Melamine Paint Colors

We are taking a look at Melamine Paint Colors to help give the kitchen cabinets and bathroom cupboards an up-to-date fresh look as part of a home improvement and financing project.

Before you manage to get out to your hardware store to pick up your melamine paint (or ship it in if you can't find any locally) here are some examples and tips to help you decide on color themes for your melamine kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Melamine paints for domestic are used largely in kitchens and bathrooms where there are melamine clad cabinets and cupboards. Because these are smooth, slick, often glossy surfaces, a special paint is required that will adhere better.

Melamine paint colors are usually available in pastel colors or kitchen colors for a number of reasons...

melamine colors picture

Choosing Melamine Paint Colors

The rules for successful color makeovers in busy areas of your home also apply when choosing melamine paint colors.

It is still important to make as much use of light and natural light as possible and one of the best ways that this can be achieved - irrelevant of having darker paint on the walls or not - is to paint kitchen cabinets in a light tone but more importantly - with a gloss paint which will certainly help reflect light around the room.

White and cream or shades of white have long been popular because they help you create a light and bright kitchen or bathroom. It is much easier to add character and stronger colors by adding accessories.

I have a friend who has cream cabinets and a small countertop microwave that is buttercup yellow in color - so she has included hand towels, oven gloves and other accessory items that she found in the same warm yellow - it is individual but it's not overpowering because of the light tone on her walls and the high gloss cream painted cabinets which also help keep the room bright.

A warm cream tone goes very well with dark green accessories or, deep orange, burgundy or even navy blue - or the more traditional brown and cream tone mix.

Often the melamine paint colors that you will find at your hardware store will be shades of white, as in warm pink white or a cream shade or the cooler blue white and green white tones.

Examples of Melamine Paint Colors

I have included the following melamine paint pictures so that you can see more examples of the range that should be available to you as you design your kitchen cabinet makeover.

melamine paint colors on a melamine surface

Here are a few examples of my own - where I have changed the color of a melamine clad cabinet which has a light rig surface which helps to show off the colors and light whatever time of day it may be.

Melamine Paint Colors available will always follow the trends of the customer. If you want to paint with stronger shades you will have to search a little more - but they are out there.

I have seen a trendy kitchen which was mainly white with accents on black - all of the kitchen cabinets were painted white except for two which were together on one wall and painted black high gloss, this idea is rather like painting an accent wall a darker color than the rest of the room

An important point to consider when choosing your melamine paint shade is the aim to maintain and improve the value of your home with every home improvement investment you make - this may mean that you should try to keep in mind which tones suit your home and not just your quirky preferences - having said that - here are a few quirky ideas of my own.

darker melamine paint color options

The beauty of lighter colors or shades of white is that they are easier to live with over a longer period of time.

You may opt for darker melamine paint now - but do you really want to have to apply melamine paint again anytime in the near future if you find that the darker color has made your kitchen look and feel dark.

Dark kitchens often mean that you have to use strong lighting all day, every day which isnt going to be very friendly on your electricity bill.

It can be fun to find the perfect color for your home and it can be made easy if you base the soft tones on a favorite kitchen or bathroom accessory...

- but all the same, it can also be quite a relief to have finally choosen the Melamine Paint Colors for your home.

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