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House Wiring can be a Shocking Business...

House Wiring for modern living - there is so much more that can now be connected and some great updated electrical home wiring methods that can speed up the work - but many homeowners and D.I.Y.'ers have found this to be a shocking business.

And quite rightly - it's really tricky if you don't really know what you are doing - house wiring means that you actually do have your life in your hands.

This important home repair improvement project shouldn't be delayed, electrical problems can put your home and your family at risk.

Sometimes due to the expense and misplaced wishful thinking means that important jobs like this are put off for another time, unfortunately faulty house wiring which is damaged and deteriated through age and use can have horrific consequences.

Thousands and thousands of home fires originate with the wiring every year, not always, but often because this vital home improvement repair wasn't done in time.

Re-wiring expertly installed by a qualified licensed professional electrician will come with a works insurance and a certificate of warranty for the work done.

This should lower your homes insurance premiums and be a hugh bonus if you are re-selling your home by improving its value and salebility.

Don't accept an "electrician" who knocks on your door looking for work, get in touch with your local building office who should be able to supply you with a list of licensed electicians for your area - if not contact a nationwide network who have carefully vetted qualified electricians on their list.

House Wiring in the USA

The NECA is the National Electrical Contractors Association, when you get to this great Web site look at the options in the left hand column and click on "Find a Contractor" - you will be amazed to find out that they have over 4,000 qualified electrical contractors - in all 50 states - and the find a contractor service is free.

There is a load more information here as well - including "codes and standards", education and training as well as vital safety information.

Also keep in mind that most states have their own electrical contractor associations and are also a great source for contractors, suppliers and lighting fixtures.

House Wiring in the UK

The Electrical Contractors Association has a ton of information for the UK homeowner. You can find ECA members, professional electical contractors - for the house wiring work you need done - also look out for other house wiring experts in their fire and smoke alarm section.

house wiring bits and pieces

Out with the Old and in with the New

If you have to go to the expense of re-wiring your home then don't forget to include wiring for surround sound and enough points in your home for broadband.

It is also an opportunity to include special home security measures - get all the electrical points you need for smoke and fire alarms that don't need batteries, window and door instrusion alarms, outdoor floodlights and security cameras.

You can save money by planning ahead and re-wiring in preperation for future projects - want some more ideas - your kitchen, your master bedroom, your bathroom, your new home office... lighting for your deck design and outdoor connections for your hot tub!

Power Surges

Make sure your home is protected from surges in electricity coming into your home, it's something that shouldn't happen with updated - up-to-code electics

If you have ever experienced a surge of electrical power coming into your home you will have seen light bulbs actually exploding and video and dvd machines blowing out.

Make sure that every aspect of your electrical wiring is up to THIS years code and standards.


Financing House Wiring Projects

Once you have had your house wiring inspected to see if it comes up to code and found out that work needs to be done you can request quatations from different licensed electrical contractors - and once these are in you will be able to organise home improvement financing based on the quotations you have received.

There are different ways that you could finance some of the bigger home repair improvement projects like house wiring, the most common form is to take advantage of the equity that you have built up in your home.

Our prefered method is to use a home equity line of credit which fits in prefectly with making payments to contractors based on completion of different stages of work. Get more information on this and other types of home improvement financing here at Home Improvement Financing Options

Home Repair Improvement like house wiring has the wonderful triple effect of improving your home, the quality of your home life and improve the value of your home.

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