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Planning GAZEBOS

You're planning to add a beautiful pergola or elegant gazebo to your home or even a garden arbor, it's an exciting prospect...

Enhancing your home and your garden with gazebos and pergolas is an excellent way of improving both the saleability of your home and the quality of your home life.

Build either in your backgarden and you immediately have an outdoor living space - and as long as you have all the permissions required, and you use quality materials... there couldn't be an easier or quicker way to add value and improve the aspect of your home.

Could you and your family use extra living areas? why not make more use of the quiet outdoors, take in some fresh air, read a book and enjoy the sunset by enhancing your garden and creating shady outdoor living spaces.

Decking itself changes the look and ambience of your home, but when you add a pergola covering your decking, it gives your outside space a much cosier and intimate feel.

A Gazebo at the end of patio decking makes a great breakfast nook for the family to enjoy.

The same goes if you have a fully concreted or paved patio, it will feel much warmer and inviting to sit out and enjoy the space with the addition of a gazebo or pergola.

This Pergola was constructed to give an outdoor entertaining space for family and friends, it is a great deal cooler to sit under the semi shade that this pergola provides, whilst still enjoying the outdoors.

Pergola picture

Which Style Will Suit Your Home

Which one you choose will depend of course on your personal preferences, the size of your garden, the look of your patio, if you are looking to shade or semi shade part of your patio for entertaining, and finally how much budget you are willing to allocate.

When you have seen a garden adorned with a beautiful gazebo, other gardens seem uncomplete in comparison. A more complicated build than a Pergola, but you are gaining a very personal and private, elegant and romantic outdoor space.

An ornate gazebo with cement base

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A Gazebo can have a wooden decking base or a concrete base, your own personal individuality can be shown in the style of roof design and the type of posting and balustrades that you choose. Applying trellis to one side can also make your gazebo feel more intimate.

Pergolas are much easier, quicker and cheaper to build than gazebos. Pergolas are a relatively straight forward construction which, when decorated with potted climbing plants and hanging plants, can immediately transform you to the vineyards of France.

This large pergola was constructed over an outdoor dining area, notice the lovely stone finish of the BBQ chimney.

Pergola picture with bbq chimney

How to Make Dream

To build either of these structures, you have four options:

  • Make a plan and get it approved - source the wood and other materials yourself and make it a D.I.Y. project - ***see links to our other articles on how to build a pergola - at the end of this page...

  • Find professional tried and tested Plans for Building a Pergola like these 5*Star designs

  • Buy a Gazebo KIT or a "Pergola KIT", which are available in different sizes and material options - together with all the neccesary materials, hardware and building instructions.

    Build the KIT yourself or get a trusted local carpenter to put it together for you!.

  • Call in the professionals and have the work done for you - quickly, safely and efficiently, for beautifully finished gazebos and pergolas.

A well finished pergola corner join

Here is a Pergola interior
corner join neatly finished
with no visible screws.

To place this pergola, 4 tiles
had to be lifted from each corner, the posts were then inbedded to
a depth of over half a meter.

The tiles were professionaly cut to fit around the posts and neatly re-laid, making it impossible to notice that they were placed two years after the original surrounding tiles.

Calling in a Contractor
has Definite Advantages:

You won't have to plan without professional guidance and you won't have to take on the responsibility of buying materials or worry about choosing a wood that will stand the test of time (and be pre-treated against attack by insects or wood rot.)

You will be able to talk over plans with your friendly contractor to get just the right look to suit your home and your needs and then let them get on with it, while you are able to carry on with your own work.

If your contractor specializes in building gazebos and pergolas, imagine how much faster they are going to be in completing a good solid construction and the sooner you will be able to enjoy it.

Adding personal touches when building gazebos and pergolas, are an excellent way to make your construction totally individual to you and your home and also gives you the chance to exhibit your flair for design.

Illuminating your Pergola

This innovative light cover, matching
the Pergola, was custom made.

Adding Gazebos and Pergolas to create real outdoor living space has the same effect on the outdoors as a beautiful kitchen does to a home, everyone is drawn to it and it becomes a lovely addition to grace any garden.

Which ever you decide for your home, we are sure that you will enjoy your gazebo or pergola.

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