Home Renovations to Help Mother

by Afzal Eidoo
(Mississauga, Ontario)

Are you planning Home Renovations to help Mother live with you? if so you may well relate to the following.

Here is a letter from Afzal Eidoo whose 76 year old mother is partially blind, has severe arthritis and uses a walker to get around the home.

"Hi my mother is 76 years old and ever since my grandfather died in 1976 my mother has been working shift work and living in Mississauga with my grandmother when she would walk to Longbranch to take the streetcar and go to work.

When eventually she found work closer to home she would walk there. She worked over 20 years for this company.

In 1982 my grandmother passed way but my mother still worked at the company sometimes taking the bus or I would take her when I was not going to school.

One day my mother hurt her elbow at work she just banged it on the machine, there was no blood and so she went on working. The next day she could not move her elbow but she still went to work and after work had me take her to the doctor and he gave her a shot and sent her home.

She got arthritis so the doctor gave her shots to help with the arthritis but the side effect was that her tears dried up - unfortunately she already had a cataracts operation so then after a while she lost the sight in her left eye.

Last year she had a very severe arthritis flair up which caused the 2 and 3th vertebra to be pinched she had the neck operation but she still has the numsie in her hands and feet.

She lives with me and the problem is that she has to go up and down stairs which is very hard for her as she uses a walker in the house.

I work hard and I do not have any money to renovate the house or even just the bathroom.

This is a woman who has worked 20 hours a day, who cooked for guests when my grandmother was alive - she would work all day in a factory and then come home cook and clean, this woman stood tall. Now when you see her she looks so small and frail.

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Maybe someone reading this article has information or had experiences that may help - if so please do write in - we would love to hear from you - please just write in now.

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One of the best ways to find out if financial assistance is available for home adaptations to help make your home easier and safer for your mother to move around in would be to contact the Canada Mortgage and Houseing Corporation because they run the various programs like the "Home Adaptations for Seniors' Independence" program and the "Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities" to name just a couple of their programs.

You can read more with our articles on:-

or you can go directly to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation where you can try the Renovations Programs Pre-Application Tool

or you can email them on chic@cmhc-schl.gc.ga

All the very best renovation wishes to you and your Mum. I do hope that your plans for home renovations to help mother go well.


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