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Our Home Improvement Catalog Review is here to give you information on the very best web site and interactive catalogs available.

What we really need from our catalog is availability of products and brands that can be delivered quickly and for that to work for us. We only included reliable, established companies who can really deliver in our home improvement catalog review.

We need to feel confident that we will receive our chosen products promptly and be able to exchange them if necessary without any problem. 

Only the very best get into our home improvement catalog review and since we have done it it is time for you to really enjoy shopping with confidence from the comfort of your own home.

*Please Note: Our home improvement catalog Review is not presented in any special order of preference, nor can we guarantee you that you will have as much fun as we did, here we go:

The SmartHome Catalog

Extraordinary and exciting range or very clever tools, devices and gadgets to help you improve, maintain and add the best security installations to your home.

I found the whole catalog to be very exciting, It's not full of things I didn't know I needed - it's full of things and know I need and could use to make improvements and maintenance easier and add reliable - intelligent - security features.

This is the place where you discover things that you might have seen on the movies, the SmartHome Catalog is full of really cool things like.


The HomeFocus Catalog

This online Catalog is packed full of really clever things, I spent most of my time here looking at gadgets to help me do odd jobs and maintenance around the home and garden.

I had such a good time that I will be back again soon to see what was going in the home interior section - I am always on the look out for top quality, great value items especially for the kitchen and bathroom.


Improvements Catalog

A Clever Interactive online Catalog

We found when we did our home improvement catalog review of the Improvements Catalog that you can actually flip the pages of this online catalog of home accessories and as you move your mouse over clear pictures a text box gives you product details.

You also have the option of a close-up view of products which does give you a really clear picture.

Nearly all of the clever items for house and garden that you may have seen on the t.v. or at a friends house is available here.

What really caught my eye were some handsome wicker "look" maintenance free all weather furniture for the patio.


The Silvo Home and Garden Catalog

Silvo Home and Garden - Shop for practical and imaginative products designed to enhance simplicity and convenience for gardening, home and outdoor living.

I really fell in love with a number of items here and I wasn't even looking for them!, they have some great solar lighting choices for your garden and patio, I just loved the fish fountain bird bath...

If you are looking for white all weather wicker furniture for your deck or patio - you are going to be pleased with the attractive set they have here, personally I know I need the Hammock Chair, it would look great on my deck - but on the other hand maybe I would look better in the bentwood resin rocker!.

Looking for something truly charming for your garden?, how about a wishing well - the one Silvo offers would make a great outdoor centerpiece.


The Walmart Catalog

The Walmart online shopping catalog is ease itself, easy to move around the Web site and easy to find what you need and the pages come up nice and quickly - no waiting around.

Of course only one of the great advantages of this catalog are the low prices of quality - and especially the special offers on brilliant items that are only available on-line.

I believe that you get the full spectre of choice with their catalog, on all items, this is a very user friendly Web site and all the images I remember could be enlarged for a closer detailed view.

Knobs and Things

In Web site form

What an excellent site for our home improvement catalog review, as soon as you arrive at this web site you know that you can change the look of your kitchen or bathroom just be selecting from this vast array of different knobs and pulls.

Everything is here, even a lovely sunflower knob - great to brighten bathrooms or bedrooms. There are some truley stunning designs from rustic to chic contemporary.

Don't miss the links to the Vintage Boutique or the Rocky Mountain Products - lovely.

If you are looking for cabinet hardware of door hardware you will discover that Knobs and Things is just perfect.



In Web site form

This one is based in the UK, in fact I first say this home improvement catalog advertised on the t.v. so I thought that I had better check it out.

We included this one in our home improvement catalog review mainly because Screwfix advertise trade prices, thousands of products and next day delivery! wow. 

The result is that yes they do have a really massive selection, great prices and superb delivery terms within the UK, well worth a look.


Fast Floors

In Web site format

If you are looking for a home improvement catalog to help you resolve your flooring purchase then this is a great one, you can choose from cork, bamboo, ceramic, laminate, hardwood, rubber or vinyl...

Fast Floors guarantee the lowest prices and what I liked was the calculator to help you with order qualtities.

This is a very well laid out and use friendly web site and well deserving of being included in our home improvement catalog review.

If you are looking for hardwood they go into details about oak, maple, cherry, hickory, pecan, pine, beech, birch and walnut - did you know that a good quality hardwood floor that will last beyond a lifetime will add value to your home.

Don't miss the great information and advice regarding installation and which woods, forms and thicknesses should be nailed down, stapled down, glued down or left as free floating floors.



In Web site format

Still most commonly thought of for books and software Amazon do have a really big tool department available on their Web site and one thing we can take for granted with Amazon is that they will have great prices and frequent special offers.

You can of course totally fit out you ourdoor spaces beautifully with the deck furniture, patio furniture and everything you could ever need to make yourself the perfect garden.

If you are updating your kitchen or bathroom don't miss the great products Amazon has to offer to accesorize either spaces in your home and give your home a mini lift for 2005



In Web site format

Another fantastic selection of floor coverings - well it's always good to have a choice and with the fantastic selection at iFloor you will find what you need.

Had a good look at the hardwood and just loved the Oak Reserve and the Red Oak even though I know the Pecan is more durable. Do you know if you want solid wood or engineered wood and why many are going for the latter instead of the former...

What impressed me here was that this site is very clear of pricing per square foot and color and shade options, together with the different edge options available.

You can also get some really good information here especially if you are thinking about laying the flooring your self, for example what type of subfloor you need for different materials.

There were some really good sales offers when I was there and as fas as I could see it looked like FREE shipping but you will have to check that to make sure.


House Plans

In Web site format

I had to include this in our home improvement catalog review - just in case you were sick and tired of home improvements and decided to build your own perfect dream house and BOY was I glad I did because not only do they have house plans but also gazebo and garage plans of all sizes.

What a find - this is the largest selection of house plans available online and we are talking thousands.

You might even find the ideal solution for that extension you always wanted to build or maybe that garage!...


We hope that this Home Improvement Catalog Review has helped you find what you were looking for...

We are continously on the look out for a new catalog worthy of a Home Improvement Catalog Review - which can deliver the brands prices and service that we have come to expect and we will add more as we find them.

Until next time...

Hope you enjoyed our home improvement catalog review and that you enjoy browsing through each home improvement catalog!

(Please note that this is merely our home improvement catalog review and we are in no way connected to or responsible for any transactions you may have with any of the above companies)


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