Grants for Older Homes

(Aneta, ND)

Home Improvement Grants for Older Homes - and we are talking around and over 100 year old buildings - are pretty much the same as those available for much newer builds as they are mainly concentrated on weatherizing your home.

Updating and at the same time respecting the integrity of the design of original construction are usually just up to the owner, unless of course your home is protected and/or you live in a conservation area.

Sometimes you can take out original wood windows and replace them with modern versions that protect throughout storms and help keep the warmth in and the cold out. On the other hand, at least in my view, the craftsmanship of original windows should be maintained and preserved whenever possible.

Joe from Aneta is currently updating his home and writes:-

GOING FROM 1911 to 2009

My house was built in around 1911 and has the original windows and doors.. I just purchased this home in July and would like to update the windows and doors. I have insulated the basement and added a propane furnace.. What more can I do and what can I get for a grant?

I always suggest that homeowners meet with their local certified housing councelor as soon as possible, ask down at the building office to see who you can talk to about the type and number of grants that may be available for your home improvements.

For more information about weatherizing your home you can have a read of this next article just go from grants for older homes to Weatherization Grants and towards the end of that article you will find an EnergyStar link where you can get more information online.

There are many projects that you can do with older homes to weatherize the shell of the home as well as modernising equipment for energy efficient upgrades.

There can be so many things that you can do that it's important to select your projects carefully in order of importance and those that your budget can cope with - doing too much at once can be overwhelming, especially during this tough economical climate.

Grants for older homes should reduce your bills, update your home and make it more comfortable to live in.

Have you experienced updating an older home, are you in the middle of weatherizing your home? - perhaps you can write in and tell us how it went and what problems you were able to overcome - your story may well help others who are also looking for grants for older homes.

Write and tell us...

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Nov 13, 2013
This old house NEW
by: Normand Dubeau

My house needs new window, new doors and the house needs insulation, and new bathtub, and kitchen we really need a make over please we need help,and need new floor,and painting all the rooms.So please help me
This house was build in late 1800 origaly log house

Thank you : please

Dec 13, 2011
Getting my home fixed NEW
by: Anonymous

My home was built in April of 1911. I recieved a grant for my home through the minor home repair program in detroit. I had an emergency job done first which was my roof. So far, everything went very well. I just recieved a lead inspection and they found a ton of lead in my home along with asbestos in the basement. My house is a pretty good size and will require a lot of work. They normally would have cancelled the grant beause the amount of work exceeds the amount of the grant. But since my grandchildren are living with me, I qualified for another type of grant called a demolition grant. I will have to relocate for about 2 to 3 weeks at my own expense while the lead and asbestos is being removed from my home. But it will be worth it for all the work that's going to be done. Everything from new windows and doors to new bathroom and painting of walls and a new boiler and repairing of steps. Vinyl siding on the house and garage and a roof on the garage. Replacing the entry door to the garage and putting in a glass block window for security cause the existing window is broken. It's a lot more being done than was mentioned. Everything that is being repaired or replaced lead was found in it. I am so thankful I will have a practically brand new home when they are done.

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