Google Sketchup Review

Read our Google SketchUp Review together with home improvement and financing visitor experiences of this great free home planning and home improvement software before you get your own free download google sketchup software.

We first became aware of this new 3D modeling program when a visitor to this Web site kindly wrote in to let us know about this brilliant new addition to the ever growing Google toolbox.

If you are looking for a free home improvement software or home planning software which gives you amazing 3D results, you may well be surprised by the quality and ease of use of this new resource.

What will really help you get off to a quick start in building your dream home or adding an addition or deck to your existing home - are the online tutorials which show how to make use of all the different tools to help you create the size, type and style of building or addition for your home.

Taking a good look at this home planning software especially for this Google SketchUp review, we were very pleased to discover one very exciting aspect - being that you can also use actual photographs of your property as background and recreate your own home´s size, form and style above the photo and then go on to create - at least on screen - the changes and additions that you are dreaming of making in reality.

Google SketchUp Review
       - by one of our visitors

Here is what one of our visitors had to say about free Google SketchUp...

As this visitor opted not to be credited for his Google SketchUp review - I would just like to say "Thank You Mr S" for taking the time to give us a heads up - really appreciate it. 

Country: United States The Title of your Story: Google Sketchup as Deck Design Software Do you want to be credited for your story: No Your Story:

    "Hi - I'm planning on building a deck and came across your website. This is my first home, and I've never done significant home projects before. Your website is very helpful - thanks for putting everything together.

    I'd like to comment on your deck design software page. I'd recommend Google Sketchup as an option. I'm not a CAD person or architect or anything, but I was able to create a full 3-D model of my house about 2 hours after sitting down with the program the first time. That's pretty amazing, in my opinion.

    I've since modified my drawing so that everything is to scale, I added my yard (with trees, shrubs), and most importantly, I've added my new (planned) deck to the model. I'm still in the process of designing and adding to the model. But so far, I'm very impressed by the ease of use for this software. Best of all, it's free.

    You can download Google Sketchup here

    I haven't added much of the structure to the deck model yet. Everything is pretty cosmetic at this point. But you can check out my work if you'd like to see what this program can do."

This is where our visitor gave a link to the model that he had created - sorry we can´t pass that on.

Home Improvement and Financing visitors Google SketchUp Review continues. 

    "Hit H to pan back and forth, Z to zoom, and O to rotate (using your left mouse button). You can also turn on the trees layer from Window -> Layers, but I find the trees layer slows down my system a bit when I have it turned on.

    Thanks again for your website - I find myself coming back again and again for more info. I hope you find this recommendation helpful."

Thanks again Mr S for your Google SketchUp Review - Wow. well after reading this message I just had to have a look at this free home improvement software for myself.

Here are our comments on this home 3D modeling program.

Google SketchUp Review

Using the link that our visitor sent I downloaded the software in a matter of minutes - I was ready to have a go and found it hard not to try to start straight away but - I will say it again - it really is beneficial to go through all of the online tutorials first.

Everything quickly made sense - you can have the basics of your home or your dream home up on the screen in a matter of minutes, once you discover that different building shapes are quick and easy to create - and then you can actually use one of the tools to move around and see the building you have created from all sides - even from above and from underneath ! - it´s like seeing Google Earth from the earth side up !

I was very impressed by the massive choice of colors textures and materials available for walls and surfaces.

There are also different "components" like doors and windows, fencing and gates, trees and plants etc. that you can add to your model to help make it into a home.

After creating a "made up house" and being quite pleased with the results I then went back to the visitors letter to use the link that was given - to see how his creation had turned out - and I have to tell you that it was really really good, so good in fact that it inspired me to reopen my Google SketchUp and improve on what I had created and then to make more alternative dream home model designs - this software really is fun to use.

I am going to be opening my free Google SketchUp software again and again for all the new ideas and projects that come up. Sorry that I can´t show them to you here - those are the rules with the Free Google SketchUp version as it´s made free for personal use only.

When you are ready to upgrade you can choose the SketchUp Pro 5 - (you get a lot with free Google SketchUp - you get it all with SketchUp Pro 5)

Hope that you have found this Google SketchUp Review useful - here is the link again download Google Sketchup - so that you can get more information and download you own free Google SketchUp home design and home improvement software.

Have fun with this free home improvement software and please do let me know - using our Have Your Say contact page - how you get on by sending us your own Google SketchUp Review...

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