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Plus Top Tips on how to survive a Home Show in 2019

A Home Show provides all the information and contacts you will need for your home improvement project - plus all the latest materials and styles often available at special low show prices. 

What if you could get ahead of the home improvement market as you discover the latest in remodeling styles and building trends.

Imagine everything you needed, experts on timber frames, water systems, insulating etc... all under one roof or at least all together at the same fair!

How would you feel if you discovered another way to do something that saved you literally thousands and you could reserve the work at a special low discounted show prices.

A definite win win situation for manufacturers, builders, contractors and consumers alike - use our month by month home show calender to find an event near you.

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MAY 2019

JUNE 2019

JULY 2019






Look out for updates listing home improvement show events as the information becomes available.

(***PLEASE ALWAYS confirm show dates, venues and admission conditions etc. before attending.)

Surviving a Home Show

  • Whole Show Pass - if you want to attend the show for the whole duration it will save you time endlessly queuing up every day and probably discounted money if you purchase a full show pass on the first day.
  • Plan your Days - To save you on both TIME and ENERGY plan your days, easier if you get your hands on a map to source the exhibitor stands you really want to see. First visit those exhibitors who really have something to do with the home improvement project you have in mind.
  • I'm lost, where's the toilet - if you are traveling in a group it's a good idea to decide how to meet up at a later hour if you should be separated. A rest area near a public convenience is always a good idea.
  • Your Comfort - being comfortable is the only way to survive the two - three days and sometimes up to a whole week of home show walking about up and down aisles.

The biggest shows sometimes take the whole week just to get around. These shows are often held both indoors and outdoors and can also be spread out over a number of buildings.

Mainly it will come down to your footwear, just how many miles do you think you can walk in the shoes you plan to wear?, from your vehicle to the convention center and up and down between different exhibitor stalls, it can be much further than you realize.

  • Dehydration - if you start to feel like your feet are heavier and the weight of your own jacket is just too much to carry - chances are you are dehydrated - easily done at a fair. Don't forget to give yourself plenty of food and beverage stops along the way.
  • Hunger - time can fly if you are having as much fun as I always do at a show, it's easy to forget to stop to eat when there is so much to see and do. Unlike me, try not to leave it until you are feeling dizzy with hunger. Check your map for the food and beverage areas.
  • Carrying Bags - A bag that you normally carry with you everywhere is going to feel much heavier very quickly at a show, travel light by trying not to load yourself down at all at the start of the day so that you will be able to carry all the brochures you are going to be given.
  • Business Cards - You will probably be collecting lots of business cards and brochures, it will be easier if you find a exhibitor with eco friendly carrier bags to help you carry and not lose the information you have gathered.
  • Show Price - You will often be offered a special "show price" for a purchase of service, these usually require you to place a deposit to secure the show price. Please try not to get carried away by the show atmosphere, make sure what you are paying for is what you really need. Carefully chosen Show discount prices can really lead to big savings if you have fore-knowledge of the normal prices and the companies work record.

Survive a Home Show well and... you will leave exhilarated, full of knowledge and overflowing with ideas for home improvements projects for your home, together with all the contact details you will ever need to get any job done, wow, bet you can't wait until the next show !

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