Home Repair Improvement

Home Repair Improvement
is taking care of what you have and enhancing it.

There are certain areas in and around your home that will need periodic maintenance to help prevent deterioration from developing anywhere.

There is no escaping the fact that gutters need to be cleaned out and drains need to be unblocked of debris and sediment before they cause problems to you home.

Routine is the Key - It is much easier and more economical to get into a routine of doing the simpler home improvement and maintenance projects by constant checking and cleaning than it is to try to sort out a situation when a problem has really set it and home repair improvement is required.

There are things that only true professionals can check, fix and repair, remodel and rewire for you to improve the safety and usefulness of your home and help maintain or improve value - but it is still up to you as the homeowner to look out for signs that home repair improvement is needed in or around your home.


Home Repair Improvement Check-List

Gutter Cleaning

How often you need to do gutter cleaning will depend on where you live, the climate you live in, if there are trees near your home, if the wind often lifts up sand and debris into your guttering.

As a general rule at least twice a year should do it with a really thorough gutter cleaning out and backed up with a careful look over the situation especially during the rainy season.

When you get into the habit of looking over your roof and gutters for example, you will know what to expect after a windy wet day, especially if you are lucky enough to have trees around your home.

Don't like the thought of this messy project. Personally I love gadgets, they inspire me to tackle even the messier home repair improvement - part of the fun is getting gadgets working and really seeing what they can do for you and no sooner do you see problems being flushed and brushed away that you realise the job is done!

The are also a number of gutter additions that can help prevent build up, like a gutter guard. Here's our 4 step Gutter Cleaning plan.

Roof Repair

For general care really what you are looking out for here is any tile movement and discoloration - again this usually occurs during the wet and windy months.

More serious problems like missing tiles and visible dips in the ridge beam of your roof support should be dealt immediately and professionally as a major home improvement project.

You may find that the Ridge tiles need changing more often than the roof tiles.

I'll admit that you won't find me on the roof re-tiling, one thing is that I am just not very good with heights and another is that there is a reason that there are licensed contractors who are professionals with all the latest equipment and tools they need to work up there safely. Find out more about Home Repair Improvement Roof Repair

House Wiring

There are however somethings that shouldn't even be attempted unless you are a qualified electrician or expert roofer yourself and house wiring is among the list of important home repair improvement jobs that neither you not I should try to do on our own.

I would always call in the professionals for any house wiring or re-wiring work - I have a very healthy respect for electricity, it is important to be aware to the dangers and to get in the qualified help of a licensed professional who has all the right tools to get the job done properly and to make sure that everything around your home works efficiently and safely. Find out more about Home Repair Improvement House Wiring

Plumbing Repair

Once you have found the stop valve for the water and delved into the pipework under your sink and sucessfully managed to clear out any blockage and get everything back together again - you will not feel detered from tackling any small problems is this area again.

For anything more that just clearing a blocked sink you definitley need to call in the man who knows, before water damage ruins your home. Find out more about Plumbing Repair

Window and Door


Windows are the eyes to your home, visible from both inside and out the frames can let a house down if they are rotten and the wood full of termites. Windows can also de-value a home if they have been replaced by modern materials instead of the traditional materials and look that suits the era of the home and the neighborhood.

From a safety aspect, old worn window and door frames are easy to manipulate is someone is planning an invasion of your home.

Experience is required for sucessful window and door installation - the hardest part being getting the frame in firm and square. Small windows measured to fit - and with plenty of packers handy should be alright for an experienced D.I.Y. expert.

The installation of Larger windows is the same but you will need more that two hands.


The door to your home is where you welcome family and friends, it should have certain kerb appeal but still be substantial enough to shut out the world when you need some peace.

Installation of a secure entry door is vital to the safety of your home, apart from all the security measures you can take - which are listed here at Entry Door, you entry door and door frame should be as strong as possible.

Interior doors can close off and open up areas of your home. It's still very fashionable to knock down non-supporting walls and install double doors to be able to open up and connect two rooms to give you home a feeling of more space.

Some home were built before door size regulations came into effect and sometimes you will find interior doors just too narrow for comfortable use and certainly too narrow for wheelchair access.


While thankfully the professionals are always there for us - a lot of home repair improvement projects can be classed as "do it yourself home repair" and there are some wonderful resources to help you further with books and videos and some great tools and gadgets to make work easier...

Builders Wisdom

- trying to do a job that is just too big to handle could cost more in repairing mistakes! and as always - please remember...

on any home repair improvement project



Once you have decided which home repair improvement project you are going to take on, you will be able to organise home improvement financing based on the quotations you have received.

There are different ways that you could finance some of the bigger home repair improvement works, the most common form is to take advantage of the equity that you have built up in your home.

Our prefered method is to use a home equity line of credit which fits in prefectly with making payments to contractors based on completion of different stages of work. Get more information on this and other types of home improvement financing here at Home Improvement Financing Options

Home Repair Improvement has the wonderful triple effect of improving your home, the quality of your home life and improve the value of your home.

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