Laminate Floor Options

What you need to know about Material Types

There is more to choosing Laminate Floor Options than finding the right wood grain tone...

its also important to take into consideration the very different material options available to you.

This is a laminate floor review of the different types, which all have a very different look, feel and price.

You can have the look and feel of just about any type of hardwood flooring with these much less expensive tongue and groove planks which are especially designed for fast and easy installation.

For example Hiedemann Flooring have high quality AC3 and AC4 rated laminate flooring at incredible prices. You won't believe the difference until you get a piece in your hands, it's the only way to really appreciate the quality of what you will get.

You can choose from the different ranges but we just love the wide plank flooring - with the "Frontier Oak", the "Western Red Oak" and the "Tigerwood" surfaces - okay so we love oak, but the look and just as important... the 'feel' of this laminate flooring is amazing.

Choosing your Laminate Floor

When choosing a product it usually means that finding the tone of wood to suit your home comes at the top of the list of requirements, however...

It's important to remember that there are different types of product compositions and your choice will come down to considerations like...

  • budget
  • the area of the home where you want to lay your new flooring
  • how much moisture frequently builds up in that area
  • if it is a high or low traffic part of your home
  • if you have children
  • if you have pets
  • the age of your home
  • and even the interior style of your home.

When you take the time to clear out a room and move out the furniture to lay a new floor, you want this investment in your time and money to be a long term investment.

Go for quality at the right price, not all laminate flooring is of the same quality and not all plank locking systems are reliable - many sold in big stores are going to result in only short term surface investments.

Laminate Wood Floor

This is probably the best know of the new breed of surfaces.

It is actually made of thin layers of solid wood with an upper layer of wood veneer with an acrylic finish that makes it tough and durable.

A Laminate Wood Floor is made of thicker planks that the other laminate options - you should get the thickest planks that your budget allows for, choosing from 3 or 5 ply planks.

After years of use, most of these types can be refinished to bring them back to their former glory by lightly sanding them and refinishing the surface - always check the manufacturers recommendations of the product you buy.

Plastic Laminate Flooring

The plastic laminate flooring is not as well recognised as the wood option and is made into thinner planks composed of fiberboard with a photo image of the material of your choice as the upper layer.

The advantages of this means that there are so many different surface looks available - from the typical wood grains to the look of a stone surface or a wide variety of solid color.

The disadvantages may be that this thinner laminate doesn't have such a solid feel underfoot - and it is not a good choice for areas like the bathroom since it is prone to frequent moisture build up which adversely effects the upper patterned layer.

Parquet Flooring

Parquet is an older breed of laminate flooring which has been seen for many years in homes all over the world. Older parquet flooring was usually made of oak laid in squares made up of 5 strips of oak, more modern parquet flooring is available in larger squares made up of 7 strips of the wood of your choice.

Each square of parquet is traditionally laid in a different direction to the one next to it, creating a definite pattern of square wood parquet tiles.

Some people find this patterned floor covering to be too busy - especially for smaller rooms... however, this is an older look and old is back in mode.

Choosing your Laminate Floor

There is a huge list of different laminate finishes to give your floor makeover the upgraded look you want for your home.

Darker richer color tones will draw the eye to the floor as will busy patterns, while lighter tones of wood grain and simple long planks will make your room appear lighter and seem longer or wider depending on the direction of your installation.

All these types will have a problem if you have a burst pipe or other big water spill at your home. There are however some very important installation methods for laying laminate flooring in your kitchen or especially in your bathroom.

Your floor investment should be a long term investment so take your time in choosing not only the tone of finish but also the quality and type of Laminate Floor material that will be tough enough for the life you live.

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