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Are you eligible for a government grant
for home improvement
for repair and/or modernization!!!.

If you haven't already looked into this possibility, then maybe it's time you did, Government Grants for home renovations are there to help you. 

There are different types of grants and loans available to cover the needs of homeowners in both rural and urban areas.

If your home is in need of vital permanent home improvements, find out which program would best suit you and your home.

Find out the difference between a:

  • Government Grant for home improvement
  • Government Loan for home improvement
  • And what is a Combi Loan and Grant.

All of these form a very important part of attaining and maintaining a healthier and safer home and better standard of living - especially for very low-income homeowners and disabled homeowner.

Grants for Home Improvement

Programs for renovation and repair of RURAL HOMES are a great benefit to thousands of homeowners across America; Canada and in Europe.

The Home Repair Loan and Grant Program is directly funded by the US Government.

Not only does this program help families with very low income to renovate their homes but it also enables funds to convert a home for disable access, i.e. a front door ramp, widening doors etc.

If you have a leaky roof, need to replace a wood stove with central heating change old systems for running water, a bathroom and a waste disposal system, this program may be able to help you.

This "low-income housing repair loans and grants" is part of the Rural Housing Service.

Homeowners who are 62years old and over are eligible for this type of Government Grant for Home Improvement, they maximum amount available is $7,500 on the understanding that the improved property is not sold for at least 3 years.

In this particular case you must own and occupy the home you want to improve, and of course you must be a citizen of the United States or hold permanent residency.

To qualify for this type of grant you first must show that you are unable to qualify for the loan, i.e. you would be unable to pay it back, this is one of the main differences between the grant and the loan.

The maximum very low-income housing repair grant available to any ONE person - at the time we reviewed was - $7,500.

You must reside in an eligible rural area with a population of less than 10,000. (although some rural areas with populations between 10,000 and 25,000 may also be eligible.)

Canadian Assistance Programs for Home Improvement

Loans for Home Improvement

The maximum amount of funding available for a federal home improvement loan is much greater than that of a grant.

A Government Loan is given for home improvement so that you can do repair work to your home or replace heating, plumbing or electrical services, repair the roof or do basic structural repairs and add a form of weatherization.

To get a better idea if this type of government loan for home improvement, with payments of upto $25,000 - is right for you take a look at Federal Grant for Home Improvement

The Combi Loan and Grant Program

It is little known, but through your application with the Rural Housing Service you could be approved for a combi loan under the right circumstances.

This is a combination of the loan and grant programs, with a maximum loan amount of up to $27,500.

As part of qualifying for this program you will have to be able to show that you can repay at least part of the cost.

Additional Information

It usually only takes between 30 - 60 days to hear if you have been approved or not, for either type of fund. To speed up the process from the start it is best to have your paperwork ready and to hand.

You will need to supply proof of age and evidence of ownership of the property requiring repairs and improvement.

You must show proof of income and details of any debts that may need to be taken into consideration, especially important in regards to the monthly repayment amounts and length of repayment terms of the loan.

If your application for a government grant for home improvement, or loan is disapproved, find out why, it may be a small problem that you can sort out, this is important because you can reapply at any time.


Patience and Tenacity

You may need to draw on all your available time, energy and resilience to see all the paperwork through for a government grant for home improvement to a successful conclusion.

Take in consideration the work that must be involved to make sure that the right people and only the right people are awarded a government grant for home improvment.

But the end result of getting your application accepted really should be worth it to improve the safety and quality of your home life.

We can't promise that you will be successful with your application, but we can promise you that you are the envy of many people from other countries who do not have any such grant or loan facilities available to them.

Use your loan or grant wisely, the $7,500 is the maximum LIFETIME grant available to you. Make sure that your repairs respect your health and safety within your home first and then work on improving and modernising.

More Detailed Information is Available

It is always bests to check for the latest information to see if you can find a grant or loan that would apply to your home and find out what are the conditions for the area that you live in.

Have a good look around the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development pages at where you can read more about the different types of funds available for different areas in the USA and your own eligibility for them.

There are also some very helpful articles in the section "Healthy Homes", amongst others, where you will find important articles regarding removing LEAD hazards from your home, for example - problems with lead based paints.

It's refreshing to find such a huge amount of informative information, which you will discover when you get there...

Those pages are there for you.

The information is also available in Spanish.

Please Note: Changes and developments are continually taking place regarding Government Grant for Home Improvement and as each and every person's situation differs in so many ways - the information we offer can only be taken as a guide.

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Wishing you success with your government grant for home improvement and repair search...


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