Log Home Financing

Why the rising popularity of log homes and log cabins has meant reviews of Log Home Financing to meet demands, in line with the high quality log homes, log cabins and wooden lodges now available.

In years gone by, log home enthusiasts mainly consisted of people building small cozy cabins as a "country get away" or as a holiday cottage or for those fishing weekends.

As an alternative, often cabins were erected in gardens outside homes if extra space was required for an office or a workshop.

These are ALL STILL very valid reasons for building and owning a log home and these relatively smaller cabins, built as additional accomodation, were and are, often financed from personal savings, personal loans or by using existing equity in ones main home.

In more recent years however, the log home proposition has developed and grown beyond its original size and use and has taken on totally different proportions.

You can still buy plans for the studio - 2 bedroom log home cabins but the type of log home gaining renown is the 4 - 8 bedroom, one to three storey family home or even mansion sized log home dwellings.

Of course building a log home of such proportions as your main family home will normally require a mortgage like any other home purchase.

You can reduce costs on log home financing by doing a lot of preparation work yourself like foundation and cementation before your construction company arrives with the timber. Once the walls are up above ground level you could lay the underfloor heating, etc.

Securing a mortgage as log home financing for a family sized purpose build log home is now much easier as log home plans are continually being perfected to pass local building planning and fire and safety regulations.

You may however be faced with other rules regarding instalations, depending on the safety regulations particular to your area, for example you may have to install an electric cooker instead of gas.

As time is often costly when building whichever type of property, the log home comes up trumps by the sheer speed of which they can be contructed in comparison with conventional homes.

Another advantage may be the relative ease in which a log home can be expanded over time.

Beautiful family sized Log Homes once typical of the Colorado area can now be found all over the USA and have already gained popularity throughout Europe, this is not only because of the esthetic beauty of a log home and the relative speed of the build, but also because you can get more house for your dollar or euro, log homes can make very good financial sense.

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