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If you want to buy yourself your very own Hot Tub... but just need a little encouragement, that final nudge, the perfect reasons to justify the purchase, then you will find them all here... and much more

Looking for Hot Tub information! want to know how they can BENEFIT you and your family as well as adding the WOW factor to your home...

Discover why adding this little bit of luxury to your home makes a great investment for the quality of your life...

  • What are the Benefits to you and your family...

  • What size would best suit your needs and available space...

  • How to placing your jacuzzi and setting it up...

  • and read our Top Hot Tub Tips...

One of life's luxuries just got a whole lot cheaper. Even doctors are recommending that some of their patients invest in a jacuzzi to help improve their health!!, yes it's true...

Popping up in back yards everywhere, Hot Tubs are now available at competative prices that are far more easily within our reach.

lady in a hot tub showing tub, bubbling water and pillow

Hot Tubs are GOOD...

  • Do you get totally stressed out by the never ending pressures of present day life? - a relaxing soak can help you deal with both physical and mental stress

  • Do you end your day with sore aching muscles? - massaging jets will help relieve muscle strains.

  • Are you one of the many thousands of people suffering from cronic back pain? - there is no better way to supplement any treatment you may be receiving for your back problems, talk to your doctor first and follow his/her advice regarding the benefits for your specific medical condition.

  • Do you have poor circulation? - you are going to leave feeling energised, by making special use of the hydrotherapy jets you should see a gradual improvement in circulation and subsequent warmth and less numbness of your hands and feet.

  • Do you suffer from arthritis or just general inflamation of the joints? - I believe in two natural aids in the fight against this very painful condition, I know that they have helped me, the first is to eat plenty of fish and the second is to keep using the hot tub.

  • Are you having trouble sleeping? - sometimes it's just too difficult to put the days worries behind you, but a soak definitely helps relax your worries away.

  • Do you find it difficult to relax? - if your feeling tense and anxious you will most definitely benefit from the de-stressing qualities of the water healing experience that could be available to you at any time you need it - at your own home.

The Benefits of a Hot Tub

There are many BENEFITS from installing one at your home. Can you imagine ending a long day relaxing with high pressured jets massaging your tired, worn body... at your own home, whenever you want!

The Hot Tub is now one of life's affordable luxuries that still carries the WOW factor.

Many people just don't realize how much the price has dropped and how relatively easy they are to install and maintain.

Many children are growing up with a Jacuzzi in their back yard and couldn't imagine life without one!, they never have and probably never will - it is definitely is a HOT LIFESTYLE INVESTMENT that is here to stay - and one of the best ways to help all your family to cope with the pressures of life.

Doctor's would not be recommending the purchase of a hot tub to help ease medical problems if the cost was stuck at prices of 10 years ago and less. You can now pick up a good basic model for around $2,000 us dollars.

  • The possible benefits to you far out-weigh the cost especially if you take into consideration the possiblity of less pain, less sick days and/or lower medication costs etc., this is one investment that could soon pay for itself.

They can be installed in locations with extreme weather and can be enjoyed whether you are under the shade of your gazebo or you are surrounded in snow. (okay, you are going to need a special enclosure if it rains all the time where you live, it would be the only way to get continued enjoyment and benefit.) There are even tubs made especially to cope with artic weather conditions.

If you want to sell your home at some time in the future, you will have the option of including it in the sale and using it as a plus.

If other houses for sale in your neighborhood have one and you don't you could lose out on a sale.) or you could take it with you to your new home - chances are, since they are heavy to move - you will include it in the sale and cover the cost of buying a new one for your next home!

Hot Tub Sizes and Types

They are available in different sizes and shapes, colors and finishes, you will have to decide how many people will be using your hot tub on a regular basis, your priority is to make sure that there is always room for you...

The most commonly sold size are the square 6 seater models - Big enough to be able to comfortably entertain guests in.

It also allows for the placement of plenty of different types of jets, make sure you get all the jets you will need like pulsating, power and circular jets, circulation jets and back, shoulder and neck massaging jets.

The size you choose will of course be influenced by the space available and if you want to enclose your hot tub in a gazebo or other enclosure. If you want to allocate space on your decking you will want a size which will fit well and be aesthetically pleasing, you may prefer an oval, rectangular or round hot tub.

You will want to buy from a supplier who will be able to readily supply you with any part or hot tub accessory you may need in the future and be able to deal with or advise on any necessary hot tub repair, filters and other hot tub maintenance issues or chemical use.

Are Bigger Hot Tubs Better?

What is your opinion? - I have always thought that it would be best to buy the biggest Hot Tub with the most Jets that your budget will allow - try a Portable Hot Tub which doesn't require special water pipes as it is filled and emptied using a hose.

Do you want to be able to basically lie down in your hot tub on a lounge seat?, it's quite often the favourite place.

How may pillows will you need? - great to help you really relax.

Do you want to have an ozone jet? - YES you do, this is a filter jet which will help you to keep the water fresh and clean, saving you time and money.

Positioning your Hot Tub...

Do you have easy access FOR your tub
When the truck arrives with your big package weighing around 600+ pounds and leaves it at the curb, you will need an army of friends and neighbors to help you move it to the desired location - usually at the back of the house in the yard. Have you checked all the measurements? will it fit through the access way that is available?.

Create Easy Access To your Tub
To get the most benefit out of your hot tub... accessibility is the key. If you are placing your jacuzzi in your back yard do you have a good level space about 10 feet from the back door?

IF you can't place it on decking - under a porch, then make sure that you can easily and cleanly get to it in all weather, come snow, rain or shine a hot tub will revive you in any weather. A line of Paving stones will provide a quick fix to keep you out of the mud.

Give Your Tub a Good Solid Base
If you don't have pressure treated wooden decking available as a good base for your tub, do you have some other stable, level area you can use like a concrete, stone or slab patio, if not, you are going to have to prepare an area in advance.

Give your Hot Tub a Roof!
Take into consideration the size of the tub and the size of the gazebo or enclosure - the smallest size may be quite a snug fit only allowing you enough room to have access to the side panels for easy maintenance. You may prefer and have the space for a much bigger enclosure, allowing for that seating and changing area that is on your wish list.

Get a qualified Electrician to connect your Hot Tub
You are going to need the same power of electrical connection as you have in your home for the larger machines like your cooker or washer.

This exterior outdoor connection should be installed by a qualified electrician, if you are in the USA you will beed a state-certified electrician to make sure that the job is done properly.

This is one thing you can't take a chance with, just call in the expert and get your hot tub properly connected.

Preparing to use your Hot Tub
Follow the instructions carefully as you clean, connect and start to fill up your hot tub BUT... you will have to be patient, it is going to take a while to fill it up and about half a day to heat it up.

It is best to plan to start using it a day later so that you are not disappointed about not soaking on the day it arrives. Give yourself time to set it up properly and to read and follow all the directions, especially about which valve to open and which drain to close etc.


  • Plan for some sort of a enclosure or shelter, if not straight away, then some time in the near future - it is just going to make it much more enjoyable to use all year round.

  • Make sure that you order a cover - essential to help keep the water clean so that you don't have to keep cleaning and re-filling it up and heating it again from scratch.

  • You may find it cheaper to keep your hot tub humming along at a certain temperature rather than switching it off and then on again later - waiting for it to heat up again, it's more expensive to heat up cold water than to maintain the heat.

  • Make sure that you order an ozone filter, not only will it help to keep the water clean and fresh, it will also save you having to frequently replace other parts, like the valves which might otherwise clog up.

  • Make sure that you have easy access to filter covers so that you can quickly and easily maintain it and keep it in tip top condition.


Once set up, a jacuzzi is easy to maintain and it is a joy to remember as you come to the end of another long day that when you get home you can enjoy the therapeutic qualities of your very own hot tub.

If you have had to go out of your home in search of and to pay for such a facility before, you will know that having your own Hot Tub will pay for itself in no time.

Enjoy your hot tub and enjoy feeling good

If you want to know why you should use a pre-treated redwood or cedar as a decking surrounding then take a look at Decking Timber Options for your Hot Tub

Looking for ideas on how best you can finance your purchase - take a look at Financing Options for your Hot Tub and while you are there check out the link to insurance, this is one purchase you will want to get cover for.

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