health and peace of mind are involved its necessary to act. This problem is not going to go away and will only get bigger. This is a problem for the whole family to help resolve.

Finding the right solution for you is what is important and ideas that pop out at me are:-

  • going back to the people that gave the grant and found the builder for you in the first place - a builder who couldnt complete this project! - that's just not right is it - was the contractor qualified, was the work certified.

  • it's never easy to leave a long standing family home - but is this project too big for you to be able to resolve on your own? - it may be worth considering selling up and moving to a smaller place that is in great condition, a home that will be easier to live and will meet your changing needs in the future

If you are close to your family this could be the time to really come together and to help you decide.

I hope through your letter on this page that visitors will have some inspiring ideas for you...

best building wishes to you Peggy

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