Kitchen Design Idea Books

Our Review of the The Best Kitchen Books

We have searched for and sourced the best Kitchen Design idea books full of fabulous decorating and remodeling ideas which we have reviewed especially for you.

By presenting you with the cream of the crop, we are hoping to save you both time and money.

With a few really good design books on your shelf you can speak kitchen design idea lingo with any contractor and find the perfect design for your kitchen from your own stock of the very best kitchen design idea books.

You may decide that you want to use a couple of design ideas from one book, and pick up more than a few tips from another, so, yes it is worthwhile getting fully informed - you are remodeling the hub of your home, kitchen remodeling is still the Nº.1 home improvement project to improve value and quality simply because it is the most important room in any house.

Come take a look at out kitchen design idea books selection, they will help you enjoy making your kitchen design ideas come true...


Great Kitchen's Design Ideas from America's Top Chefs
by Ellen Whitaker
Available in paperback, this book is full of ingeniously original ideas borne from the experiences of top chef's when they designed and built new kitchens for themselves. The have designed kitchens with unique style and function and clever ideas you won't find anywhere else.

The chef designers talk about their designs and the reasoning behind their choices, the mistakes they made and how they resolved them, take a look, the color photos show it all, a very interesting book.


Big Book of Kitchen Design Ideas (Schiffer Design Book)
by Tina Skinner
Available in Paperback, this kitchen design idea book is a HOT favourite, you will find over 300 big full color photos, and full information on Design, Planning, Cabinets, Shelves, Countertops, Appliances, Flooring, Lighting and as well as going through the possible different materials, photographs show you how the materials have been used in real kitchens.

This really is a mamouth encyclopedic resource for every kitchen design idea. We especially liked the design issues to suit those with special needs and the style varieties of contemporary, country, classic and retro are clearly shown.


The Smart New Approach to Kitchen Design
(New Smart Approach Series)

by Susan Maney
Also available in Paperback, this book is full of the latest kitchen design idea trends and products, expert advice and smart tips.

This book will help you plan spaces and storage, lighting, materials and appliances, fixtures and cabinets and of course your overall kitchen design style.

With descriptive ideas and over 260 color photographs, this book provides everything you need to decorate a stylish, practical and functional kitchen.


Kitchens that Work:
The Practical Guide to Creating a Great Kitchen.

by Martin Edic
This is a paperback kitchen design book with a difference, it also helps you to identify your own "kitchen lifestyle", with over 200 color pictures and 50 drawings, charts and checklists to help you.

This book really is a good step-by-step guide to designing and creating a great kitchen and covers things many other books don't, i.e. the standard measurements for kitchens and how to find and manage kitchen contractors.


Terence Conran Kitchens: The Hub of the Home
by Terence Conran
This hardcover kitchen design book is serious about helping you plan and design the best way to suit the hub of your home. It's good to see full and up-to-date information on materials, together with case studies and floor plans.

Full of photographs and descriptive text to help you blend style and function in creating your dream home.


Joan Kohn's It's Your Kitchen - Over 100 Inspirational Kitchens.
by Joan Kohn
Last on our list of 6, but certainly not least, is this hardcover kitchen design book with over 230 full color photos. This book deals with all types of kitchens and all sizes of kitchens together with full information, illustrations and advice.

Read about Design Essentials and design function, space, floor plans and style. These kitchens are by top designers and architects.


We know that it is difficult to choose from the above list of kitchen design idea books, we did tried to warn you... these really are 6 of the best books around...

If you have a favourite Kitchen Design Idea Book that is not included on our list, just drop us a line and let us know about it. We will review it and if we like it too, we will add it to our kitchen design idea books list.


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Wishing you all the greatest success
with your kitchen design ideas.

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