How to Build a Loft Bed

How to Build a Loft Bed - Secrets to Success!

The Secret to building a solid and versatile bed that would grace any bedroom in your home is the simplicity of the design and the hardware used to connect the main frame pieces together...

The is another secret and it is one that applies to any home improvement project and that is of course - Safety First - especially when using a saw and any machinery.

ALWAYS protect your eyes and hands and always read all machinery use instructions carefully before you start!...

So, Let's get on with how to build a loft bed... there are 4 main pieces that make up the loft bed frame - the two end pieces - top and bottom which are identical and...

- the two side pieces which are also identical in size and placement of hardware.

how to build a loft bed

These four pieces connect to each other at the four corners and are also braced by a central beam which helps support the bed boards mid span.

How to Build a Loft Bed - The Hardware

We use 8 pieces of hardware for our loft bed plan - thats only two different types, the 4 male and the 4 female brackets! one piece simply hooks into the slots of the other (the receiving piece).

The recieving pieces of hardware are simply screwed into the inner sides of the top and bottom of the frame. They have 4 slits down the side that the corresponding other 4 piece hook into.

It may be hard to explain but it is much easier when you see photos - and that is exactly what we have for you here.

Ultimately the secrets of how to build a loft bed lie in simple lines and easy connections.

How to Build a Loft Bed - Receiving Hardware

loft bed hardware

Quality Bed Hardware

It's not easy to find quality bed hardware - so we have written a review of the best readily available options here for you at Bed Rail Fastener Options


We bought our bed hardware set over 10 years ago when we made this strong and sturdy bed - this is the receiving end of the hardware that we used.

As you can see in the photo - the holes in the wood beside the hardware show that we did move it over once to make sure that we got a perfect fit.

By installing this piece exactly 5 cms in from the end of both sides of the top and bottom pieces of the bed - we were left with a slight - attractive overlap - the end pieces overlap the sides of the base.

You may be looking for an exact angle for the corner of your bed - in that case - if is just a matter of adjusting the placement of the recieving hardware.

How to Build a Loft Bed - Hooked Hardware

loft bed plan hardware

As you can see - the second type of loft bed hardware we used has four strong metal hooks.

We placed and screwed dow this hardware flush with the end of the wood because this wood will sit flush against the end wood pieces top and bottom.

As the other receiving hardware protrudes out slightly - when you put these two together - the fit is perfect not only for the wood but also for the hardware.

Measurements are important to get a neat fit - make sure that both the receiving and hooked hardware are levelly placed both horizontally and vertically on the wood.

How to Build a Loft Bed - Connecting the Hardware

loft bed plan construction

In this picture you can clearly see the neat inner construction connection of two of the pieces of lumber that are part of the loft bed frame.

The wood with the loft bed leg is the top of the bed or bottom of the bed piece that has the receiving hardware attached 5 cm from the end.

The wood that connects to it is one of the sides of the loft bed frame - it has the hardware placed right at the end - you can see that this wood lies flush against the other.

You can also see the over lap of the end piece - it is totally up to you if you include this or choose make a pure right angle of the joint - as long as both sides close in to form an area the perfect size to firmly hold the mattress or mattresses.

This hardware connection is of course the same in all four corners of this loft bed plan.

To get the full picture of how to build a loft bed - take a look at our other loft bed articles showing detailed illustrations and photos of the whole construction process...


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