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The type of Home Improvement Books that are well worn, paint speckled with multiple pages marked and which are NEVER EVER lent out to anyone... even family and friends - are the home improvement books listed below.

Many people have picked up The Complete Photo Guide to Home Improvement to help them complete one job around the house and then discovered enough information to update and improve the whole house - the kitchen, the bathroom the lot... and increase the value to their home.

These home improvement books have become companions to home improvement novices and home improvement experts alike. The color photographs and/or illustrations are brilliant, the explanations clear and the level of information high.

If you are serious about home improvement here is your chance to get the information you need to help you save time and money, choose a home improvement book to help you get the job done the right way from start to finish.


The Complete Photo Guide to Home Improvement

by Black & Decker, Creative Publishing International
This is without a doubt our HOT favourite home improvement book. Imagine 250 of the top home improvement projects designed to improve livability and value to your home. This manual will help you with planning and then guide you step-by-step though whichever of the 250 different projects you choose. If you are about to start to remodel your kitchen or remodel your bathroom - don't start without getting your hands on this book. There are over 1,700 color photos and illustrations and cutaway views which makes all the guides so much easier to understand. If you only do one thing today towards fullfilling your dream home improvement project... then pick up this book to help you understand your home, your project, what needs to be done and how.


The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair: 2000 Color How-To Photos

(Black & Decker Home Improvement Library) by Creative Publishing International
Another from the famous Black and Decker Home Improvement Library, really one of the best books available for Home Repair. How about over 300 of the most important home repair projects bought to you with over 2000 clear color photographs. There are more than 500 pages here, buy this book and the one above and you will have everything that you will need to know to improve and/or repair your home.


Time-Life Books Complete Home Improvement and Renovation Manual

by Bob Vila, Time-Life Home Repair and Improvement Series
Think of any home renovation procedure - and you will find it in this book. In typical Time-Life fashion the style of writing of the 475 pages is very clear and easily understandable and the projects are accompanied with hundreds of diagrams and detailed drawings. Kitchens, Bathrooms, floors, ceilings, heating, plumbing - the whole house is here, including the roof. This manual even steps out of the home and covers decks and patios and more. This manual has proved so popular that it can be difficult to find, even elusive, the best advice we can give you is - if you see it, grab a hold of it while you can.


New Complete Guide to Home Repair & Improvement (Better Homes & Gardens (Paperback))

by Better Homes and Gardens
Weighing in at about 4.0 pounds and 600 pages packed with the information you need to repair and/or improve your home. This is one of the most popular home improvement books ever. Order the Complete guide to get you on the right path towards a better home.


Home Improvement 1-2-3 (Home Depot ... 1-2-3)

by The Home Depot (Editor), John Holms (Editor)
If you are planning home improvement projects, repair, maintenance, this book will give you detailed instructions on virtually every project imaginable. If you are looking for information on new technologies and products to help your project or construction you will find it here, together with advice on tools and materials to use to help save you both time and money. This edition includes an amazing 340 projects and 3,500 color photographs in addition to illustrations and charts. For beginners AND experts, here is the manual for your project.


The Stanley Complete Step-by-Step Revised Book of Home Repair and Improvement

by The Stanley Company
Written by experts for both the beginner with little do-it-yourself experience AND for the experienced home renovation expert. We found this book to be especially good in describing tools, methods and materials required for each job. You will find valuable, easy to understand instructions for interior and exterior projects about your home, accompanied by more than 2.100 full color illustrations.


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Enjoy your Home Improvement Project with the confidence a good Home Improvement book gives you

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