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Kitchen Stove Oven Selection Tips

Choosing the right Kitchen Oven Range at the best price is one of the biggest challenges when purchasing for your kitchen remodeling project.

Although this article is not about remodeling for resale, but rather to update your property for investment and quality of home life - the comparison of what people are looking for when buying a home is vital when guaging the investment potential and value of your hown.

Many beautifully remodelled kitchens are let down by dated kitchen oven range facilities. Prospective home purchasers are always interested in whether certain quality equipment will 'stay' - but they are only willing to concede to including the cost in the value of the property if kitchen range cookers are top of the line.

Homeowners are spending upto 20% - 25% of the value of their homes on kitchen remodeling with the view to recouperating about 85% of this number one home improvement and financing investment.

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While the microwave convection ovens which are installed in wall units, are all the fashion - many homes still want the option of using both these and a quality floor standing kitchen oven range.

The kitchen oven range that you buy today has to stand up to the test of time in an ever developing market place - not only is the look important - and it's different cooking facilities - but also if it is an energy efficient model.

Kitchen Oven Range Sizes and Features

The scale of kitchen equipment you install should suit the size of your kitchen and the size of your home and most of all - the needs of your family.

Most models come in the typical white, more often in stainless steel and you can also find them in black or bisque and even combinations of stainless steel with accents in black - all to help you match your choice with your kitchen design.

Small apartments and bungalows may find enough benefit from the specially designed compact kitchen range with an exterior width of only 20" or 24" - these smaller sizes of stove oven still have four gas burners or electical heat elements but usually only the one oven.

Medium sized homes and kitchen layouts usually install the standard size square ovens - being 30" or 32" wide - this size of kitchen oven range has the usual four burners or elements on the surface but may also benefit from...

  • a double oven - in the 30" and 32" models this means one on top of the other
  • between 2 to 4 baking racks
  • a convection oven with precision cooking gained by equal heating throughout the oven.
  • broil facility with different heat positions
  • dual radiant baking and roasting systems
  • self cleaning ovens.
  • a high output boost burner on a gas kitchen oven range
  • a simmer burner on a gas kitchen stove
  • a warmer drawer.
  • an extra large window oven door
  • double or triple glass door for child safety
  • electric push button oven and cooktop controls
  • pre-programmable cooking

You will also want to pay close attention to the flexibility of the temperature range and interior capacity per cubic foot of the model that you choose for your home.

Larger homes need a bigger kitchen oven range and in large kitchen floor plans and country kitchens the wider models look fantastic with sizes from 26" wide and including the 40" wide models and even upto the extra wide 48" models.

This extra width means that as well as being able to find a kitchen oven range with all or most of the features listed above you can also have five or six burners or four burners and a heating plate on the surface.

It also means that because there is space for the double ovens to be placed side by side - they can both be more generous in interior cubic feet capacity - as well as including a warmer drawer.

Buying a Kitchen Oven Range

Buying a kitchen oven range is easier when you make a list or your requirements and match it to the space you have available and when you match your needs to your budget.

You will find stove ovens built for domestic use that vary in price from around $400.00 and up to as much as over $6,500,00 - so sticking to the right budget investment for your home is essential when you see all of the tempting options that are available.

Make sure that the great deal that you find also comes with a full and long term warranty to help you protect your kitchen remodeling investment with the perfect Kitchen Oven Range.

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