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Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence - Canada

Is the Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence Program just what you need to help you remodel your home to suit your changing needs.

As we get older our needs change and the ways that we move about in and use our homes can change and that may mean lower work tops, easier to reach storage, handrails and grab bars...

Is your home now becoming more difficult for you to move around in - and more of a struggle to do normal everyday tasks in - if so the question arises about the safety of our homes now - does your changing needs make your home unsafe for you to live in? would you benefit from lever handles on your doors?

Graphic showing Canadian Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence Program

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation has come up with a solution that sets out to help low income seniors (that would be the over 65's) who have a permanent residence and who have an income that is below or at least at the programs limit for the area you live in - to be able to qualify for assistance that comes in the form of the Canadian Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence Program.

The adaptations that are included in this program are those that are directly related to your changing needs as a senior - and these Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence should be of the type that are fixed into your home, permanently installed and not something that can be packed into a suitcase if you were to move.

These home adaptations are to help you move more safely around your home and well placed grab bars in the bathroom should go a long way to making life easier as well as handrails in hallways as you move from room to room.

However if you have already installed any of these adaptations and have the invoices I am afraid that you can NOT use them to claim for work already done - the work has to follow written approved as a positive result of your HASI application.

Another important points to keep in mind when planing for your home adaptations are:-

  • ... that actual walking aids and home appliances are not eligible for financial assistance under the HASI program.
  • and that any home adaptations or repairs that are not related to your changing needs as a senior, as a homeowner with loss of ability... can not be included in the HASI Assistance Program

At the time of writing this Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence program was available as a forgivable loan of up to a maximum loan amount of $3,500 dollars on the understanding that the homeowner remain in and live in the home that has been adapted for a minimum of 6 months following the completion of the work.

If these home adaptations seem too minor for your needs then perhaps the modifications that are allowed under the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities may be a better option to help make your home easier to live in. This program lets you plan for bigger spaces and wider doorways which are necessary if you are wheelchair bound.

Another program that I love helps you to create a garden suite in the grounds of your families home, that would be adapting a garage or outbuilding to create what would be an independent studio apartment which is sometimes known as a "granny flat".

All of these adaptations would have to be made only with the correct planning permission, an approved HASI application and of course certified and qualified builders.

Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence is a Canadian home improvement financial assistance program that can change your life by making your home comfortable to live in once again. I do hope that other countries will recognise the wide reaching benefits of such a program and that 'like' home adaptation programs will spring up in other countries as the senior population grows worldwide.

Best Home Adaptation wishes to you

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