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Gutter Cleaning is a very important home repair improvement project to help maintain and protect your home - and it doesn't have to be a messy difficult job, actually with the right gadgets it can very nearly be fun!

The gutters, the shallow trough just below the eaves of the house are to carry off the rainwater running down off the roof. Unfortunately they also usually collect more than just rainwater, a good clean now will save big repairs later.

Gutters and gutter downspouts that are backed up with debris and leaves, even the odd dead bird! - can cause a build up of damp foliage which will affect your home causing damp and mold which will eventually seep through the wall and can be detrimental to your health as well as your home - you need gutter cleaning!

Sometimes a line of mold can be clearly seen going down an interior wall of an upstairs room, you can actually see that it follows the line the outside gutter takes and unfortunately you can smell the damp - you need gutter cleaning!.

This type of damage can affect your home inside and out, it can actually de-value your home - but it doesn't have to - it often looks like a bigger problem than it really is, this can be resolved with good home repair improvement - you need gutter cleaning!.

Easy 4 Step Gutter Cleaning

You will need to thoroughly clean out the gutters and downspouts and then place gutter screens and downspout screens to make your life much much easier the next time it rains.

Step Nº.1

- What you need is a handy gutter cleaner gadget that can help you blast the leaves and debris out of your gutters without even leaving the ground.

You can't screen in your gutters until they are clear and free flowing, the solution is simple - attach the gutter sprayer to your garden hose and extend the handle to the required height - this one will give you about a 10" reach.

Turn on the control valve and water will blast out of the high pressure nozzle tip, the tip actual swivels 360º to enable you to point and clean in any direction and get free flowing gutters with the, it is going to blast the problem out of this home repair improvement project quickly.

Step Nº2.

- Cleaning the downspout has never been easier, in fact depending on where the blockages are in your gutter and downspout system you may have to start cleaning the downspout first by using a gutter pump.

A Gutter Pump is a great way to quickly and easily remove any blockage and it's easy to use, simply drop the gutter pump into the downspout opening of the gutter - it blocks out leaves and debris as it creates a natural siphon that pulls rainwater under and down the downspout.

This durable system is without moving parts and has the capacity to work at the rate of 50 gallons per minute and fits all standard gutter systems.

Step Nº.3

- Checking the gutters

By now you should be feeling quite pleased that the work is nearly done but its worth a check to make sure that all the leaves and debris are cleared. If something refuses to budge then you can make it - with a four angled steel tines rake that comes with an optional telescoping steel pole.

Step Nº. 4

- Placing Gutter Screens is your last step, these are going to help prevent clogging and blockage in the future. The best gutter screens are the ones that slide under shingles and snap securely onto the gutter edge - without needing to drill or use screw! - which means nothing to catch or snag debri and no holes to leak water through.

And the great thing is that these gutter screens are available in black or white - even though they are not really going to be visible to you as you enter your home.

These great gutter screens are made of a flexible vinyl and each is 6" wide and 3" long - they will stay flat and not sag. They work with all 4" and 5" metal gutters and most vinyl gutters - and they can be cut to size.

Make your life easier by easily installing a gutter screen, they come in packs of 5 screens to cover 15' of gutter so you just have to choose the best color to match your home.

Gutter Cleaning is one of the easiest home repair improvement tasks to take on - as long as it is dealt with immediately, and checked on frequently.

You will need to use specific products to deal with the damp wall inside and out to help speed up the repair process, get rid of any mold and make sure you live in a safe home environment.



If you need to totally replace the guttering and downspout systems outside your home you may need to look to the credit you have been able to build up in your home to help you cover the cost, based on the quotations you have received.

Our prefered method is to use a home equity line of credit which fits in prefectly with making payments to contractors based on completion of different stages of work. Get more information on this and other types of home improvement financing here at Home Improvement Financing

Home Repair Improvement has the wonderful triple effect of improving your home, the quality of your home life and improve the value of your home.

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