Choosing a Garden Gazebo

A Garden Gazebo has so many uses and benefits and as they come in all different sizes and shapes, here are our top tips on how to decide on the right one for your home and home life.

Traditionally, these structures were built as quite, sheltered buildings away from the home where you could sit quietly and reflect and enjoy the view - all very Victorian and correct. In the Orient, they started out as tea houses - social places where you could meet - enjoy the tea ceremony and enjoy the view.

The garden gazebo is now enjoying an explosion in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic, to be the proud owner of a quality gazebo construction in your garden is now a status symbol that is available to all homeowners with a garden - mainly because of the emergence of the gazebo kit.

Garden Gazebo Shapes

There has never been a shortage of design ideas for garden gazebos, which have developed from the traditional octagonal shape - to create versatile structures that meet many more uses.

The most popular garden gazebo shapes are...

  • The Octagon gazebo plan
  • The Square backyard gazebo
  • The Rectangle family gathering gazebo
  • and the elegant Oval gazebo

... you can also find the following gazebo plan shapes, although they are not as common as the first four above...

  • The Pentagonal gazebo
  • The Hexagonal
  • The Octagonal
  • and the Round Gazebo

Garden Gazebo Sizes

Equal x Equal Gazebos

All of the designs shapes have equal diameters except for the rectangle gazebos, the most readily available and standard sizes of the "equal x equal gazebos are a 10 x 10 Gazebo or a 12 x 12 gazebo (measurements in feet), although depending on its proposed uses and the size of your garden you can also get the smaller sizes starting from a 6 x 6 gazebo and a 8 x 8 gazebo. If you want to go larger you will want to look out for a 14 x 14 gazebo or even a 16 x 16 gazebo.

Rectangular Garden Gazebos

The rectangular gazebo really comes into it's own in larger gardens or especially when you want a construction where you can get your gazebo dining set out for the whole family throughout the warm summer months. The most common size to get your hands on is a 8' x 12' gazebo although you should also be able to source a 14' x 32' rectangular gazebo - big enough for all those special events.

An important consideration is that the gazebo and garden size should be in proportion.

Don't Buy or Build a garden gazebo without first checking with your local building department regarding building regulations in your area - especially look out for setback (from pavement and neighbor fencing) and any height restrictions.

Garden Gazebo Uses

The Intimate Gazebo
In the very busy and demanding world in which we live - having somewhere where you can go to for some peace and reflection is all too important. Being able to switch off and go out to your very own cosy garden gazebo is a wonderful way to recharge the batteries, enjoy the fresh air and view of your garden.

With more and more people finding ways to work from home - having a special space outside the house while still being at home has become much more important, and this is one of the reason's why gazebo's have become so popular.

Small and Medium sized gazebo are an elegant and attractive option for smaller gardens, the attractive tones of the cedar gazebo are welcoming and the natural resistant qualities of this excellent lumber help preserve it from insects and decay.

The Wedding Gazebo
Have you ever attended a wedding in a beautiful garden or grounds of a hotel where the actually ceremony was held before a gazebo?, what is often refered to as a "wedding gazebo" is usually white - this is usually a vinyl coated treated pine gazebo.

The beauty of these gazebos is that they are white and stay white with virtually no maintenance. A vinyl coated garden gazebo is a durable purchase - and if you happened to get married in it - what a wonderful way to remember that special day.

White gazebos are not just for weddings, they really are such a strikingly attractive structure that will grace any garden. Also, a Vinyl Gazebo usually comes with slip resistant, surface textured, composite decking - that looks and feels like wood without the maintenance!, they are just there to enjoy!.

The Dining Out Gazebo
Out door living is all the rage... dining al fresco or just for after dinner drinks and social gatherings, the Octagonal gazebo makes any gathering special, you can enjoy outdoor living and still have a roof over your heads.

The Octagonal, round or square gazebos also make a very attractive destination when placed at the end of your decking - on the decking - of course the substructure of your decking should be prepared and re-enforced to support the extra weight.

The nice thing about a deck gazebo is that the deck conects the structure to your home - making it easily accessible, which usually means you will use it and enjoy it more.

The Entertaining Gazebo
Building a larger rectangular design like the 8' x 12' Victorial Design Rectangle Gazebo in the perfect place away from your home - where you can especially take advantage of a beautiful view during the daytime and later watch the sunset - is also going to result in you making lots of use of this elegant garden structure for intimate evenings, great family gatherings and is an ideal outdoor living place - at home - where you can entertain friends.

The Hot Tub Gazebo
You may think that the square gazebo was especially designed for the hot tub - and your probably right!, a gazebo over your hot tub gives you just the right amount of privacy and also protection from the elements - that contributes so much to the enjoyment of your hot tub experience.

Perhaps the most important hot tub gazebo considerations are that you should provide a level concrete base to evenly support and carry the weight of a hot tub that is full of water and people.

It's also important to choose a square gazebo that is by far larger than the tub - so that you can easily get at least 6 people carrying the tub into it when you install it - and so that you can later move around comfortably - and don't forget - space to service the tub from inside your hot tub garden gazebo.

  • Make the most of outdoor living at your home - give yourself and your loved one the very special present of a beautiful Garden Gazebo


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