Loft Bed Plan

This is the ultimate loft bed plan - and the series of articles in this section cover every aspect of this easy to make construction.

This how to build a loft bed information is so good that you could even make a business out of making these quality beds for other people.

Our loft bed information is covered over six different articles because we have used quite a number of useful photographs and illustrations to help us explain this build.

We have however limited graphics to 4 - 5 per page so as not to overtly slow down the internet connections, in delivering this information to you.

  • You will find step-by-step color photos on How to Build a Loft Bed together with detailed instructions, and...

  • we have also prepared articles with detailed illustrations showing careful measurements of an existing bed made from this loft bed plan that has been in use for over 15 years and is still as strong, sturdy and comfortable today.

The perfect free loft bed plan is one that is easy to understand and easy to make and is so esthetically pleasing that it compliments your home.

Just follow our loft bed plan schedule (towards the end or this article) to help you complete this project in minimum time...

loft bed plan completed

It's a BIG BED! - the overall measurements of this loft bed plan are 1.80m (5ft 78 inches) wide x 1.84m (6 foot 1/2 inch) long.

As you will see - this is a very generous size in comparison with standard beds - which gives you a very comfortable bed - however, the good news is...

This loft bed plan can be adapted by changing the length of the four sides of the frame (with careful measurements) to fit any mattress that you know will comfortably fit into your loft space. So if the mattress fits - this plan will help you make a frame for it.

A loft bed should be portable so that you can transport the pieces through awkward spaces and you should be able to assemble the pieces literally in minutes to give you a very good and stable full size loft bed of a quality that would make it suitable for ANY bedroom in your home.

Loft Bed Mattresses

This loft bed plan has been especially made so that two seperate mattresses measuring 90 x 184 - fit snugly into the frame side by side.

full size loft bed picture

There are three main advantages of using two single mattresses:

  • first of all the smaller mattress size is much easier to move up the stairs and into your loft space.

  • and the second advantage is that two people don't end up rolled into the middle of the bed - if one person turns over the movement won't wake up the other!.

  • Using this loft bed plan with two single mattresses side by size gives you an overall 1 meter 80 cms width of bed - a great extra - full size loft bed!.

The Loft Bed Frame

We have used pine for this loft bed frame, this light colored wood is solid but not too heavy to be used as a loft bed.

Pine is also the easiest wood to obtain and the easiest to work on - to round off the outer edges to make the bed frame user friendly and to cut and shape pieces for a nice firm neat fit.

Of course pine is also an easy wood to paint as it really absorbs paint or wood varnish well - so you could paint this bed white or use a semi-transparent cream so that you can still see the wood grain.

It's easy to transform this loft bed plan to suit the decor of your home.

how to build a loft bed

Here you can see the top and bottom ends with legs and the two side pieces that make up the under loft bed frame.

The top and bottom end pieces have connecting hardware at both ends that receive the metal hooks of the hardware that is screwed into the ends of the side pieces.

The sides of the frame have an additional piece of wood screwed onto the inside side - this piece of wood is what the bed boards actually rest on and are tacked down onto to stop them moving.

The Hardware

This hardware is strong and will give you a firm connection. One piece simply slots into the other at each corner - which means that the whole frame can be assembled in just a couple of minutes.

Take a look at How to Build a Loft Bed for close up photos of the bed hardware used.

And you can go ahead and choose your own bed frame hardware with the help of our article on Bed Rail Fastener Options

The Center Beam

A center beam is important as it is used to help support the bed boards and to brace the frame of the loft bed plan.

This is a straight forward basic 8 x 4 piece of lumber that is 1 meter 84 cms long ( the same length as the side pieces of the fame) - the ends have been shaped so that they slot neatly into the center beam support at each end - which you can see in the middle of each end piece of the frame.

As this support is totally hidden - you can also use the center bed rail support hardware instead of cutting out your own wooden center beam support.

loft bed plan frame

The center beam is perfectly level with the wood battons that are screwed to the inside of the side pieces of the frame - this means that the bed boards rest on both battens on either side and the beam in the middle - this makes for a NON creaky - really comfortable loft bed.

The Bed Boards

The end bed boards have been cut out to allow for the legs - which is this loft bed plan - are slightly higher than the center beam and side battens. We have also made a 2cm x 2 cm cut on the corner of these boards so allow for the hardware.

So, there are two specially prepared end boards to fit over the legs and hardware and the other 8 central bed boards are simple pieces that are evenly spaced and then tacked down at each end onto the batten - just so that they don't move in the night.

Your Loft Bed Plan Schedule

  • First - take a look at our illustrations to see if the size of our plan will fit your mattresses or if you need to take a few minutes to adapt it.
Detailed illustrations of our FREE Loft Bed Plan

Are you ready to take a closer look at the measurements! - believe me it's quick and easy to make - it's all laid out for you here at FREE Loft Bed Plan with all the measurements that make up the ultimate loft bed plan.

  • Second - cut the wood to size or get your local lumber yard to prepare the wood for you as per your own specifications. - ask them to round off what will be the outer corners for you...
Photographs and Descriptions and the size of every piece of wood used to make this Full Size Loft Bed - including preparing the wood, placing the battens, legs and beam support.

  • Third - make sure that you use only quality bed hardware for your loft bed construction - have a look at our article reviewing readily available bed frame hardware at Bed Rail Fasteners

- attach the bed rail fastener hardware...

  • and Lastly - take the pieces up into the loft and Assemble your own very special - Full Loft Bed - easily putting the loft bed plan pieces together.


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