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Gain the advantage of knowledge
with home improvement financing books.

One of your first step towards investing in your home and increasing the value with clever home improvement projects has got to be investing in good and informative books.

We have already researched for you and found the very BEST home improvement financing resources in the following publications.

Choose a couple of these home improvement financing books and you will always have them on hand to refer back to, or pick one up as a great gift for someone you know...

Home Renovation Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Save Money, Time and Your Sanity.
by Robert Irwin
Find out how to keep your renovation costs and time to a minimum, includes a very informative section on how to budget for your build and very importantly - about obtaining the financing you need. This is one of the best home improvement financing books.


Improve the Value of Your Home up to $100,000:
50 Sure-Fire Techniques and Strategies.

by Robert Irwin
Includes a great section on how to improve your home to add value. The information on "value boosters" is especially useful if you want to home improve and update your home with a view to selling it. This home improvement financing book helps you make to most of what you have.


Keys to Mortgage Financing and Refinancing
(Barron's Business Keys)
by Jack P. Friedman
Refers to all the basic mortgage industry information, including mortages, home loans and refinancing. Small chapters but well worth taking a look at, especially the home improvement loan tax considerations, financing and refinancing options etc.


The Complete Guide to Real Estate Finance for Investment Properties, How to Analyze any Single family, Multifamily or Commercial Property
by Steve Berges
This book shows you how to valuate investment potential through clever property analysis together with all aspects of real estate financing resources.

Especially good if your looking into a single family or multi family investment property. The actual real-life examples really help understanding.


How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Home Mortgage,
2nd Edition

by Randy Johnson

Get insider knowledge on the Home Mortgage industry.

See if you can improve your present deal and how a change may release equity - or simply save you thousands - maybe even enough for your next home improvement project!


All About Mortgages: Insider Tips for Financing and Refinancing your Home.
By Julie Garton-Good
Reading this book could help you get the best mortgage or refinance mortgage deal possible, as it delves into the fine details vital to your success.


Mortgages for Dummies.
by Eric Tysonand Ray Brown
Well written bible of mortgage information that you should never be without. A solid book on Mortgages and buying a home - if you are looking for general all round mortgage information, especially prior to purchasing a home, then the background this book gives you will help guide you through.


Financing Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor
by William Bronchick
How to make money in Real Estate by choosing the right financing. If you are looking into some sort of creative financing for your present home, this book has many great financing ideas. Ideal if you plan to buy a home to improve as an investment property.

You know what they say... knowledge is power, and this especially applies to the world of Home Improvement Financing Books, but remember too that there is a time for action... and that reminds me of that old Irish saying...

"you'll never plough a field
by turning it over in your mind"

think, plan and then DO your home improvement and financing project

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