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The idea of Home Energy Savings usually doesn't come to mind until the second half of the winter months when the high cost energy bills start arriving in the post.

Find out how making use of the whole house energy efficiency 'Assistance Program' or a Home Equity Line of Credit now - can help you make home energy savings in the future.

During the summer we do spend to keep our homes cool, but it's often easy to forget how much it really costs to keep our homes warm and bright during the long, dark and cold winter months, the first months of winter are focused on keeping warm through the sudden onslaught of wet chilly and frosty weather. 

But when the cost of the heating arrives and the reality hits us, it's often easy to put the work off as being - 'during the holidays' - or just not convenient because of the cold wind and snow, to start this valuable new home improvement and financing project .

The winter is however, the ideal time to investigate the envelope of your home and the possibilities of different financing programs that may be available to you in your area to help you complete energy efficient home remodeling and improvements to make sure that you enjoy lower utility bills next winter.

The Weatherization Assistance Program

The "Weatherization Assistance Program" introduced in the late 90's by the U.S. Department of Energy has helped literally thousands of households by installing insulation measures to reduce heating and cooling bills and whole house energy efficiency.

Low-income households that have benefited from this program have mainly included the elderly, families with children and people with disabilities, these households have been and are the priority but also high on the list are households with a high energy burden.

Although this is a Federal initiative, the program is run by individual states and it is well worth checking out to see if you are eligible for assistance in improving the insulation value of the "envelope" of your home.

- please also note however, that even if your household doesn't qualify - your local agency is also a gold mine of knowledge about the best cost effective and home energy savings weatherization techniques particular to your area.

As well as creating a more comfortable and cost effective home environment for you and your family, it's also important to keep in mind the advantages of using your new certified 'energy efficient improvements' as a very positive selling point if you should later decide to move house.

Unstable Energy Markets

Thousands of people are searching for energy efficient home information every month on the internet, but not nearly as many as should be!

One Web site that I really like is Home Energy Saving Tips because of the detailed information given on different ways that you can convert your home into a green, more energy efficient abode... as well as clearly explaining the different solar, wind and water home energy collection options.

I am sure that there are going to be many more households in the near future looking for ways to be less reliant on gas and oil supplies.

Unstable energy markets draw our attention to investing in more cost effective solutions that should reduce our dependency on whether the price of oil or gas has gone up or if the availability of these fuels has gone down.

Present day consumers like us are more interested in implementing environmentally friendly options, especially if they can help reduce the cost of day to day living.

Solar Energy homes are just one aspect of creating independent home energy, and it is a growing and evolving technology that not only reduces our utility bills but also is environmentally friendly. However the combination of solar energy together with weatherization and insulation are the only real ways to make home energy savings.

Home Energy Savings by using insulation and weatherization techniques do not even depend on the weather, it is something that each and every household should plan for, and every new build should incorporate. Home energy savings can only be done by investing now so that you can save on utility bills during the following summers and winters for years to come.

Home Energy Savings First Steps

Whether you decide to apply for the Weatherization Assistance Program in your area or decide to finance this very worthwhile home improvement project by financing for whole house energy efficiency with a home equity line of credit

- you need to first find out: 

  • How much insulation your home already has!
  • How many 'unseen' air leak holes and cracks there are in the shell of your home where air can escape!
  • If your ventilations systems are sufficient and in the right place!

A Home Energy Audit

A Home Energy Audit is the best way to correctly assess what needs to be done - and is usually required for funding or financing - to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

During those long cold winter days, did you often wonder where all the warm heat your heating systems are generating and that you are paying for - is really going! - it could well be that it is all going straight out of the roof, windows and doors as fast as you can burn the fuel in the house.

There are now some really quite sophisticated equipment to help evaluate your home, the most typical is the blower door, these fit into the frame of your door and use a combination of speed fans and pressure guages to find out how much your home is leaking heat or cooled air.

Balanced 'Savings to Investment' Improvements

The idea is to make sure that the right energy efficient measures are taken so that there is a balanced "savings to investment" ratio on the cost of your energy efficient home project. Also keep in mind that weatherization techniques will differ from state to state and the insulation measures used will depend on the size and build of your home.

Get this project completed by certified, qualified and experienced profesionals who know where the problems areas are and also who know that they must close and seal all air leaks, gaps and cracks BEFORE starting to insulate!.

How can you lose if you put into effect the right home energy savings weatherization and insulation projects now - if you can reduce costs by between 10% - 50% and make your home a more comfortable place to live in, in the future.

  • Invest now to create a more Energy Efficiency Home
  • and Help Save the Environment
  • and Help Save Fuel Resources
  • and Pay Less on Utility Costs

What it comes down to is that home energy savings projects make financial sense!

P.S. This is such an important aspect of home improvement and financing that we are covering different aspects of weatherization and insulation methods and where best to install - see the related articles below for more information for your attic and basement insulation...

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