Home Improvement Remodeling

The first step towards successful Home Improvement Remodeling is to find out how much your home is presently worth.

The next thing you need to know is what is the top sales price in your area - for totally updated and refurbished homes - of the same approximate size as your home.

You can investigate your local area by talking to neighbors who have just sold their homes, by scanning your local newspaper, by searching your local area on the internet - and by visiting real estate agents who have an in-depth knowledge of your area and finally by visiting other homes for sale in the neighborhood to see what they have to offer that your home doesn't.

The end result of your search will give you the present ceiling price for houses similar to yours - in your area - keeping in mind that area is very important.

The difference between the present value of your home and the ceiling price of 'like' homes in your area is your maximum home improvement remodeling budget for all and any works you plan to do around your home.

Real home improvement remodeling success stories are projects that are completed to a high enough standard to show a good increase in the value of your property - and that come in with a final cost well below your maximum budget - that will then show the raised value as well as an immediate profit in the equity of your home.


Choosing your Project

Choosing the right project for your home improvement remodeling is now easier because you have seen the standard of finish and amenities offered by top priced homes in your area - the ones that are selling and not sitting on the market.

This will give you a better idea of which areas in your home would most benefit from being allocated part of your home improvement remodeling budget, the amount that could be available to you as a home equity loan for remodeling.

The area you live in, the home you live in and how it compares with the general type of homes in your area, the general age group of your neighbors - all play an important part in choosing the right project to invest in.

Hot Value Projects

The hottest project around this year is to make your home more energy efficient, lower your utility bills and reduce your dependence on expensive fuels. You owe this to you, your home and your country... I wanted to draw your attention to the information article on the all NEW Weatherization Grants made available to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

The percentage of return of investment from home improvemenr remodeling - if you should one day decide to sell - differs greatly from project to project. However, it is universally accepted that the number one project to improve the value of your home while still allowing you to recoup the most from your investment is the Kitchen - and then the Bathroom.

  • Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is taking on a life of it's own with a growing amount of homeowners spending as much as 20% of the total value of theirs homes on kitchen home improvement remodeling projects, this may sound like a lot, especially as you are likely to only recoup about 80% of the cost - however, the main danger here is in over-investing with expensive kitchen aid fixtures and fittings.

If your home is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it - an updated kitchen - including plumbing, wiring, flooring, lighting, energy efficient equipment as well as the quality of Kitchen Cabinet and Counter installations and the addition of a walk in pantry - all go a long way to raising the saleability value of your home.

  • Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling is the second hottest home improvement remodeling project and the more up-to-date facilities your bathroom offers the better - like jaccuzi bathtub, spacious walk in shower with body massaging jets, warm Bathroom Colors, unfussy tiling and clean lines, keep in mind that laminate flooring doesn't like humidity or water - thats why ceramic tiles are so popular and man made flooring materials are back in vogue for the bathroom.

Just as in the kitchen, it's important to budget carefully and not overspend on designer fixtures and fittings when other carefully selected good quality options would update your bathroom remodeling project, reflect the value of your home and fit your remodeling needs - Here are some great ideas for your bathroom

  • Energy Efficiency Equipment

In all different home types, updating all fuel consuming equipment for energy efficient options is going to be a solid investment as a bonus to your now on saved energy bills and a great selling point backing up the value of your home.

The water boiler, the refrigerator, washer and dryer, heating and cooling systems and all other energy star products together with the installation of a programmable thermostat are US government sponsored to save energy.

  • Home Insulation

While you can show people your new energy efficiency boiler, improving insulation throughout your home, especially the whole 'envelope' or even just the attic of your home - is an unseen improvement - that is why the paperwork like completion certificates with the R-value rate and warranties are so important to keep safe - like money in the bank!.

This hidden home improvement remodeling project, now backed by government incentives for energy efficient systems in new and existing homes to save energy globally - will immediately give you personal positive results in a definite and constant reduction in the cost of your energy bills - Home Insulation Information


More Top Projects

  • Attic Conversion

If you need more space and it's a suitable project for your home - maybe it's time to extend upwards...

Investing in this home improvement remodeling project will help you discover a whole new floor to your home which is ideal for open planned living or for a home office space AND a don't miss the opportunity to combine Attic Insulation and ventilation in this great project.

Many homeowners plan to overuse their loft space by chopping it up into too many small rooms, the most successful attic conversions are open planned, the attic is ideal as a spacious master bedroom with the use of partial walls to create an en-suite - Evaluate your Home for an Attic Conversion

  • Basement Conversion

Techniques have improved so much that help make basement conversions both faster and easier - and with the trend of developing every under utilized corner of our homes - basement conversions is high on the list of home improvement remodeling.

Dampness, Basement Insulation and access - especially emergency access are important facters to make sure that this project comes up to and above your local building code - but once your basement is dry, insulated, well lit and is totally useable - this then becomes a very valuable extra area in you home. Here are some Basement Design Ideas to help you plan.

  • The Master Bedroom

The most popular home improvement remodeling jobs for the master bedroom are the addition of an En-Suite bathroom and whenever space allows - to create space for a Walk-in-Closet and/or Dressing Area.

The scale of this project and the potential for maximum results may be determined by any available space situated beside the present master bedroom, i.e. a box room or small spare room that you can incorporate without adversely effecting the value of your home.

  • Decorating Kid Rooms

Decorating Kid Rooms is now a really hot home improvement remodeling project.

Clever kid room furniture and storage solutions make this a real quality of life improvement project.

Before you start this project it's important to get as much information as possible on the best and safest products to use.

If you are looking for all kid room information, a good kid room idea or even a special kid room theme - here is a great resource for Decorating Kid Rooms

  • Deck Designs for Your Home

Ourdoor living is becoming such an important part of family life that home buyers now expect so much more from a backyard. Find out how you can add valuable outdoor living spaces to your home with Deck Design Ideas and how to make them...

  • Gazebos and Pergolas

Over the last few years the construction of gazebos and pergolas has risen at a tremendous rate, because more and more people are preparing patios and building decks the natural progression from these projects is to add shade to this outdoor area in the form of a pergola - that is why we give so much information with our Pergola Building Plans...

Gazebos are traditionally build away from the home, but the latest trend is to build a 10 x 10 Gazebo at the end of the decking or even on top of fortified decking boards.

Situated closer to the home the modern gazebo is ideal as a breakfast room, an afternoon relaxing space or for romantic dinners - larger groups will enjoy after dinner drinks there. Square gazebos are perfect cosy hot tub enclosures..

  • Sunroom or Conservatory

If you feel it's too cold to make much use of a gazebo - the climatic location of your home may benefit more from a Sunroom Installation - where you can enjoy the garden from the warmth of indoors.

A south facing sunroom will help warm up your home, it's ideal for indoor gardening and makes a special place for dining.

Position and style matters in sunroom construction - a knee wall allows you to easily include heating elements - however a full glass sunroom gives you all the benefit of a garden room view. Read more to find out if a Sunroom or Conservatory is the home improvement remodeling project for you.

  • The Hot Tub

Many people with back problems and/or stressful lifestyles are being recommended by doctors to buy a Hot Tub otherwise known as a Jacuzzi !!!. A doctor would never have recommended such a thing only a few years ago, but they know that the price of a hot tub has fallen dramatically and is now within reach.

There are of course other advantages, a romantic evening in the Hot Tub, or a decent sized tub can be great for entertaining. You can get real quality of life out of this home improvement remodeling investment!

  • Home Improvement Repair

Maintaining the value of the quality of your home is an ongoing home improvement project for all of us. One of the quickest ways to reduce the value of your home is to ignore blocked gutters and allow dampness to set into the walls of your home.

Outdated plumbing and useless electric systems that don't meet the need of today's consumers are going to cost you when you come to sell your home.

Our article on Home Repair Improvement also links to several other indepth home repair articles - which include tips on "Gutter Cleaning", "Roof Repair", "House Wiring", "Plumbing Repair" and "Window and Door Installation Tips".

These are the jobs that just have to be done - it's important to maintain and improve the value of your home with essential home repair improvement projects.


Problematic Projects

The saleability of your home and it's value are tied together so let's look at some examples of ways that in certain situations some home improvement remodeling projects can turn out to be problematic investments -

unlocking the secrets of successful home improvement remodeling...

  • If you live in a bungalow and the majority of your neighbors are retired and prefer one level living - doing an attic conversion would not normally be advisable.
  • In the same way, young people and families need more space which can be gained by developing the basement into a home theater or home office - but this project wouldn't neccesarilly add any value in use of home or price - in a retirement community .
  • If you can't expand up into your attic or down into your basement you may consider adding an addition to your home but this will depend on planning and the amount of land you have available - reducing the size of an already small garden is not likely to improve saleability.
  • If you live in an area of young families, the size and layout of the garden and home and garden security are going to play a major part of what your home should offer.
  • A garden swimming pool can be a major positive investment but only if you live in the south
  • Retired communities do prefer patio slabs to decking, while a well laid out decking and barbeque area is the perfect outdoor living space for homes in family neighborhoods.
  • Outdoor living for young people and families often means a preference for natural wood while retirees may find the addition of a gazebo to be an attractive buying insentive - but especially if it is made of an extra low maintenance material like vinyl.

Home Improvement Remodeling Tips

Whatever home improvement remodeling project you decide to do this year or start planning for next year - remember to get all materials or DIY Kits that arrive at your home - covered by your Homeowner Insurance

It's advisable to set up finances for your home improvement remodeling as early as possible, take a look at different way that you could Finance Your Project Home Improvement Remodeling to find the right financing options for you.

One of the best ways to kick start your project planning for your home improvement remodeling is to visit a home improvement show where you will see the latest materials and be able to speak directly to the experts about their services. As well as being a great day out...

A Home Improvement Shows will leave you bursting full of new ideas for your Home Improvement Remodeling Project.

Home Improvement Remodeling DIY

If you have just gone to the expense of a new home, or had the contractors in to build that new extension that you have always dreamed of... chances are you will want to do the actual decorating yourself - to help put less strain on your budget.

Information and preparation are the keys to diy success, find out the latest do it yourself decorating options to decorate your walls and the space in between - together with information on furniture, accessories, textiles AND decorating TIPS and resources, it's all here at DIY Decor

Home Improvement Remodeling Inspiration

Lots of careful research and planning will help lead you to a sound Home Improvement Remodeling investment...

- looking at how you could make better use of the space in your home will also improve the quality of your home life...

- and regular maintenance will help your home keep its well earned value.

But remember that - just as you can't plough a field by turning it over in your mind - you can't do your home improvement remodeling project just with planning alone - there comes a time for action... to make your Home Improvement Remodeling dreams a reality.


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