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100 Ways to make your home safer

The costs of home security systems has really gone down while the quality and availability of them has gone up. It is now much easier to find the right home system to secure your home.

If you are fitting new windows or doors or doing any re-wiring. Install good home security measures to protect your home and your investment. Different home security solutions suit different types of homes. LET'S MAKE OUR HOME MORE SECURE BY BEING PREPARED:


of everything you own in different categories, i.e. jewelry, audio, computers, antiques etc. so that you can check items on the list easily.


of all your valuables.  You may need to describe items for your insurance company, good, clear, photographs (including any distinguishing marks which you may have put on, like engraving codewords and also any product numbers where appropriate.

Keep your INVENTORY AND YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS in a safe place, it's no good if they are beside or in your valuables and they go as well.

Insurance Cover

Make sure that you have adequate insurance to cover all of your valuables, inside and outside of your home. Is the garage and contents together with the garden shed and contents also included with the house and all the valuables that you have already listed?.

Don't forget to inform them about your new home security measures, it may well lower your premiums.

Emergency Contact List

Make a complete list of home security emergency numbers to call, easily available to anyone in the house, make sure that the whole family knows who to call.

Have a Plan
Develop a home security escape plan that suit's the structure of your home and the capabilities of the members of your family.

Practise and make sure that everyone know what they would have to do, it will help your family feel confident and capable.

Install a SAFE
and we mean install, screw it down, you would be amazed at how may people leave it on the floor at the back of the closet and don't go to the bother of drilling holes and actually securing the safe.

Create Hiding Places

If you are good at D.I.Y., you may be able to make false bottoms in drawers or under cabinets, in the bottom of your built in wardrobe or under the stairs.

You could create a few different "special places" to spread your valuables around your home, as long as it's not somewhere too obvious or might suffer water damage like under the kitchen sink!

Engraving or using an ultra violet pen that will show up under a "black light" but you must be able to prove that that mark is yours if you need to, so it has to mean something. like for example, your wedding anniversary. but, don't write down any number or give away information that is important to you and your families safety.


Motion Detectors
We are talking serious home security if you are planning to install infrared motion detectors. Nothing is going to get past without you knowing!, as long as you remember to switch them on.

Pet Sensitive Motion Detectors
You can now buy "pet sensitive" motion detectors and Pet-Immune Wireless Motion Sensors -  with voice response!


Install a Close Circuit T.V.
Have a CCTV installed to both your front and back doors and view your exterior on your own T.V. whenever you want to. 

A wireless CCTV
The wireless CCTV has really revolutionized safety standards in the home. Especially great for apartments and for anywhere where a re-wiring job would be just too disruptive, difficult or expensive.

Make sure that your camera is placed in a secure position giving you a clear uninterrupted view.

Get you security system professionally installed, feel totally secure AND get a copy of the installation certificate to your insurance company for any possible payment deductions.

Store your Images
In the above two situations you have real-time images of the front and back doors available to you while you are at home. What if unfortunately something happens when you are not there?, how about round the clock surveillance, taped or stored on your computer.

You will know who came round when you were out and have a visual of anyone casing your place. Pay a bit more for a good home security light sensitive system and/or improve your exterior lighting.


Improve Door Exterior Lighting
Always one of the best ways to deter anyone trying to break in at night is to make sure that you have plenty of lighting at your entrance doors and improving home security.

They can be motion sensitive or at the flick of a switch you can see exactly what's going on out there.

Place your exterior door lighting well out of reach so that it would be really difficult to tamper with. Remember to light up any dark corners, don't leave anyone anywhere to hide.

Motion Detector Flood Lights
Sudden motion sensitive Flood Lights can stop anyone approaching in their tracks.

Motion detector floodlights are great for any home and especially those with big gardens and for around the garage and shed areas.

I wouldn't live in a dark, un light or isolated area without having good motion detector flood lights fitted as an essential part of home security.

They are also useful if you have a problem with your car and have to work on it late at night!.

Timer Lights
Using lights on timers is a good home security as way to make your home look busy when you are away, or even working late, although burglars are getting used to this simple trick.

The Curtains

A neighbor may open your curtains for you in the morning, especially if they have gone round to water the plants. Drawing the curtains again at night time will really help dot the i's on good neighborly home security.


Install your own D.I.Y. Burglar Alarm
Installing your own home security Alarm system will cost you a fraction of the cost of having the professionals do it. The cost of alarm system kits has come down tremendously over the last few years and with the new wireless systems they are easier than ever to install.

Burglars also studying new home security systems and will probably know a D.I.Y. installation from a professional job, they will be working out different ways to get around your home security system.

If you are going to do it yourself, make sure your system can't be tampered with from the outside.

A Professionally installed Alarm
Get the installation certificate from the home security alarm systems company.

They will also be able to give you full advice on the latest home security systems available and what would really suit your home and your lifestyle with their professional installation.

A Monitored System
The only way to feel secure about your home anytime you leave it is to have a monitored system installed. If you are out all day or travel frequently or even just a couple of times a year, paying that bit extra for a monitored home security system will give you peace of mind wherever you may be.


Don't want to fit a D.I.Y. installation which doesn't work when you need it because it ran out of batteries!, choose your home security fire alarm system carefully, it's got to be reliable. Always check alarms regularly.

Look for a quality smoke detector with integrated fixed 1350 F and rate of rise heat detector - which provides triple protection against fire.


Change ALL the Locks
When you move into a new home change ALL the locks, this will be your first home security job. Keys are too easily copied.

Buy a quality key and locking system, there are keys that cannot legally be copied, if you needed an extra key you would have to apply for it.

A system that doesn't require a key but that only you can open... A Fingerprint Door Lock & Biometric Identification Deadbolt could give you the security you are looking for.

The deadbolt uses biometric fingerprint technology to keep your home safe and secure, and gives you piece of mind that you never have to worry about locking your keys inside your house.

Hidden Key Security
Don't leave a spare key hidden somewhere around your front door. It's just no good anymore to leave one under the mat or hidden in a flower pot, It's like leaving the door unlocked.

Remove ALL Keys
Don't leave keys in locks, clever burglars will find ways to get their fingers on that key and open the door from the inside. Lock all doors and windows and keep your keys handy, but out of sight.


The Trusted Neighbor
If you have one of these, treasure them and reciprocate the favours. Leaving a key with family living nearby or with a trusted neighbor can save you hours of frustration if you ar locked out.

But make sure that your key is not easy to find in their home, if they get burgled and the key is found the bad guys might just try to see if it fits in the lock of the house next door!

Neighborhood Watch
If you are out of the house a lot or you are away on business frequently you will have more peace of mind if you know that your trusted neighbors are looking out for your home.

They will know when home security timer lights are expected to go on and off and if they see something unexpected. Neighborhood watch really boosts your areas home security.

The Neighbors Car
If you are going away, ask your neighbor is he will park his car in front of your home now and again to confuse anyone who might be looking for empty homes.

Cancel Deliveries

Cancel all deliveries until you get back.

Your Emergency Numbers
Swap emergency numbers with trusted people.

Also leave the number of the alarm company you use or of the monitoring company. A neighbor should have the same normal emergency numbers for your area for police, fire and ambulance.


Bolt the Double Garage Door
Your double Garage Door is typically wooden, so if you are going to install a good strong bolt system to secure it.

Give it some additional support on both sides with reinforcement, you could use some good solid wood, or better still a metal plate, this also means that you can secure down your system with bigger bolts.

As this is quite a big door you would be better off placing 2 sets of bolts at center top and center bottom.

Add a Good Lock to the Double Garage Door
If you have good thick wooden doors that you can reinforce you should be able to add a good quality lock or even a deadlock for that extra security.

Padlock the Double Garage Door
Add a padlock, good lighting and an alarm system here and the burglar is going to just move on to another house, it's as simple as that. You are showing him that you are prepared, if it's like this at the garage - imagine how protected the house is.

Secure the Up and Over Garage Door
If you have a normal, everyday Up and Over you will be able to padlock it down on the inside, if you are willing to cement a full "U" upside down into the ground. Once that's in it's easy.

Your other option is to try to secure it with padlocks at ground level at either side - secured to the adjacent walls.

Fitting a Lock to an Up and Over
If you can get your hands on the same type of lock with an identical sort of barrel, and you are determined to have a go yourself on a simple up and over, however, experience has shown us that it is easier to call in a locksmith, your supplier or even the manufacturer, especially if your door is automatic or has any fancy features at all. Messing up the system could cost you a whole new door instead of just a new lock.

If your Garage connects to your House...
Make sure you have a deadbolt fitted on the inside of the door from the garage to the house, make sure that it anyone got that far, they can get no further and call the police.

Paint your Drainpipes
A great way to stop someone shinning up to the second floor by using your drainpipe to climb up. This is a paint that never dries, by staying wet and slippery, you just can't climb up anything painted in this stuff.

The Big Ladder

If you have big ladder that doesn't fold away small enough to fit into your garage or garden shed then you will need to chain and padlock it down horizontally on the floor against a wall.

If a burglar can get his hands on he will be doing more than just cleaning your upstairs windows.


The Guard Dog / The Big Dog
The guard dog doesn't have to be a fierce attack dog, at least I wouldn't want one as a family pet, although this is perhaps one area in which size does matter, at least in putting a would be burglar off and in the dog defending itself.

If you have a beloved pet, he or she will usually show a different side to their nature to anyone trespassing on their territory, defending both you and your home.

Back-up for the Big Dog !
Back-up for a Big Dog doesn't have to mean another big dog. Little dogs can be loving and brave champions at defending their home. Two dogs are company for each other and two dogs form a team.

An alternative - The On Guard Barking Dog Alarm with Keychain Remote, simply press a button on the keychain remote and a digital recording of a real German Shepherd will play. 

An Alternative to a Dog
Geese really do earn their keep. If you have ever seen someone being chased and nipped by an angry gander, then you will know what I mean. Also, although usually fairly quite, they make plenty of noise when they are disturbed and will quickly warn you if someone is prowling about.

Geese are very intelligent and rarely nip the hand that feeds them.


Signs for Installed Systems
If you have a security system installed in your home, make sure that you have plenty of evidence of that displayed outside your home.

Signs if you HAVEN'T Installed a System
If you are going to put up signs even though you don't have a system installed, make sure that they look good. Thieves make a living out of stealing from others so any form of security is really in their line of work and you might spend just as much faking it as getting a good system installed.


After going to the trouble of installing the latest security systems, when the newness has worn off, many people keep forgetting, or can't be bothered to switch their home security systems them on.

Make time to set your alarm, don't panic - you will have enough time to get to the door and close it.

Close all windows, secure all locks and take out all the keys and leave them in a safe place - every time you leave the house.


By adding clever security measures to your list of home improvement remodeling, you are protecting, repairing and maintaining your home.

Remodeling home security can add value to your home and even reduce insurance payments, most of all it will give you and your family real peace of mind.

The List Goes On with More Home Security Measures:

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