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If you are looking for a home remodeling idea - this article discusses the development of home improvement trends for the coming year, with tips for your next remodeling design.

Home Improvement remodeling for open planned living spaces stays with us well into this year but is beginning to develop a special style of it's own...

Trends within the home continue to be positive for creating a feeling of more space by opening up areas. The last few years has seen partition walls coming down and re-inforced steel joists (RSJ - A horizontal beam used to support the walls and upper structure when you do a knock through) going up to totally blend two smaller rooms.

While RSJ's are still in big demand to maintain the strength of the structure of your home as you remodel it - they are now being ordered at a slightly shorter length.

While the latest home remodeling idea is still to open up homes and bring in a flow of light and air throughout the home - leaving partial walls is the home improvement trend that will take us to the end of this decade.

If you feel that you have lost walls and corners - you will find that there are many advantages to using Partial Walls to help define different areas and provide a warmer feeling in the home without compromising the opened planned style.

Home Remodeling Idea
- Partial Walls

A Partial wall is often left plain - but other options are to use a contrasting tone of your color theme - or even to add wall paper just that portion of the wall.

A well established home remodeling idea in an area already using a partial wall is in the bathroom where the ramped 'shower in a box' has been steadily replaced by much larger, spacious walk in - fully tiled showers seperated from the rest of the bathroom by a partial wall - in this case often made of glass tiles which allow natural light to flow through into the shower space.

A partial wall is a great way of giving privacy to the toilet without closing the area in totally with a floor to ceiling division - the effect is of keeping the bathroom size whole - instead of partitioning it off into small cubicle rooms for toilet or shower.

What is new is that partial walls are now easing themselves into the kitchen area, bringing definition between an opened plan kitchen and living area while still leaving the area open.

A great advantage in this area of the home is the creation of a cosier 'in kitchen' dining area or breakfast nook in the kitchen and at the same time a more comfortable corner within the lounge itself - ideal as a reading corner or home cimema system space.

Home Remodeling Idea
- Different Forms & Materials

Partial walls can have different forms and be made of a variety of materials, the easiest form is to use part of an existing wall when doing a knock through.

Straight partial walls are perfect for carrying concertina doors which allow you the option to leave the two spaces open planned or closed off - well made wooden concertina doors can be a real feature even when folded right back.

home remodeling using concertina doors with partial walls

Building a partial wall up from scratch gives you the opportunity to make something unique - while still in keeping with the interior of your home.

A wonderful home remodeling idea for larger kitchen/living room combi's with good ceiling height is to make a curved partial wall that starts as a floor to ceiling structure and gradually decreases in height to counter level as it develops around the curve and more into the center of the room space.

The inner of the curve provides an incomparable kitchen area for bespoke counters and the outer of the curve provides the natural flow of an elegant entrance to your living space.

Home remodeling idea using a curved partial wall between kitchen and family room

And, although this is only a rough sketch, it does still allow for the triangle kitchen design rule of the placement of cooking stove, sink and fridge with adequate work surfaces in between - AND allows other members of the family to access the fridge without crossing the chefs "HOT" space between cooker and sink!.

Depending on the design of your home - more modern homes can get away with glass tiles in more places than just the bathroom - clear, color tinted or smoked glass tiles built up to the ceiling from a knee high partial wall can continue the feeling of openess and light while still defining areas.

Wood is still an effective material to create partial walls if both rooms are light enough and provide enough contrast to the darker grain of the wood. It is more popular however, to lighten the wood to suite your home without losing the grain of the wood by using a semi-opaque paint.

Home Remodeling Idea
- Nuetral Walls of Interest

A room painted white and only white - is usually a very boring choice - unless it is in a hot climate - and beside the sea...

But, a room decorated with pale nuetral colors can be interesting - these hue's of color or shades and tones on the walls are still the hot favourite this year and continue to create the illusion of yet more light and space - what is essential is to include in at least a few rooms - a contrasting wall of a deeper, brighter or stronger complimentary color.

What is definitly coming back into fashion as a great option to a stronger toned paint is wall-paper on one wall, specifically wall paper with delicate but ornate 19th century patterns - which is mainly just to add interest to one wall in a room which is otherwise painted in a pale tone.

What is important in home remodeling ideas is the contrast between your light toned walls as a back drop to your choice of interior decoration and the strength of color or tone of your furniture, fittings AND your artwork...

Home Remodeling Idea
- Adding Color

White and cream walls are set off beautifully by a deep caramel or deep red feature wall and dark leather sofas - an elegance that only lacks the color of life..., warmth can be brought into your home life with the addition of bright, colorful, interesting landscapes on the walls - and from these a color can be chosen as the theme for that particular room to accessorize and add splashes of warmth.

Total open planned living usually means that you lose wall space and corners, partial walls give these back in a way that you can still maintain the general feel of your up-to-date open planned home with your home remodeling idea.

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