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Here is your chance to share your different Home Improvements success stories, tragic tales and experiences and in doing so - help people from all around the world to improve their homes...

If you have an interesting story to tell we will FREELY GIVE YOU some of our Web site real estate by giving you a page on this Web site dedicated to your own personal remodeling journey - where you can show family and friends and "showcase" your successful building story!

Maybe you have an important story to tell about the experience you went through that could really help someone else - just by telling them what worked well for you or what solution you had to come up with to resolve problems.

If you have suffered any of the many different trails and tribulations of building, remodeling or repairing your home...

- this is your chance to Have Your Say and reach out to other people facing a similar situation.

Apart from being able to "show off" your achievements - on the Web - without having to make an entire Web site of your own - there is a definite 'feel good factor' involved in helping others with home improvements - and that has always been the reason behind writing this Web site: home-improvement-and-financing.com

The more people who take the time to write in their stories and anecdotes - the more people we can all help! - more voices are better than one!

Ready to write!... it's time to Have Your Say

Have YOUR Say - Your Project

If you are in the middle of... or have finished...

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Basement Development
  • Attic or Loft Conversion
  • Building Decking
  • Building a Gazebo
  • Building a Pergola
  • Adding an Extension
  • Building a Sunroom or Conservatory
  • Repaired your Roof
  • Re-Wiring your Home
  • Re-Plumbing your Home
  • A Master Bedroom Makeover
  • Had experience with Government Grants
  • Had experience with Energy Tax Credits
  • Are Insulating your home
  • Have you changed the doors or windows
  • Have you updated your home security system

ETC... ETC... ETC...

OR if you have been doing any other type of Home Improvements project - we want to know all about it... so go ahead and Have Your Say

Have YOUR Say - Your Opinion

  • Products
  • Software
  • Books

What's Your Opinion about any product, software or book you may have used for your project - were they any good, did they help you complete your project - would you recommend them to anyone else... Have Your Say

Have YOUR Say - Your Experience

If you are not sure how to get started - here are some ideas to help you begin writing about your own home remodeling journey - you can just take your pick of the ideas below that apply to the project done on your home...

  • what was the work being done
  • How will your home benefit from the improvement
  • did you do it yourself or did you hire a contractor
  • how did you plan for this project and how long did it take
  • what was your experience at your local building office
  • how long did you expect it to take
  • what was the best part of the project
  • what was the biggest problem you faced and how did you solve it
  • what was the funniest thing that happened during the project
  • did you have any safety issues during the build!
  • did your project come in on budget or well over?
  • do you want to say something about your contractor (without naming names!) did he finish on time, are you pleased with the standard of finish etc.
  • How has the project changed the way you use your home
  • Do you think that the result has added value to your home?

Here is your chance to Have Your Say

Have YOUR Say - Helping Others

These are just a few ideas - you may have a story that definitely wasn't funny at the time but that now you can laugh about now - or maybe you even have a favourite related joke or adage!

There is no limit to the amount of stories, experience, tips - tricks and techinques or advice that you can write about and send in - and just let us know when you write in if you want to include a photograph of you and your project.

Helping others by writing about your success stories or tragic tales is an exciting prospect - and of course - from anywhere in the world you will be able to visit this web site and show people your home remodeling story.

If what you write is very short, but suitable - we will include it in a short story section along with other home improvement anecdotes.

We are of course only interested in good clean home improvement and financing stories that we can publish for you here on this Web site - your name will be added at the end as the author of what you write - or you can remain 'anon' if you wish...

You can have fun doing this... It only takes a few minutes to write about your home improvements project and Have Your Say...

A big Thank You to you for taking the time to help others busy planning or in the middle of a home improvement project - we will get your story into print as soon as possible and let you know when it is "live" on this Web site...

We reserve the right of final decision on - to print or not to print your home improvements, home remodeling, home improvement remodeling or home improvement repair story.

Please only write to us about your own personal home improvement experiences - your story and the writing must be original.

Sending your home improvements story gives us permission to edit and publish.

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