Full Size Loft Bed

If you want to build a full size loft bed - you want a beautiful, simple and sturdy design that you can move in pieces and assemble in minutes.

A bed frame made from this design has been moved three times over 10 years, it takes less than five minutes to take apart - so that the pieces were easy to transport and less than five minutes to re-assemble again in it's new destination.

The construction and hardware fittings are so sturdy that this bed is as stable and as comfortable now as it was when first made all those years ago.

The design of this full size loft bed is also so simple with natural sleek lines that it has stood the test of time with regards to trends.

This bed frame was made from pine and given a coat of varnish - alternatively it would also look very good if given a coat of paint of semi opaque paint or any color tone - where you could still see the grain of the wood.

This full size loft bed measures 1.80m (5ft 78 inches) wide x 1.84m (6 foot 1/2 inch) long which is very generous when compared with conventional beds - it is also very comfortable.

This article on a full size loft bed is part of a series of 5 articles the others of which you can link to at the bottom of this article.

They are designed to give you the maximum amount of photographs and illustrations to make construction of your own full size loft bed as easy as possible...

This article concentrates on preparing the wood and seeing how the pieces of the under construction fit together.

Full Size Loft Bed - Legs

loft bed plan legs

Here is the end board - with legs attached - it is lying flat on the floor ready to be assembled.

Although this is a design for a big bed we have only used four short legs. As you can see from this photograph the legs fit simply into the back of each end (top and bottom) of the bed frame.

We started off with a long piece of 7 x 7 cms and cut it into four pieces - each to a length of 32 cms.

These full size loft bed legs are 7cms x 7 cms square and you will also be able to see that we rounded off the sides to give a more finished look.

So now the actual height of each legs is 32 cms - at one end we cut into them starting half way - 3.5 cms in and cut down 10 cms.

On the end boards - we measured 20 cms in from the end on both sides and used two scews to secure the legs in place.

The outside of the end board now sit flush with the outer part of the leg while the inner part that you can see fits firmly.

Full Size Loft Bed - Beam Support

loft bed beam support

This full size loft bed has a central beam to give mid-way support to the bed boards and also to brace the whole bed frame.

Supports for these beams are placed in the middle on the top and bottom ends of the frame.

As you can see we have used a very simple design - this support is hidden under the bed so is not seen but does need to be able to carry the weight.

You can see where we have cut into this wood creating a 4.5 cms x 4.5 cms space in which we can easily insert the beam. We used three screws to fit the support firmly in place.

Full Size Loft Bed
Center Beam Bracket Option

Another great option that minimises cutting wood to size is to use a center bed rail support...

- this means using a 2 piece steel bracket where one is fitted to the top and end bed rail and the other to the end of the center cross beam.

The Center Bed Rail Support from rockler.com for example is a really inexpensive but sturdy steel fasteners make fast work of putting your loft bed plan together - they are sold in pairs so you get two of each half - exactly what you need to firmly fix the center beam in place.

Full Size Loft Bed - Center Beam

full size loft bed beam

Here you can see the loft bed middle beam support that we prepared. Again it is roughly cut - it is more important that it is a firm fit at either end.

This beam is 1m 84cms long by 8 cms and the wood is 4.5 cms thick - to perfectly fit into the supports.

You can see how we have shaped the ends to fit while still maintaining thickness of the wood and strength throughtout the rest of the beam.

Full Size Loft Bed - Beam & Support Connection

loft bed construction

Here you can clearly see how well the central beam of this full size loft bed fits into the support which is screwed into the top and bottom ends of the loft bed frame.

This is a very basic and easy connection - the beam sits so firmly in position that it is not screwed down.

Full Size Loft Bed - Preparing the End Boards

loft bed board picture

We use 10 bed boards in total and only made special adjustments on the first and the last.

In this photograph you can clearly see the benefit of cutting out 2 cm x 2 cm of each corner to allow space for the connecting hardware.

You can also see that we roughly cut away a 4 cm deep arc on each side so that the end bed boards fit exactly over the loft bed legs.


So, what you need to do now is see pictures of the bed as it is being constructed to be able to imagine the different components coming together to make your own beautiful loft bed...

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