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Why Kitchens are coming off the walls!

following Kitchen Island Design Trends
that go way beyond a simple slide out butchers block.

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Thanks to the Kitchen Island, the modern kitchen has turned to face the family and friends in a way that enables working in this space to become the family social event, where you can now showcase and show off your culinary skills.

It's also safer - you no longer have to face the wall when cooking the family dinner, fighting for light when chopping onions on a counter top that is shadowed between you and the wall.

Have a look at our kitchen island design ideas to see if you can incorporate them into your new kitchen home improvement and financing plans.

Making Space for your Kitchen Island Design

Making space for the perfect makeover in your home usually means deciding what you really do and do not need in your kitchen - if you can move items out of your kitchen that you don't actually need for cooking - you are well on the way to realizing your island dream.

And what is making an island a viable proposition in many homes is the availability of a utility room, or the ability to create one - just off the kitchen meaning the the washer and dryer are out, and if we are lucky - also the freezer (as long as it's not as far away as the garage).

The rising popularity for another hot kitchen trend is the Walk In Pantry or large pantry cupboard - also just off the kitchen, the pantry is making a comeback, big time - and is reducing the need for an excessive amount of kitchen units in the kitchen itself.

The Shape of your Kitchen Island Design

The most regular shape available is the rectangle design, allowing chopping and cooking on one side and eating on the other. Custom kitchen islands means that you can have one made to whatever size and shape fits your kitchen and your families needs and lifestyle.

kitchen island design plan top and side view

Kitchen islands that are longer allow more space for the ceramic stove, the auxiliary sink and enough additional space for food preparation - as well as space for more diners on the other side.

The split level kitchen island gives a whole different perspective to kitchen remodeling and planning, usually the eating area is raised but you could raise the cooking area if you really are a dab hand (an expert) in the kitchen!

Plan of Kitchen Island from the Chef's side

Kitchen Island Design are build not only for upper level living but also to allow you to store all the items that you will need ready at hand when you are cooking... like your pots and pans, utensils, even spices, kitchen cloths as well as cutlery and crockery.

The Size of your Kitchen Island Design

Usually the most limiting factor in design is not so much the long length but the width. To be able to move around and work in your kitchen comfortably the edge of the island counter should be at least 40" away from any existing wall counters and cupboards.

Problems also occur when traditional square ceramic stoves are used as they take up a lot of the width of the unit - new ceramic designs are of four heating elements in a row instead of in a square.

Is there going to be enough space for your family - will your diners comfortably have space to pull out their stools or high chairs to sit down or move around.

Small Kitchen Island Design

small kitchen island plan

Kitchen islands are easier to install into kitchens with a generous sized floor space, but you can also plan for an island in smaller kitchens.

As you can see in the above small kitchen plan, both follow the "triangle" code of design by giving the cook free movement between the three main elements in the kitchen 1. the cooker, 2. the sink and 3. the fridge.

The green line shows free movement for other members of the family - to go to the fridge without crossing the cooker or sink area.

The Ceramic Stove Top

The first kitchen aid to move to the kitchen island was the ceramic stove top or hob, this was made possible by the seperation of marriage of the stove top and oven.

The typical shape of the ceramic hob is square as it was initially designed to fit the size of a floor standing oven, thankfully for anyone planning a complete kitchen makeover centered mainly around a kitchen island design - there are now many more ceramic stove shapes to choose from - meaning that we can adapt basic a design to suit the shape and size of our kitchens.

When the floor standing oven evolved into an independant appliance it was much easier to treat it like a microwave by intigrating it into the kitchen tower unit.

Kitchen Island Design Extractor Hood

Since the cooking elements have moved nearer to the middle of the kitchen - new designs for extractor or cooker hoods had to be developed to create designs that would help compliment the kitchen and not be an eyesore.

New home insulation measures mean that less natural air is flowing through our homes, and while we are saving on energy bills, this does mean that we cannot allow greasy cooking fumes and condensation to linger around in our kitchens, not only for our own health but also for the longevity of out kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances.

A stainless steel chimney and body with a curved glass hood has proved to be the most popular style and is an appealing focal point above your kitchen island design - kitchen extractor hoods are also widely available in black and white and also brushed steel matte.

The Kitchen Auxiliary Sink

The kitchen sink, or at least an auxiliary sink then became the second must needed kitchen aid appliance to be installed in a larger kitchen island design, not only required by the chef of the family, but also useful for the dining side of the kitchen island design.

Some kitchen designs have gone a step further by moving the main double kitchen sink to the kitchen island design, this may not be favoured if you plan your island as a kitchen entertainment zone which you don't want piled up with dirty dishes - also, you may not want to lose the traditional view from the kitchen window as you wash up - and quite rightly too!

Is a Kitchen Island Right for You!

Once you get away from the idea that all the kitchen furniture should be packed against the wall, the new designs for your kitchen start to take on new dimensions.

Every one say's, including us, that it is the 'hub of the home', so why are all the working areas facing the wall, why do these areas depend on artificial under unit lighting when you are often working away with a sharp kitchen knife and other utensils.

If the kitchen is the center of your home, why is the center of your kitchen empty floor space, why not turn it all around and make eating around your Kitchen Island Design a special event every day.

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