Government Grants for My House

by Carole Hull
(Port Elgin, Ontario)

I don't know anything about government grants for my house, all I know is that both me and my partner are disabled on wwsib and cpp and have very little monies to fix our century home.

Our home has the same window's as when it was built, it is in its original state and it is going to really cost to do anything with it.

Our problem is that we can't afford to move or stay for that matter, not fair!!

We need bedrooms added on main floor, we need new windows and new doors and window well's need to be added.

We try very hard to do things ourselves but it is never without a lot of pain.

My man has to have both knees replaced, he has a lung disease and he has also had 3 back operation's.

I've also had one operation, so you may be able to understand just what we go through.

We don't make much just over 30 thousand per year and it is hard to run a house, pay a morage, pay the bills etc. on that.

If anyone can help regarding government grants for my house please write.

Thank's Carole

Susan from home-improvement-and-financing writes:-

(please reply to this letter here at home improvement and with any helpful information or ideas you may have for Carole regarding government grants for home improvement that may help this writer to move forward with making her home easier to live in)

Indeed if you have been in a similar situation and have found ways to resolve things with a grant we would love to hear about your experiences - write in and share it may help others improve or adapt their home .

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