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Home Improvement Online is dedicated to giving you information to help make your home improvement projects easier - and this page is all about getting you to the information faster...

We know that it's important to read and research as much information you can about a project before starting - including finding out what your options are for materials and building methods...

That is why this home improvement web site has included numerous detailed drawings and photographs for you wherever possible - to help demonstrate different stages of a home improvement build or home improvement makeover and jammed each article with home improvement tip after home improvement tip.

And our ever-growing list of free "How to" information articles are available to you right here at home improvement online with information on:

  • Building a Deck
  • Kitchen Makeovers
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Loft Conversions and Making a Loft Bed
  • Building a Pergola
  • How to Repair Plaster
  • How to Skim Coat
  • Home Maintenance
  • Bonus "How To"

Home Improvement Online Articles

Our articles cover many home improvement themes from the inside and outside of your home - including kitchen and kitchen cabinet makeovers, planning your bathroom remodeling and choosing the colors, to assessing your attic and building a full sized loft bed that you can easily get up into your loft space.

Home Improvement online has also have included articles to help you make the most of your outside space, including building a deck - (from digging the post holes to adding the finish to your deck surface) and building a pergola to enhance your home and garden.

These are the "How To" and home improvement tip articles currently available here at home improvement online now:


Deck Design Tips

home improvement online for building a deck

Now! - what you will find on this page are deck design tips AND at the END of the page are 'on site' links to the following related information articles on:-

  • Digging Post Holes for Decks
  • Deck Building Footings Options
  • How to place your Deck Building Ledger
  • Deck Building Beam Options
  • Deck Design Pattern Options
  • Decking Timber Options
  • Deck Railing Design Ideas
  • Staining Deck Options and Method
together with our free deck plans:
  • Free basic ground level deck plan
  • Free Diamond weave deck plan
plus information on why you should go to all the trouble of digging post holes and firmly securing your deck and how this all ties in with local building codes...

Kitchen Makeovers

Here is an article that will help you decide if you can do a kitchen makeover or if you need to start again and have the opportunity of building the kitchen of your dreams... Kitchen Remodeling ALSO the 'on site' links at the end of the page take you to articles on:-

  • How to plan your kitchen remodeling project and what to expect during the disruption.
  • Painting Kitchen Cabinets
  • Staining Kitchen Cabinets
  • Painting Melamine Cabinets
  • Kitchen Island Design
  • Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Review

Beautiful Bathrooms

Planning your Bathroom decorating ideas with different layout styles, fixtures and fittings to help you create the bathroom of your dreams with our Bathroom Decorating Ideas ALSO the 'on site' links at the end of the page take you to articles on:-

  • Bathroom Floor Planning
  • Choosing Bathroom Color Schemes
  • Bathroom Storage Solutions
  • Small Bathroom Remodeling
  • Small Bathroom Design Ideas
  • Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Ideas

Attic/Loft Conversions

Find out how to evaluate your home for an attic conversion project with this article aptly called Attic Conversion - and on that page you will find 'on site' links to a series of detailed articles (with photographs) on how to build a loft bed with our free loft bed plan. and get the lowdown on Attic Insulation

loft bed plan screen shot

Pergola Plan

Our article on Gazebos and Pergolas is designed to give you ideas on ways that you can enhance your outdoor living space.

In addition at the end of that page we have links to a series of articles for you with detailed information and drawing on 'How to Build a Pergola' and all about Gazebos:-

Home Improvement Online Pergola Building Plan

  • Pergola Building Tips
  • How to Build a Pergola
  • Pergola Design Ideas
  • Free Pergola Plans
  • 10 x 10 Gazebo
  • Gazebo Kits
  • Vinyl Gazebos

How to Repair Plaster

Repairing plaster is not terribly complicated. I know people who have done it (besides myself) and found the process satisfying (especially once they're done!) With knowledge and practice and patience during your learning curve, it is do-able.

Enough about motivation. So, how exactly is this done?...

Read more here at home improvement online about how to Repair Plaster

How to Skim Coat

"Have you ever been stopped in your wallpapering plans by a heavily textured wall that would benefit from Skim coating?

The question naturally arises: How can I smooth out this old wall so my paper will look nice after it goes on?"....

Here´s the full home improvement online article on How To Skim Coat

Home Repair Improvement

Read our article on Home Repair Improvement and find out how you can maintain the quality and value of your home...

This article leads you to other information articles on "Gutter Cleaning", "Roof Repair", "House Wiring", "Plumbing Repair" and "Door and Window Maintance", highlights include -

  • Our step-by-step guide on "How to Clean Gutters"
  • and our tips and advice on "Door and Window Installation.

We hope that you enjoy the articles that we have available for you here at home improvement online.

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We can't guarantee your success with your own particular home improvement project but we can tell you what worked well for us.

It is however important to always check the local building codes in your area and your country to make sure that your proposed building project is acceptable to your type of home, soil conditions etc. and fits well into the neighborhood.

Any home improvement project carried out without the proper permissions is just a waste of your time and money - if it doesn't come up to code it hasn't a chance of adding value to your home.

Enjoy our home improvement online project options.

Bonus "How To"

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