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Mrs B from Kentucky writes:

" I have a bronze color Kitchen Vent Range Hood - purchased in the early 1970's, believe was in 1974. Still works great. ONLY PROBLEM IS - Where do I find the grease/air filter for it? Size is:1/2" thick, 11" wide x 22-3/4" long.

I checked at Home Depot and then was referred to Marcone Appliance Parts and they say they need to special order and need serial number of hood. I do not see a plate on the hood anywhere with a model or serial number. CAN YOU HELP??? ".

Dear Mrs B,

Thank you for writing into us here at

Your kitchen vent range hood comes from a time when vents were made and built to last, just the other day I had to replace something that was only a couple of years old and heard the comment that that particular article was probably only made to last a couple of years.

Granted, the only things that should need to be replaced on quality, well fitted kitchen range hoods are the filters and lighting elements.

Unfortunatly this seems to be an age when we are encouraged to keep buying and getting the latest model and even if your machine keeps on going, companies are obliged to keep parts for only a limited time.

Without a doubt kitchen vent hoods help keep grease and excess moisture out of the kitchen and the only really valid reason for replacing a stylish model that works well is when taking into account energy efficiency appliances - taking note of the new range of approve Energy Star Products.

Since receiving your message I have hunted down the oldest kitchen vent reange hood that I could find (not as old as yours by a long way and probably not in as good condition)- I opened it up in the normal way the owners did to replace light bulbs and found the product details and serial number information on an inside wall of the hood itself.

Here are a couple of pictures which I hope will help you find the information you need on your appliance.

kitchen vent range hood picture showing serial number

With the full appliance product name and reference numbers you should have a better chance at finding the replacement filter you need - and I would suggest you buy in bulk if you are lucky to find any at all.

Another option would be to take all the details and the sticky old kitchen vent range hood filter with you and see if you can find the same size under a different product brand name.

At this point I would like to invite other visitors to to write in with any suggestions they may have, or if they have had similar experiences and can offer a solution please write in by using our quick Contact Us form page.

Mrs B, when someone writes in I will add the information to this page - at the same time we really would appreciate hearing from you again on how you resolved your kitchen vent range hood filter problem.

All the best in finding the appropriate filter for your Kitchen Vent Range Hood and may it continue to filter your kitchen air for many more years to come.

Kind regards

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